Best Guitar For Beginners – Acoustic Guitars under 100


Acoustic guitar is the best guitar for beginners. Since the source of sound is the string, it easier for a beginner to identify if the guitar is in the right tune. Acoustic guitar involves the use of a sound board and sound box to amplify the vibrations of the string. A good quality acoustic guitar has a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. These make the guitar durable and produce a balanced tone.


The Ashton S129 is a 12 string electro acoustic guitar that is suitable for everybody to play. Its slim mahogany neck makes this guitar easy to play, and with the Prener SPII 4 band EQ it produces a perfectly toned sound which seems to be greatly amplified,  making it look and sounds like a million bucks, but without really costing it. It gives you a temperate, clear and pleasant sound when the under saddle cable pickup is plugged in, and with the versatility of the 4 band EQ, it can create a variety of warm tones.  The simple built-in tuner allows you to tune each of the 12 strings easily and quickly. This Ashton Electro Acoustic Guitar sounds incredibly fine with or without the amplifier.


  • A 12 medium, steel-string guitar
  • Very light weighing only 3.1 kg with dimensions of 105×46.5×13.5 cm
  • Easy to play
  • Has  a built-in electric tuner
  • Brown in color and it is made of maple


The SL129/129 CEQTSB is a slim line bodied guitar that makes it easy to transport and easy to use. It looks so nice and attractive and it produces a very good and pleasant sound with or without the amplifier. It has also a built in electric tuner that provides easy tuning; you don’t have to expend hours trying to get it in tune. The electric tuner creates an easy tuning and it seems to hold its tuning fairly well.

This electro acoustic guitar has a spectacular Flame Maple finish, slim mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard that makes it a perfect introduction of a 12 string guitar. It is very easy to play which is not a feature of most low-priced 12 string guitar. The fret board is only somewhat larger than a 6 string and the action is commendably low. This guitar also comes with a warranty card.


This guitar by Gear4music is a round back electro acoustic guitar that is associated with a round back design. This guitar is a perfect instrument for any bass players who prefer a smaller and lighter bass guitar that has a reduced feedback. The top is made of quality spruce, with a round ABS back that reduces feedback that is usually a problem with acoustic basses. This guitar is very light and compact which makes the instrument looks great, with a built in 3 band equalizer with tuner and a battery check indicator.

The high quality Rosewood fingerboard makes sure that no tones are missed and the one quality isn’t compromised.


  • Spruce Top
  • ABS back and sides
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Chrome Die-cast machine heads
  • Gear4Music Steel strings
  • Built in tuner
  • 3 Band EQ and presence level

This acoustic guitar is a great instrument at a low cost having all the quality you would expect from premium branded guitars. The quality rosewood craft provides improved tone and easy playability. This guitar comes with a classic natural finish.


 The Deluxe single cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar that is made from high quality Sapeli, plays host to a highly impressive display of original features that shove its value way beyond what is a highly competitive price tag. This guitar has an excellent feel, a right and proper action and an electric type thin neck, and with the attractive sub-dreadnought size, it really sounds excellent when amplified. The piezo pick up the bridge provides a piercing and more metallic tone and the microphone that is hang up behind the sound hole permits a mellow and fulsome tone which allows you to mix to whatever you desire.  This guitar comes with a tuner, a 4 band EQ sliders and a pick up slider that can be blended and selected to your favorite tone quality.

This Acoustic Guitar has a great feel and the finish is fantastic and it sounds so lovely. It can hold its tune very well and having a built in tuner is a benefit for beginners. This acoustic guitar is a very good choice for start up for beginners and intermediate players as well.


  • Sapeli finish
  • Built-in gooseneck Microphone tuner
  • 4 band EQ
  • Pick up with LCD screen
  • Connects directly to PA systems

The Deluxe Single Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar holds a minimum 12 months manufacturer warranty.


