Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras


Outdoor cameras are about security and safety. They help to protect your home from vandals and thieves. They also help you keep an eye on family members when you are away. There are a wide range of outdoor cameras available for those who are looking for high tech security to just basic surveillance. Here is a list of some of your better options.

The Top 10 Best Outdoor Cameras

1. Axis Communications 0445-004 Q6035-E PTZ Dome Network Camera 

This camera works well when connected to a network. It’s easy to control and the auto-focus feature works great. Users say the video is crystal clear, in both live and recorded view. Prices start at $3,477.


  • Exceptional image quality
  • Simple controls
  • 20x Zoom
  • HDR
  • Night as well


  • Very expensive
  • Only able to record on 64GB SDXC cards

2. 16 Channel H.264 960H & D1 Realtime DVR 

This camera, equipped with real-time DVR, is also waterproof and offers intelligent speed. Pricing starts at $2,360.


  • 16 Channel compression format
  • 30* Zoom
  • Live playback and backup
  • Multiple operation modes
  • 7″ Double Layer metal construction


  • Cost is prohibitive to many
  • Homeowners may not need all features
  • Designed more for business than personal residences

3. Sony SNC-DH280 Surveillance/Network Camera

This is another network camera that’s less expensive but doesn’t skimp on quality. It has infrared to help with night monitoring. Prices start at $1,489.


  • CMOS for good picture quality
  • Cable Ethernet for easy connection
  • Works with Windows operating systems
  • Dual streaming


  • High cost, though less expensive than some brands
  • Not beneficial if not using computer operating systems

 4. PELCO SD423-PG-E0 Spectra IV SL23X

This camera has many digital features to help with picture quality and real time playback. Prices start at $1,467.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • CCD Illumination
  • 180 degree swival
  • Three dome system is removable and adjustable


  • Not as many features as PELCOs Spectra IV SE series
  • Many features homeowners won’t want or need

5.Vivotek FD8134V Dome 1280 x 800 Resolution Micro SD/SDHC Card (White)

This is a fixed-dome camera built to withstand the elements. It notifies you if there is an attempt to disturb or misdirect it. This camera is unobtrusive, so many people don’t notice it’s there until it’s too late. Prices start at $1,196.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • Streams video at 30 fps
  • Infrared light helps capture night images up to 10 meters
  • Disables IR during day for better daylight performance


  • Doesn’t rotate as well as other models
  • While unobtrusive sometimes sight of camera can deter vandals
  • Price is still prohibitive for some people

6. Q-See QD54361Z-K Indoor/Outdoor Speed Dome Camera with 36x Optical Zoom (12x Digital), Black by Q-See

This camera offers 360-degree panning for good surveillance coverage. The camera and lens are integrated in a single unit, making this camera more rugged for outdoor use. Prices start at $929.


  • High Resolution
  • Pan, tilts and zooms
  • Noise reduction 36x optical zoom
  • Flexible placement options


  • No networking options available from many other companies for same price
  • No infrared for enhanced night vision

7. Panasonic BB-HCM547A Power Over Ethernet Dome Ceiling Mount Network Camera

This camera allows users to obtain a wider view and monitor a larger area. This means that less devices are needed to cover the property, reducing the overall cost of surveillance. Pricing starts at $849.


  • 4.6 zoom offers wider coverage
  • Pan and tilt offers even better surveillance options
  • Progressive Scan
  • Motion detection and recording
  • MPEG and JPEG simultaneously


  • Only records 20 secs of video on motion detection
  • Not user friendly with web
  • Reports of jerky playback

8. Vivotek IP8362 IP BOX CAMERA

This camera offers color playback, infrared and auto iris at a fair price. Prices start at just $688.


  • Dust proof and water proof
  • Day/night recording options
  • Vari-focal


  • No laptop or smartphone monitoring compatibilities
  • Very basic camera; some may want more features

9. GV-FER521 Surveillance/Network Camera

This camera offers network ability at an inexpensive price. Pricing starts at about $590.


  • Network camera
  • Color or Monochrome


  • Complaints from some customers had to reset frequently
  • PIP poor quality

10. Panasonic WV-SW174W Wireless 720p Hd Outdoor Pan-tilt Camera

This camera offers a lot of great features for the price, including backup capabilities and high sensitivity. Prices start at $589.


  • Wireless
  • HD
  • Pans and tilts
  • Backup feature if network fails
  • Alarm recording
  • Programmable detection areas
  • Day/night recording available
  • Clear images


  • Offers pan and tilt, but no rotation for better surveillance

When it comes to security, a high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean better protection. That said, paying more for your family’s peace of mind is well worth it when the added cost means more comprehensive protection. Look at the features and find product reviews to make sure that the camera performs the way you need it to. While you need to find products that fit in your budget, you also want those that offer superior quality and comprehensive features to meet your family’s needs.


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