Best Places For Wind Turbine Power Generation


Many people are now becoming seriously interested in investing in a wind turbine power generation system as it is based on green technology and contributes to the process of alternative energy resources. This is more applicable for remote areas where the electricity is not available. The best location of a wind turbine is the place where there is enough wind. The nature of wind is to be considered for installing a wind power generator.

This system is generally mounted on towers for natural wind availability and roof tops are one of the best places for commissioning a wind power plant. The height of the machine gives a better access to the wind so that turbine blades do not suffer any obstacles and move freely with the wind.

Studies have been done on this aspect of the wind power machine and confirmed the relation between height and energy generation. The tower is generally placed on the side of a hill in hilly places where there is sufficient wind.

A horizontal shaft is usually attached with the wind turbine, which is driven as the blades rotate and create torque with the help of a rotor and thereby produce electricity. This rotation can be accelerated with the help of gears to enhance the production of electricity. The circular energy of the shaft is transformed to generate and produce electricity. The wind generator is able to generate as high as 5 mgw of electrical power.

Different areas have different restrictions on tall structures, which should be considered before investing in a wind power device. There should not be any objection from the people around or the authority if the machine does not produce undesired noise especially from the blade’s rotation. The best place for the wind turbine power generation is where the wind blows regularly at a moderate speed under the hills on ground or in an open field.

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