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Product Name: Philips Azur GC4890/02 Steam Iron with Anodilium Technology Soleplate, 2600 Watt – Black


Philips Azur is one of the best irons with Anodilium technology that gives quality service. Because of 75-year positive reputation on this brand irons, you can also trust on this latest model.  The iron has good quality of fast crease removal with 2600 watt. If you are trying to find any good quality iron smooth iron, you can get good ironing performance in your garment. The biggest advantage of using this iron is its power tool and scratch-resistance power. As a result, you are free from any type of scratch that can obstacle during ironing.

Remove Crease fast for Powerful Stream

The Global Ironing Brand, Philips has brought Philips Azur to the market with faster crease removal for the users with good technology. This iron can reach into the layers of crease and remove it fully. The continuous steam output of this iron can give you a good smooth ironing system to the garment. With 200g steam booster facility, the iron can give 50g per minute to make ironing task faster.

Steam Vertically with Philips Azur

Philips Azur is also providing good features of steaming clothes in vertical position. With enough power of steaming, this iron is able to refresh hanging clothes like jackets and coats easily. So, you will get no problem to iron in vertical position to refresh it properly.

Scratch-resistance Anodilium Soleplate

The soleplate of the best Philips brand’s iron is made of Anodilium technology that gives real pleasure while ironing. The soleplate is very easy to clean and scratch resistance that brings smoothness. On the other hand, this feature will also help you to use a water spray without having any doubt in mind.  As a result, you will get smoother reaction and easy to steam your clothes both at home and garments.

Double Active Calc System

Now you can prevent any type of anti-scale pills for your iron easily because Phillips Azur has a double active calc system. Moreover, cleaning function of the calc is enough easy for any user to get better service.

Super Drip Stop Feature

Drip stop feature of this iron has been just amazing and preferable for the users because they do not need extra water drop to remove creases of any fabric cloth. Moreover, it will be removed crease in low power much comfort.

Effective Spray Function

Spray function of this iron has made thing easier to iron any fabric cloth and remove creases from it. On the other hand, the water resistant feature does not allow it to create any problem with the water spray. Moreover, the spray has adjusted finely in the iron that enhances the design’s beauty.

Auto Turn off System

Philips Azur has been just perfect and safe for the users because of its auto turning off system. The iron will automatically turn off within 8 minutes when you will leave it on a side. Moreover, the iron will shuts off its temperature within 30 seconds after switch off.

Philips Azur Guarantee

 Philips Azur iron is providing 2 year guarantee of any complications during iron a cloth. Also, the guarantee is for the all-time terms and conditions of Phillips Iron Brand. But, this model has lower complaints and problem reports according to the brand.

Philips has really brought the iron model to the users with the latest feature and modern technologies. As a result, the iron has achieved good marketplace as well as at many garments. The soleplate quality is quite satisfied with the clients and users have a good reaction to use this model. Therefore, you can buy this iron and use it with its amazing features to remove creases within a short time.   


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