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Top List: Best Inverter Generators Review

Before giving you the idea of top 10 best inverter generators, I would like to answer a very common question asked often i.e. Why do we need inverter generator? We need one because if there is a power outage and is the need to use any sensitive electronic machines like a PC or modern LED televisions, a clean and clear source of power that would not change in voltage is needed. The only way to fulfill this need are the inverter generators. That is why we are focusing on the best inverter generators in this article.

Importance of Inverter Generators

There are certain flaws in some of the best generators. When the output power changes, the power levels fluctuates as well. Whenever there is an increase in load, the voltage supplied to all the items that are connected to the generator drops. This could result in a crash of the whole system and can cause a huge damage. The best inverter generators are capable of giving a consistent source of power which would not drop even when more load is attached. Although any generator would crash when overloaded but the best inverter generators will give power that has low harmonics to achieve high-quality power source for any connected appliance.

The inverter generators work by converting the high frequency alternating currents that are used as DC source. This power is then converted into a stable 120v and 60 Hz frequency source of power completely. It operates with two coils inside its core and each rotating the engine to produce a sine wave. Look through our best inverter generator reviews to find the one that maximizes the benefits.

What Are the Prices of Today’s Best Inverter Generators?

The best inverter generators are one which comes with 25% upcharge over normal generators on average at the same power generation. In return, you will get a better energy source that you can use for virtually anything. If you have a generator, then you might need to get a power inverter that is strong enough to fit your existing system. Prices of these inverter generators vary so be careful to shop around and look at the best options available before finalizing your choice.

Top 10 Best Inverter Generators Comparison

Yamaha EF2000iS2,000 Watts4.9/5.0 View Amazon Price
Ryobi 2200w2,200 Watts4.8/5.0 View Amazon Price
Champion 73536i2,000 Watts4.7/5.0 View Amazon Price
Champion Remote2,800 Watts4.6/5.0 View Amazon Price
Hyundai HY2000si2,000 Watts4.5/5.0 View Amazon Price
Generac 67192,000 Watts4.4/5.0 View Amazon Price
Yamaha EF1000iS900 Watts4.3/5.0 View Amazon Price
Generac 5793 iX20002,200 Watts4.2/5.0 View Amazon Price
Briggs & Stratton 304732,000 Watts4.1/5.0 View Amazon Price
Powerhouse PH1000i1,000 Watts4.0/5.0 View Amazon Price

Briggs & Stratton 30473 Generator

The Briggs & Stratton 30473 offers the benefits of computer controlled automatic inverter technology that controls the speed and improves fuel consumption. It gives 1,600 watts and 2,000 watts as continuous and peak wattage with 12 Volt DC and 120 Volt 20 Amp AC receptacles using a 105cc gas engine. To reduce the sound, it uses Lo-Tone mufflers that also reduce the vibrations and thus categorized in the best inverter generators coming with a 2-year warranty.

Champion 73536i Generator

With a weight of just 48 pounds, this generator definitely defines portability. It is capable of providing up to 2000 surge watts of clean power. One of the best features of this unit is the economy mode which makes the generator idle at a certain level of power needed in any situation. It is CARB compliant and can be used in any neighborhood without jurisdictions. This inverter generator is also perfect for your RV. You will get 4.5 hours of running time on half the load.

Champion Remote Wireless Generator

One of the problems of owning an inverter generator is its starting. Most of them just don’t turn over as easy as other standard generators. This generator features a remote electrical start that and can be started by just pressing a button generating a clean power. It gives 2800 watts of continuous power and is covered by a 2-year warranty. It is a probably one of the best inverter generators dream generator for basic needs and should be a great option to consider.

