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If you are a bbq lover, you probably heard about infrared gas grills in recent years. So what is a grill with infrared cooker? What can infrared grill do better than ordinary gas bbq grills?  And is it worth a try?

First, with infrared technology, the heat is created by burning propane or natural gas to super-heat a metal block or ceramic tile cooking surface. When this surface gets hot, it emits intensive thermal radiation. This radiation and contact with the hot surface is what burns the food to high temperature very quickly.

A perfect example of this innovation in use is the line of high end Ducane infrared grill by Weber Stephen Co. with the infamous Ducane Affinity series.

Cooking Benefits


The benefits of this method, is that meat is not only heated from direct contact with the hot surface (similar to frying with a kitchen pan), it’s also heated by hot thermal radiation (just like the way microwave or toasters work). The results are reduction in pre-heating time and more moist and juicy barbecue, because infrared gas grills cook the food directly without using hot air as a conductor.

A typical infrared grill can easily reach over 500 °C (900 °F) in matter of second even without closing the hood, allowing you to sear steaks right away.

Another advantage is uniform distribution of grilling temperature across the whole surface, as food does not have to make contact with cooking grate in order to be grilled or roasted.

Grilling enthusiasts also claim barbeque cooked on infrared grills tastes similar to food from charcoal grills. This is because when coals are burnt, they also emit infrared radiation.

And when it comes to cleaning, infrared bbq grills make it simple and easy. Mainly because you won’t have to use any of these gas barbeque accessories: flavorizer plates, heat shields, lava rocks, briquettes and tray that deflects dripping fat grease away from the burner.

Choosing Best Infrared Gas Grills

In resent years, man companies have been developing this new technology to replace traditional methods of cooking barbecue. Due to its instant high heat ignition feature, infrared grill has found commercial use by many chefs in restaurants and bars, where fast cooking and efficiency is of paramount priority.

Leaders in this manufacturing field are: Charbroil infrared gas grill – being sold under Char broil Quantum, Red and Heatvave seriesSolaire and TEC infrared grills.

Known for providing quality outdoor gas grills at budget prices, its no surprise that Char-broil gas grills are one of the best value in the market for infrared grills. With the Quantum series being the cheapest (under $500), then followed by Red line and lastly is their more advanced Heatvave models. Even though this new models are not yet popular, they are slowly gaining positive response from many consumers.

On the other hand, TEC – the “infrared experts” since 1961, specialize in high end infrared grills which cost more, but will save you money in the long run. One of TEC grill’s best features is economical use of gas fuel, which is about 50% more efficient than any other grill in the market. TEC infrared gas grills also provide stable performance free of dangerous flare-ups and uniform heating through out the whole grilling surface. On top of that, their grills have 100% stainless steel burners for extreme durability to withstand constant high heat output.

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