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The Metal Chop Saw: The Best Choice for “Heavy Metal” Work

A Premium Saw

A metal chop saw is basically another piece of portable equipment that strongly resembles a common chop saw, with the addition of using a special carbide saw blade in order to be able to cut metal with straight and precise cuts. If you only cut metal occasionally, then you can often survive by only using a hacksaw. However, if you want a light-weight portable saw to use for extensive metal cutting, then an abrasive saw, also known as a metal chop saw, is a preferred choice.


The cutoff metal saw uses a slender abrasive disc for the task of cutting through steel. Although cutting can be done on the ground, it’s best to affix the metal saw to a workbench for ease of use. The blades used for the saw tend to wear out quite readily, so they need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis. While commercial types of abrasive saws are sized at around 16 inches in diameter, the consumer metal cutting chop saw has a 14-inch size disc.  Therefore, you can make a number of jobs go quicker using the circular saw. In addition, the metal saw is less expensive and more portable than a band saw.

Ease of Use

Metal chop saws, as you might guess, are used a great deal in the construction trade and are great for cutting metal rebar as well as metal studs used for interior framing and drywall purposes. The convenient cutting action of the saw makes it possible for the operator to make 90 degree and angle cuts with the slightest of effort.

Safety Considerations

If you already have experience cutting wood with a miter saw or drop saw, then you’ll find using a metal cutting saw a simple transition. However, if you’ve never used a wood saw or are using the metal version for the first time, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking as the machine is loud and produces sparks. Therefore, it’s important to wear the appropriate safety gear, such as sturdy gloves and face protection, such as goggles. Also, you should wear pants and long-sleeved shirts for added protection as well. Ear protection is essential as too.

Be Prepared

When using a steel chop saw, you need to make sure that you clamp, for instance, the piece of metal you’re cutting so it’s secure. You don’t have to hurry through the process. Cut slowly. Be sure you read the safety instructions that are included in the manufacturer’s manual before you start using the saw. Because the saw will naturally throw out fireworks when you’re cutting metal, make sure that the area in which you use the saw is free of any combustibles or solvents that could cause a small explosion or fire.

The Ideal Tool

If you work in the construction trade, you know that every minute counts. Therefore, having a strong, reliable tool to cut metal accurately is vital in completing jobs quickly and expediently. Whether you need a saw in your work or at home to cut metal, an abrasive circular saw is an ideal power tool. It’s designed to make the job go faster whenever you need to undertake any home or carpentry project. Check out the various brands of metal saws on the Internet. You can choose from premium brands, such as Bosch, Makita and Ryobi and Hitachi.

Make Life Easier

Fortunately, the days have past when you had to rely on manual saws, such as a hack saw, back saw, compass saw or a rip saw in order to cut wood or metal. Make your life easier and your work more enjoyable by choosing one of the superior brands of metal saws offered on the Internet.

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