Best Natural Gas Generators Reviews


Natural gas generators have a lot of advantages especially in getting emergency electricity. As we know that nowadays electricity has been very important for home and office activities. Therefore, having a generator will be helpful for you to avoid any obstacle occurred if there are any electricity problem. Natural gas generators offer this advantage for you.

Compared with gasoline or coal fuel, natural gas generators have more advantages. Gasoline or coal generators usually producing unpleasant odor, but you will not face this problem in natural gas ones. Using coal might be cheaper actually, but it produces a lot of pollutant gas in its emission, such as of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfur. Surely, such pollutant gasses have bad effect not only to your health but also to your environment.

Natural gas is also affordable and using natural gas generators needs less money than using gasoline. If you compare your gas bill and electricity bill, you will find that gas will be cheaper. Besides, you will agree that natural gas is probably the most dependable fuel in unlimited supply. Natural gas also does not gum up or go stale like usually happen in gasoline. Therefore, you can keep it in longer time than gasoline.

Many companies have been manufacturing natural gas generators. Here is some review of the product that might be your preference.

Generac Guardian Series 8 kW Home Standby Generator

This is the smallest home standby natural gas generators offered by Generac Power Systems. It has ability to starts automatically as a protection of power failure. It is available in two different versions. The first is 8 kW version and the second is 17 kW version.

The 8 kilowatt version restores power to 8 mission-critical circuits, including a sump pump, refrigerator, furnace fans, lights and more. Meanwhile, the 17 kW versions can restore power to 16 circuits, including a central air conditioner. Both of natural gas generators could help you to get emergency electricity with less money.

Generac Guardian Series 10 kW Emergency Power System

This is one of Generac’s natural gas generators produced in 2008. Generac Guardian Series 10 kW Emergency Power System features an attractive enclosure with rounded corners. It looks very much better than most central air conditioners. The generator is fueled by gas or liquid propane that could offer you 3,000 hours of run time.

As other Generac natural gas generators, this model also has a lot of features offered. It has Clean, Smooth Power True Power Technology that allows safe operation of sensitive electronics. It also includes automatic transfer switch with 10 circuits protected. Besides, Ultra Quiet feature reduce the noise into 1/3 sound level of a portable generator. So, you will not hear any noise while you are using this particular type of natural gas generators.Briggs and Stratton 7 kW EmPower Emergency Power Generator

Briggs and Stratton 7 kW EmPower Emergency Power Generator is one of natural gas generators which have unique design. It is so appropriate with any home style or yard that you can use it anywhere you need electricity. This product is durable and could provide you long-lasting and reliable standby power.

This particular type of natural gas generators features Remote System Status Transmits. It is an advanced diagnostic system reports on eight different systems function to a safe location inside your home.

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