The W-401 Electro Acoustic is a guitar that has a ¼ jack socket in the strap end pin that is fitted with an internal pick up. This acoustic guitar is very ideal for beginner players and is perfectly suited for guitarist who have possibly just started performing and who needs an acoustic to plug straight into am amplifier or a mixing desk.

This acoustic guitar is a beautifully cutaway designed that indicates not only good looks but it also comfortable and easy to play. The Martin Smith 401E sounds evenly beautiful when plugged in, with charming acoustic tones and great volume projected from the huge folk body. And this makes this guitar a highly recommendable to players who are looking for a flexible electro acoustic that sounds perfectly fine either strummed or finger-picked. This 6 string acoustic guitar is available in either black or white spectacular finish or impressive playability.


 The Lindo Electro Acoustic guitar with Pre amp is a UK designed that leads the way in slim electro guitar. It is a full sized with a slim body guitar that comes with a pre-amp, an integrated tuner and other accessories to provide you with a complete need for playing guitar. It provides a series of features and benefits that interest all players of all levels. The integrated amplifier that is exclusive to Lindo Guitars comes with a digital tuner that is perfect for tuning on the move while providing a hassle-free tuning on stage. It also includes a chromatic mode for custom string tunings as well as an auto mode for regular tuning, and the backlit LCD provides visibility in all lighting conditions giving you a quick look at your tuning pedal.



The slim body is 8cm depth and coupled with a slim neck shape, with low action which makes this guitar very comfortable and easy to play


The integrated amplifier when connected provides you an easy live tweaks on the sound you create. The bass, middle, treble, with the presence of the sliders and the master volume dial on the amplifier unit are very easy to handle, giving you the possibility to boost levels for a lead progression or reduce treble for a rhythm section


This guitar also offers one of a kind touches like a metal logo that is engraved on the headstock and a “shark tooth” in the rosewood fingerboard.


The XLR socket with the enhanced signal is integrated to provide you a direct plugging into external PA equipment or recording desk

whist being connected to your amplifier. It is perfect for playing live, recording at home or in professional studio.

  • A soft carry case
  • Guitar cable
  • Strap and capo
  • Spare strings and plectrums
  • Allen key

The stylish look and the Florentine cut away body shape of the ORG-SL lindo acoustic guitar offers an added functionality to provide you an easy reach for the notes which are located higher up the fingerboard. The compensated bridge saddle provides accurate modulation across the fingerboard and the high quality die-cast tuning pegs makes sure the guitar holds its tune. The natural tone of the guitar (when not connected to an amplifier), still provides a pleasant sound despite the slim body design. The combination of a moderate upper and lower bout width, spruce top, catalpa neck, rosewood bridge and bone & saddle nut gives you a good balance of highs and lows with adequate timbre.


This Washburn WD10 guitar is one of the Washburn series of guitars which are 2011 updates of the award wining and best selling Washburn D10S series. Like all other guitar in the series, this guitar features a solid spruce top, and mahogany back and sides that provide eccentric tone for all playing styles.  The series also includes many aesthetic appointments that are usually found in much more expensive guitars such as mahogany-faced headstock guitars. The WD10 series comes with the widely known dreadnought body shape and folk style body variants (WF10S&WF10SCE). These guitars have firmer “waistline” and smaller upper bout that creates an even more comfortable and easy playing experience. Some models in black finish are 12-string and cutaway electro variants (CE) that features world-renowned Fishman electronics.


  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany sides and back
  • Mahogany neck with truss rod
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Natural, buffed glossy body
  • Black pick guard
  • Cutaway body
  • Stained mahogany, buffed gloss neck
  • Chrome die cast Grover style tuning machine
  • Neck binding
  • Diamond engraved marquetry rosette

 The DSCE is very easy to play and with its deep cutaway body style with the additional WT-82 tuner or pre-amp system this guitar is truly professional guitar at an affordable price. This guitar is natural in color and its very light weighing 2.3kg making it easy to carry. The strings are made of phosphor bronze with light gauge.


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