Best GE Gas Water Heater Reviewed


GE gas water heater has been synonymous with being efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to heat water in many residential homes.

Recently, consumers have gravitated towards the compact tankless gas heating variant of the popular GE brand that delivers a constant stream of hot water to the bathroom and kitchen. So why are so many people intrigued by this manufacturer?

The market for tankless gas water heaters is filled with people who have very simple requirements: reliability and consistency.

People want hot water delivered on demand whenever they need it, be it for bathing, washing clothes, or washing dishes but not paying overly costly monthly electric bills.

Depending on a conventional heater is frustrating at times because you have to wait for the tank to regain heat, thus limiting your use and even waste energy when you are done with the need of hot water. GE gas water heaters do not have this problem, as you will see.

Advantages of a GE Tankless Gas Water Heater


Among the best selling models of this line is GN75DNSRSA GE Indoor Tankless Water Heater. This natural gas device features some of the most efficient technologies that are sure to impress any consumer who wants a convenient and reliable heating device.

Arguably the biggest and most noticeable advantage over a conventional heater is the lack of a tank, which makes it very compact in size and easy to install. Conventional heaters heat and store water in tanks that are anywhere from 40 to 50 gallons. This heater is mounted on the wall and provides a continuous stream of hot water to your home without any of the bulk associated with water tanks.

The fact that GE GN75DNSRSA is wall-mounted also makes it great for installation, since you can put it in a variety of places in your home, instead of in a utility room. Plus, the tank is very energy efficient, thanks to Demand Activated Technology.

All in all, this GE gas water heater promises to save you as much as 25-35% on your water heating bill because it avoids heat loss that affects conventional tanks.

Disadvantages GE Indoor Tankless Heaters

The GN75DNSRSA General Electric tankless gas heater has not garnered many negative customer reviews or consumer reports, which is a positive sign for a potential buyer.

Still, there have been issues raised concerning certain aspects of the system. Some consumers have reported that the unit occasionally does not heat the water to an acceptable temperature, a problem caused by the lack of a water reservoir that can be heated over time to a proper temperature.

Few other users have also stated that the cost of a unit can be more expensive than an equivalent-sized tank because in order to compensate for the above issue, people have to buy larger devices. So its definitely not an options for those with limited budget – then you should opt for electric GeoSpring version.

Should You Buy It?

With all of the above considered, there are several reasons why you should buy a compact GE natural gas water heater for your indoor use.

We mentioned that this General Electric gas water heater is energy efficient. You can tell because it has been designated as a fully ENERGY STAR – qualified device, meaning that it save at least 20% of the energy with a conventional product. This is due to a concept known as stand-by heat loss, which is when heat is lost from a conventional tank when it is not being used. Heat loss results in higher energy costs, so by avoiding this, you reap money savings in the long run, which do add up quite a lot.

The system also has digital temperature controls for exact settings. These factors, coupled with the advantages listed above, are good reasons alone to purchase the system.

In addition, most tankless GE gas water heaters are quite durable and last a very long time without major maintenance.

Without having the bulky and heavy water tanks, you will also save yourself from extra installation. This is how GE simplifies the process and makes buying a solid water heater easier and more convenient.

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