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In this heated vest review, I have looked at heated motorcycle vests mainly. What follows is a complete review of 5 of the best heated vest brands available on the market today. Where relevant I have included some of my personal tips for you as well as share the advantages and disadvantages of each brand so that you can choose the heated vest that best meets your personal needs. On my site I’ve also included a product matrix to present a more convenient visual comparison.

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Product Descriptions

Tourmaster Synergy

tourmaster synergy electric heated vest MD

The Tourmaster Synergy heated vest is a quality product, well made and competitively priced. Comes complete with harness and controller. Alternative vest available without collar as well as gloves, jacket and pants. Very good product range. Comprehensive instructions on website. With one of the lowest power demands at 52W, this heated vest is unlikely to overload you charge system. Unlike most of the others, is machine washable.

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Venture Action Unisex Heated Vest

The 12V Elite PowerSports Venture heated vest has a water repellent coated nylon outer shell and a fleece lining. Heating element also in collar. Also comes complete with a harness and controller. The heating panels are soft, pliable, and ultra-thin so heated is evenly distributed. This vest features stretchable wing panels for a comfortable fit. Power consumption is 83W.

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StormRider EX02

Storm Rider EXO2 Heated vest

This EXO heated vest is a very well made and versatile. In fact, although not marketed as a liner, it is light enough to be worn under a jacket as a body warmer vest. A unique point about this product is the optional power pack so you can use it away from your motorcycle, this makes it more versatile than the rest This means that you can benefit from using it away from your motorcycle. You’ll find that StormRider also do a jacket and a less expensive heated vest. StormRider offers a jacket and a cheaper vest but their performance is not for serious cold weather. Hand wash only.

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Well made and attractive. Quality materials, Thinsulate insulation and Teflon wind resistant outer shell. Unique Power Distribution Unit incorporated in lining to allow you to add pants and gloves. Comes with the harness but you’ll have to purchase the controller. Inside and outside pockets. Hand wash only.

Learn more at the Gerbing heated vest product site

Warm & Safe

Jacket only and the highest power consumption of all the products considered here at 90 W. Lower Wattage versions also available. Comes without harness or controller. Has outlets for gloves and pants.

Best Buy

The Tourmaster Synergy heated vest is great value for money, and unlike some of the others comes complete with harness and controller so you’re not forced to spend more money before you can use your kit. It’s light, fits well due to elasticated sides, comes with side pockets and is expandable to fit gloves and pants. Very hard to beat for the price.

Discover more about the Tourmaster Synergy heated vest

If your budget will stretch a little and you want a well made vest go for the MC-25 Ventura heated vest liner. Again comes with wiring and harness so there’s no extra outlay and is expandable by adding pants or gloves.

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The EXO StormRider battery heated vest is also priced at the higher end of the market but is more than just a liner and has the advantage that you can buy the optional battery pack and use it away from the bike. Doesn’t come with a controller which means that you could end up by spending a fair amount of money on accessories, is a very good product, as it should be for the price. The Gerbing heated vest is a good quality product for the money, but comes without controller. The Warm & Safe has the highest output but annoyingly comes without controller or harness, cheaper and lower output options are available.

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All of these products use high tech materials and are well made so you may wish to consider other design features such as pockets, collar height, fasteners and so on. The one other significant feature you will need to check is the power capacity and if it matches to your motorcycle charge system.

I hope these reviews assisted you in making an informed decisions about purchasing the best heated vest for your personal needs.

Stay Warm & Happy Riding!


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