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Along with their outdoor cousins, indoor electric grill is becoming a mainstay in homes and apartments everywhere.

The first electric indoor grill was popularized by the George Foreman electric barbeque grills and are marketed towards people who do not have enough outdoor space to have a full-size grill for cooking. Therefore, these products are very popular with people who live in apartments and in cities where outdoor cooking space is either limited or nonexistent. If balcony is your only suitable space for barbecuing, for example, then electric power would be the perfect choice.

Electric bbq grills are also marketed to people who want a quick, easy, and clean indoor grilling experience without the mess that comes with charcoal, wood or other gas fuels. As this guide will show, indoor electric grill allows tasty grilled meals from the comfort and convenience of your kitchen.

Advantages and Benefits of Electric Indoor Grill

Indoor electric grills would not have become so competitive with charcoal smokersnatural gas, or propane grills without numerous benefits.

  • Convenience is the definitive advantage of this type of product. These grills allow you to grill indoors in a simple and space-saving manner, due to their compact and portable sizes.
  • Fire them up and start grilling as quickly as five to seven minutes – which is lightning fast compared to charcoal (which you can’t cook indoors anyway).
  • No fuels to worry about; all you need is a standard power outlet. This also adds to the fact that cleaning these grills is simple, especially with models that have non-stick surface, drip trays and slanted cooking surfaces.


Of course, as with any product, going electric indoors comes with disadvantages.

  • Most of these models have limited cooking space, which is definitely not ideal for big families.
  • The cheaper models are usually only suitable for an individual or a couple.
  • Do not have as many advanced functions as other grills, because of the simplicity which makes them easy to use. For example, many models lack temperature controls or indicators, especially electric contact grills (which can lead to uneven cooking).

Maintenance Care Tips

Taking care of or cleaning these electric bbq grills is not that complicated, but there are things you need to know in order to maintain your product’s integrity in a safe manner. As these are electric, they are not dishwasher safe. In fact, you should be careful to keep them from being immersed in water, and should be careful when you wash them in the kitchen. Some have removable grilling plates, however, that can be used in dishwashers.

Be sure to clean any drip trays and contact plates regularly. If your unit has contact plates, thoroughly scrub them after cooking to remove any food by-products – especially fat – that have accumulated.

Finally, keep any exposed connections or wires – even those encased in plastic or aluminum – from water. And as always, check all electrical connections regularly for frayed or damaged wires.

Indoor Electric Grill Price Range

Electrical powered are perhaps the cheapest grilling devices on the market. The low-end of the price spectrum starts at $15, and the high-end of the spectrum only goes up to $150-175 – well under $200 – below the cost of full-size models.

Indoor electric barbeque grills are very simple to use and are the ultimate in grilling convenience. They do not require messy fuels, are portable, offer quick cooking times, and are perfect for apartment dwellers and those who have limited spaces. Those who want simple, quick grilling and do not mind small cooking sizes, frequent cleaning, and a lack of advanced controls should give electric indoor grills a shot.

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