Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Reviews – 2019 Buying Guide


Handheld vacuum cleaners are handy, light, easy to use and easy to operate. They are perfect for use on carpets to lift dirt and dust; great to clean tight corners and underneath furniture; and ideal for use on cars. Their lightweight and compact features allow easy handling and easy storage. Below are the 6 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners.


This handheld vacuum cleaner is powerful and high performance dust buster vacuum cleaner that is light, easy to use and easy to operate. This Black Decker is very comfortable to hold and has 180 degrees pivot nose dust buster that provides a complete cleaning more effectively. With its unique 2000 pivoting nozzle, it provides easy cleaning of high book shelves and underneath furniture. This saves you time and allows you to clean high areas easily and safely without standing on any furniture for easy reach.

The Black Decker handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a large transparent dust bowl that allows you to work longer without the need to empty it every now and then. To empty, lift the filter out of the dirt bowl and then remove the dirt before washing the filters.


  • 2OOO Pivoting Nose—this allows access to areas that are difficult to reach
  • Cyclonic Action—spins dust away from the filter at a high speed that provides powerful suction
  • 18 volt power—provides maximum suction power and performance
  • Lightweight—it’s light, small and very quiet. It is very easy to clean and easy to empty

When charging, this vacuum cleaner can be folded in half and then let it stand upright in the charging base. A blue light will appear to let you know it’s charging.


The Vax Gator hand held vacuum cleaner is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner with strong suction that is perfect for picking up dust and debris easy and fast. It’s lightweight and cordless design makes this machine easy to maneuver and with a touch of a button you can empty the dust bin easily.

It comes with a built in crevice tool that is intended for cleaning taut corners and it’s fully retractable that gives you easy storage. It also includes a charging adapter.


  • 10.8 Volts—just perfect for little spills and great for cleaning cars
  • Cordless—allows easy access to places without the having wires that may get in the way
  • Flip-Open Mouth—allows easy emptying straight into the dust bi or rubbish bag
  • Lightweight—it weighs 1.24 kg. It’s easy to carry it anywhere

The Vax Gator handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect to use for homes with children and pets. Like all Vax products, Vax Gator is supported by Vax’s UK based helpline that is open 7 days a week.


This is a handheld lightweight, cordless instant cleaner that provides a powerful suction for 20 minutes without interruption. It effectively cleans all hard floor surfaces and carpets, removing hair and fibers giving you a perfectly dust free and hair free home.

It uses the Brush Roll Clean Technology to provide better performance. It removes hair and fibers from the brush roll and into the dust bin easily, and with its 1800 it provides easier access around furniture, and the LED headlights lights up the floor that lets you see the floor clearly for better cleaning results.


  • Unique Brush roll Technology—removes tangled hair off the brush roll
  • 2 in 1 functionality—detachable for use in a  handheld mode
  • Swivel Cleaning Nozzle
  • 2 Power Settings—high and low
  • 5 liter dust capacity
  • Bag less—uses cyclone suction
  • Lightweight—2.4 kg
  • Motorized Brush roll
  • Dusting Brush and Crevice Nozzle
  • LED Headlights—used for hard to see places
  • 12 Volt battery

This 2 in 1 hand held brush roll vacuum cleaner comes in 2 power modes. Use it in normal mode for everyday pick up of dirt and dust on floors and carpets. Switch it into booster mode for an extra suction power that’s ideal for tougher cleaning jobs such as sand and larger food debris.


The DC 34 is a handy hand held vacuum cleaner that serves as a good supplement for a full size vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for use on stairs as well as light fittings and cob webbed room corners. It is also great to pick up crumbs and to clean spills in the kitchen.

Like other Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners it is powered by Dyson digital motor that gives twice the suction power of other hand held vacuum cleaners, and with its patented Root Cyclone Technology, it provides a continuous suction giving you more cleaning time.

It provides 15 minutes of continuous suction or 6 minutes on maximum power. It comes with a 22.2 lithium-ion battery that charges up to 3x faster than others.

This machine comes in a box that contains;

  • DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Lithium-ion 22.2V battery
  • Mains battery charger
  • Combination brush/nozzle tool]
  • Crevice Tool
  • Product Registration Card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Operations Manual
  • 2 Year free guarantee form

This Black Decker 7 in 1 steam mop possess handle command that allows you to gain access to built-in Auto select Technology directly to the handle of the steam mop. This makes it possible for you to switch between cleaning wooden, stone and vinyl floors at the click of a button without the need to bend down for the auto select dial.

It comes with a floor type guide that is easy to read and an attractive blue light. This helps you get the correct amount of steam you need to effectively clean the floor.


  • Steamburst

It releases 50% more steam with just a few seconds of burst to give you an extra cleaning power that you don’t get from ordinary steam mop

  • Multi-Use

This auto select steam mop can be used on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble, stone, ceramic tile and slate. It is also great to clean up your carpets and rugs including upholstery

  • 5 Piece Accessories

It comes in a box that contains 5 different accessories that gives you more effective and thorough cleaning. With these accessories, you can clean windows, tile and glass shower screens. The flexible hose is great for spot cleaning and the three color-coded brushes are perfect to brush off stubborn dirt and grime.

  • Quick Heat Up

This steam mop heats up in just 15 seconds

  • Machine Washable Pads

The pads that are attached to the base of the machine can be easily detached and can be washed in your washing machine.

The innovative design of this steam mop, with its 180 degrees swivel head rotates to clean tight corners. Just turn the handle of the mop head to rotate and clean the desired angle effortlessly.



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