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The best goalkeeping gloves are a crucial piece of equipment for any goalkeeper. The question is: How do you know which goalkeeping gloves are the best? The answer to this question is not simple and must be based on a number of different factors such as the glove’s material, the goalkeeper’s level of play, and the field conditions to name just a few.

Palm Materials
There are many types of goalkeeping gloves available from a wide variety of manufacturers. As with any other product, each brand of goalkeeping gloves uses different design principles and manufacturing processes to develop what they believe to be the best product possible. For instance, the material that most goalkeeper gloves are made from is a soft latex. This soft latex provides a “sticky” surface that promotes better ball handling and a great grip on the ball. Depending on the brand and type of glove desired, this latex can have a much different feel between different goalkeeping gloves that you try. Some goalkeeping gloves are designed to be used in wet weather, so the latex is designed to produce a better grip in wetter conditions. At the same time, some gloves are designed to be used when you are playing on pitches with harder ground or artificial surfaces. These goalkeeping gloves are designed with a more durable type of latex that will hold up better under those conditions. Still other gloves are designed to be multi-purpose so that that can be used in a wide variety of conditions. Your first step in choosing goalkeeping gloves should be to determine the types of conditions in which you will be playing.

Fingersave Gloves
Another important feature in many goalkeeping gloves is the inclusion of a “fingersave” system. This support structure will be called various names depending on the manufacturer, but basically fingersaves are a set of plastic inserts that fit into each finger of the glove. These inserts provide many benefits to the goalkeeper. The main benefit of this finger support system is that it can provide more stabilization to the hand and prevent hyperextension of the fingers when saving a shot. In addition, this system can provide protection from broken or injured fingers by providing a “shell” on top of the fingers in case the goalkeeper’s hand happens to get stepped on by another player. These support systems can be found with a varying range of finger stiffness with some allowing very little finger flexion and others providing a much greater range of motion. Also, with many goalkeeping gloves, these fingersaves are interchangeable. Depending on the desired feel, the goalkeeper can simply slide out one type of fingersave and replace it with another in just a few seconds – or leave them out altogether. Fingersave goalkeeping gloves, however, are not used by everyone. Many goalkeepers feel that the plastic inserts restrict hand movement too much and dislike the lack of hand-to-ball contact that some fingersave goalkeeping gloves can produce. In the long run, this feature is a matter of personal preference.

Playing Level
Another factor that must be considered when purchasing goalkeeping gloves is the level of play that will be involved. There are a wide range of gloves on the market today with costs ranging from $15-20 all the way up to $175 or more. If you are a beginning goalkeeper, there is no need to purchase the most expensive goalkeeping gloves available. At this level, some of the less expensive goalkeeping gloves will serve the purpose more than adequately and still provide the young goalkeeper with the confidence that he or she needs to make spectacular saves. As the level of play progresses, however, it is a good idea to invest in a pair of the better quality goalkeeping gloves. These higher-end goalkeeping gloves provide the feel and function necessary to help a goalkeeper stop shots from even the best of players. In addition, as you progress into the higher-end, better-quality goalkeeping gloves, it is a great idea to have a cheaper pair of gloves for practice and training. This will help these more expensive gloves last much longer.

Personal Preferences
This leads us to our last point. As mentioned before, the best goalkeeping gloves are a matter of personal preference. It is crucial that you try on many different pairs of goalkeeping gloves before you make your final decision. Don’t get caught into thinking that the most expensive goalkeeping gloves are the best ones for you. Each pair of goalkeeping gloves you try will feel different and will fill different needs that you may have. The most expensive pair of gloves in the store will be useless to you if they do not feel comfortable on your hands. If possible, you should even try to catch some balls with the goalkeeping gloves that you want to purchase. In addition, make sure you try different sizes. Many goalkeepers like to use goalkeeping gloves that are a little larger than their normal glove size. This larger size gives them more surface area with which to catch shots.

This Website

Manufacturer Links

     This website provides a number of links to some of the best manufacturers of goalkeeping gloves in the world. These sites can be very helpful and will provide a great deal of information about palm materials, gloves cuts, wrist closures, and other factors that can be very important as you decide on the pair of goalkeeping gloves that are best for you.

Retailer Links
Once you have decided on the features you want in your goalkeeping gloves, do some research on the types of gloves that are available. You can browse through the manufacturer’s line of gloves on their own website, but we have also provided links to many of the best online soccer retailers available. These online retailers will usually have a much better assortment of goalkeeping gloves than local retailers and their websites can also provide some great information on the different goalkeeping gloves that are available.

Try Them On
     After you have a variety of gloves selected, make sure you try on as many gloves as possible. Online retailers will also offer a return policy so that you can try on any gloves that you purchase and send them back if they don’t fit.

Buy Your Gloves
The price of goalkeeping gloves can vary greatly, and you can often find great prices and sales online. Once you have decided on the goalkeeping gloves you want, please come back to and search our online retailer listings to make your final purchase of goalkeeping gloves.


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