Best Hair Removal Creams


Getting rid of unwanted hair remains to be one of the constant struggles of every woman. Although several types of hair treatment are already available in clinics, salons, and in the market, many of us still continue to explore our options based on several factors including but not limited to safety, effectiveness, and budget. Hair removal creams – a very common type of hair removal treatment and some of the best brands available today are what we will discuss here, though.

What are hair removal creams and how do they work?

Hair removal creams also known as depilatory creams are cosmetic preparations or mixtures of chemicals that are formulated to remove the hair just at the surface without pain.

These depilatory creams function by breaking down the disulphide bonds in the hair keratin which weakens the hair and makes it easily disintegrate. Instead of cutting, hair removal creams dissolve the hair. The common active ingredients found in these products include calcium thioglycolate and/or potassium thioglycolate.

Compared to other types of hair removal treatment, hair removal creams are painless, cheaper, faster, and easier to do. However, results usually last for just a short time. Re-growth generally appears within two to five days, and most if not all depilatory creams have a foul odor and are messy to apply.

The Top 5 Hair Removal Creams

The following are just some of the best hair removal cream brands including the advantages and disadvantages gathered from real reviews on the internet.

Rank #5 – Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo – Fine to Medium Hair

For that unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin, cheek, and jaw areas, Olay’s skincare line now includes a facial hair remover which is a two-step system to effectively remove unwanted hair and also retain the skin’s softness and smoothness. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and reduces irritation.

Waiting time is six to eight minutes and there’s a slight unpleasant smell.


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