Generac 6719 Generator

This portable generator gives 2000 watts of useful power featured by FlexPower technology that makes it a great choice. If you need to charge batteries or want to run heavy loads, push this generator into a high mode and get the power you need. And when there is no need of full load, just switch over to eco-mode and you will be saving fuel along with reduced noise. The fuel tank is just 1 gallon, however, you will get about 5 hours of life on one-quarter of the load. For some households, it may be small, but it still remains a strong contender as one of the best inverter generators.

Generac 5793 iX2000 Generator

The Generac 5793 is not an average portable generator. It understands the need to reduce noise and control fuel usage. Endowed with a 126cc engine, it uses electronically controlled inverter technology to control power output based on the load. This helps managing the noise levels as the engine operates at varying speeds rather than always running at its highest speed. It also has the ability to produce perfect AC sine wave which allows your appliances to be connected directly to the generator as one of the basic features of the best inverter generators.

Powerhouse PH1000i Generator

This is a highly efficient and definitely well worthy investment. This inverter generator is designed to work longer and safer for all types of loads and connected appliances. This generator is an excellent take along partner which gives the maximum output of 1,000 Watt with 1.63 HP engine that can run at variable speeds depending on the load. At full capacity, it runs at full speed and also offers a reset button to auto start the engine if it shuts down due to excess load. It comes with a circuit breaker, emergency stop option, recoil starter and one 5-20R 20-ampere double outlet. It weighs just 30 pounds and the top handle makes it easy for portability. This unit operates for 9.6 hours at quarter load and 3.7 hours at full load. All accessories are available with this generator including a handle, spare spark plug and more. It is also CARB, CETL and EPA compliant and offers one year commercial and 2-year consumer warranty thus making it one of the best inverter generators.

Ryobi 2200w Portable Generator

Do you need a quiet generator? If yes is the answer then Ryobi generator is here for you as one of the best inverter generators with low noise. It is one of the best generators available, thanks to its 106cc OHC 4 cycle engine that gives you up to 2200 surge watts to meet your requirements. It is covered with a 2-year warranty and is just 24 inches high, providing you a compact power unit that can be used at home or outside as needed. For most applications, it will run your basic needs except you want additional power at the same time.

Yamaha EF2000iS Generator

This gas powered, super-efficient and ultra-portable generator is a next gen inverter generator that produces maximum electrical power from every drop of fuel. It can deliver a total of 2,000 Watts running over 10 hours on a full tank in economy mode. It also delivers a steady wattage of 1,600 watts at 13.3 or 16.7 Amps 120 Volt. The spark arrestor and muffler helps reduce sound levels at quarter load. Thanks to the smart throttle system, the engine operates based on the load connected which also increases fuel efficiency. Another innovation found in this generator is the Pulse Width Modulation categorizing it into the best inverter generators. This unit is backed by two years warranty at the time of purchase.

Yamaha EF1000iS Generator

The Yamaha EF1000iS is an ultra-portable generator that powers appliances within its capacity for at least 12 hours on a full tank. It also features a simple design with easy filling, a decent output at 900 Watts and through the sound reduction system has the ability to reduce noise. This is an intelligent unit that is capable of sensing variations in load and adjust the fuel throttle accordingly. It is CARB compliant and comes with a two-year consumer warranty.

Hyundai HY2000si Generator

This generator runs smoothly and has a bigger engine compared to similar inverter generators at this price. It only has 20 amp but it is rated for 30 amps and works with an adapter to give the higher amperage. The reduction in noise level is one of the best features available in this price for best inverter generators which is the best feature when added with the longer running period. It weighs 70 pounds which makes it highly portable and can provide just about any application with a source of power. It is a high-quality, efficient and one of the best inverter generators that you would love to have.


The top 10 best inverter generators are here for you. You might be able now to decide one for yourself easily. Although hundreds of generators are available in the market but based on my expertise, these are the top best inverter generators having no comparison at all. The affordable price, technologically sound and efficient operations of these inverter generators are hard to find in common available portable generators. For detailed reviews, you can have all the information about portable generators, dual fuel portable generators, the best inverter generators and much more on .


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