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Standby generators for home use are designed to provide uninterrupted electrical power for a residence in the event of a power cut. As well as being inconvenient for the home owner, a power outage can cause economic loss, for example loss of food stored in a freezer, and systems such as security lights, and some alarm systems, may not be functioning during the power outage. Fast-acting, and fully automatic protection against power outages in the home can be provided by one of the best natural gas generator models, such as the Centurion 5893 Natural Gas Air-Cooled Standby Generator.

Centurion portable generators are manufactured by Generac Power Systems. With 50 years experience of back up power systems, Centurion have a reputation for reliable and affordable standby generators for home and business users. A moderate power unit, like the Centurion 5893 Natural Gas Air-Cooled Standby Generator, rated at 13 kilowatts, will be suitable for many home users.

Home owners searching for the best natural gas generator system should first assess which circuits in their house they wish to protect in the event of a power outage. Some may choose to protect all the circuits in their house, while others may only require that certain circuits or rooms are provided with an un-interruptible power supply.

Complete protection will require a higher rated standby generator than a limited form of protection. In a more limited scheme the home owner may choose to protect certain vital rooms or circuits, such as the refrigerator or freezer, security lighting and alarm circuits, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and perhaps lighting and electrical power in a limited number of rooms.

The different circuits in the house are powered by electricity via the breaker box, therefore this is the place at which the home owner must decide which circuits will remain powered during a power cut. The number of circuits protected, and the current drawn by the appliances on those circuits, will determine the size of the standby generator needed.

The Centurion 5893 Natural Gas Air-Cooled Standby Generator is rated at 13 kilowatts, and will be ideal for many homes as their best natural gas generator. However other natural gas/liquid propane units are also available from Centurion, rated from 8 kilowatts for smaller residences up to 45 kilowatts, for very large residence/commercial use.

Centurion generators are fully automatic systems, offering hands free operation. In the event of a power outage the generator will switch on automatically, ensuring 24/7 protection of the electrical systems in the residence.

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