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Every time when you buy big pieces of meat you have to slice them into smaller pieces. You can ask for it someone at the shop where you have bought meat but you will spend money and won’t be sure that the slices will be of a right thickness and size. It’s much easier and cheaper to purchase a device which is called food slicer or meat slicer. With its help you may slice meats or cheeses without any effort or difficulty and get slices of a size you have chosen. If you are looking for best meat slicer you should take into account several points which are often mentioned in meat slicer reviews and may be important when choosing a device:

The devices can be manual or electric. Writers of meat slicer reviews usually say that manual devices are already in the past and that electric ones are much more convenient in usage. On the other hand, manual devices are cheaper and more durable.

The devices usually have a food carriage to carry foods when they are not yet sliced. If you usually buy big pieces of meat it’s better to look for a device with retractable or extra-large food carriage.

Pay attention to the safety provided by the device – best food slicer should be safe when using.

Here are some meat slicer reviews which may be useful for you when choosing best meat slicer.

EdgeCraft 610 Chef

EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer Review

Price: $119.99

There are several kinds of devices which perform slicing various kinds of food – from delicate cheeses to frozen meats with bones. EdgeCraft manufacturer presents to you an EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s…5 starsVisit WebsiteRead Review


Chef’s Choice 632 International VariTilt Electric Food Slicer Review

Price: $299.95

It often happens that slices that are made for you at the shop don’t satisfy you because of their size and thickness. Chef’s choice provides you several devices for slicing various kinds of food -…4_5 starsVisit WebsiteRead Review


Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer Review

Price: $99.99

Slicing food can be easy and fast – you won’t need to spend time carefully slicing vegetables or bread or meats and spend money on having it done for you. Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food…4_5 starsVisit WebsiteRead Review


Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer Review

Price: $149.99

If you are tired of constant slicing of cheese, meats, vegetables and other products you may buy one of devices called food or meat slicers. They are represented by various manufacturers which…4 starsVisit WebsiteRead Review


Yh Lh Pro Series Food Slicer H Review

Price: $68.83

Meat slicers are machines which can be used for various purposes – you usually have a opportunity to slice meat as well as cheese, bread, vegetables and other products. PRO YH LH PRO SERIES FOOD…4 starsVisit WebsiteRead Review


PS77711 Pro Series Heavy Duty Deli/Meat Slicer Review

Price: $115.34

When you buy large pieces of meat you often ask to cut it for you and often you may be unsatisfied with results. It’s much more convenient to use at home such machines as meat slicers. They will help…4 starsVisit WebsiteRead Review

Meat slicer reviews represented to you overview various models of food slicers produced by several manufacturers. All of them work with the help of electric motor and you don’t have to work with such devices yourself – they will do almost everything for you.

The devices are made of different materials, mainly of cast iron or cast aluminum. These materials are rather durable and provide long-lasting service, though cast aluminum is lighter than cast iron and may be more convenient in the kitchen.

The main parts of meat slicer are its motor and blade. Best meat slicer will have a motor which is not noisy and can work without pauses and burning smell around the kitchen for at least half an hour. Motors can be of different power but they should be powerful enough to cope with big amounts of work. The blade of a device is also important. In our meat slicers reviews you may note that most blades are produced of stainless steel which is rather convenient as they are prevented from rust and are rather sharp. Also, in food slicer reviews the way of cleaning a blade is usually mentioned – most of them can be removed and cleaned easily, though they are not dishwasher-safe.

Usually best food slicer also has some features which make the process of slicing much easier and more efficient. For instance, in some of food slicer reviews some safety features are mentioned – there may be a safety fuse, or a hidden on/off buttons to prevent accidental turning on by children, or slowing down of a motor to provide safety when slicing. The blade of the device is really sharp, so such features may be very useful for you and your family.

Also, some machines provide adjusted thickness to give you an opportunity to choose the thickness of a slice – you can make paper thin to 1-ich slices with the help of such devices.

We have chosen three machines which we consider to be the best ones among represented.

Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer is a device which provides durability and comfort in usage. With its stainless-steel blade you can make perfect slices of adjusted thickness, and after work all the parts can be easily washed.

We recommend you Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer as it is comfortable to use at home. It will perform long-lasting slicing with no effort and won’t take much place in your kitchen.

And, to our opinion, the best meat slicer is EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer which is completely safe and features fast and efficient work. The device is durable and serves efficiently for a long time.

We hope that our reviews were useful for you and helped you to buy best food slicer.

Top Rated Meat Slicers


I love EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice! It was so easy to assemble and it works perfectly! It’s also easy to disassemble for cleaning. I would definitely recommend this product!Amazon customer

EdgeCraft 610 is great. We use it almost daily. Very easy to clean. Cuts cheese, turkey, ham, tomatoes, onions and lettuce better than the deli.Amazon customer

I have not had any problems with Chef’s Choice 632 and I really wish I had known about this slicer before. This is my third slicer, and by far is the best quality and value.Amazon customer


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