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Determining the best household filtering system for drinking water is not a cut and dry matter. You have to weigh up different angles and make a personal decision on what suits you best. Let us look at some of these angles.

Angle 1

Filter A may have superior contaminant removal abilities over Filter B but Filter A may not be as cost effective as Filter B.

This is the case with water distillation units (with carbon). These water treatment systems have the best contaminant removal capabilities of any filtration system.

Distillers can remove every class of drinking water contaminants – microbes, organics, inorganics and radioactive substances.

However they use a lot of electricity and produce clean water very slowly.

Carbon water filters on the other hand cannot remove the range of contaminants that distillers are capable of but require no electricity.

Angle 2

There can also be a scenario where Filter C can remove a wider range of drinking water contaminants than Filter D but Filter D is better at removing a particular class of contaminant.

Take for example reverse osmosis water filter systems. They can remove a wider range of water supply contaminants than say, activated carbon filters.

However, activated carbon filters are much more effective at removing organic contaminants than are reverse osmosis purifiers.

Angle 3

Filter E has less potent contaminant removal capabilities than Filter F but Filter E can provide larger amounts of filtered water to a wider area.

Take for example whole house water filters. Many of them are only certified to remove chlorine and particulates. However, they can provide filtered water to every tap (even dishwashers and washing machines) in your home.

This under sink water filter on the other hand can remove, chlorine, particulates but also a wide range of chemicals and microbes that many whole house purifiers cannot remove. However under sink filters can only remove water supply contaminants at one tap.


So what is the best household filtering system for drinking water? As you can see, there are various angles to consider.

All the water filtering systems mentioned above will make your current tap water healthier to drink. However the decision as to which one you choose will depend on your budget and your needs.

For example, if you are only concerned with cleaner drinking water and don’t mind paying extra for it – go with a water distiller. You can expect your electricity bills to increase though.

If you are having a problem with hard water – then a whole house water conditioner will make your water softer.

If you are on a budget a just want a drinking water filter for the kitchen with decent all round contaminant removal capabilities, go for an under sink water filter.

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