Best Gas Turbine Generator Review


Gas Turbine Generator

Gas turbine generator is also known as combustion turbine because its purpose is to draw energy from a flow of continuously combusting gas. At present, gas turbine generator has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in the world. This means that it can produce the most mechanical energy.

The uses of gas turbine generator are many, and fortunately, they come in all sizes and variations. Among the first ever to be produced were the turbines for jet-propelled aircraft. They have been used as secondary electricity generators aboard aircraft, sources of energy on both maritime and naval military vessels, tanks, and even concept cars and motorcycles used to set and break land speed records.

There are three main chambers to most gas turbine generator designs: the compressor, the combustion area, and the turbines. The compressor is an open cylinder at one end which contains a series of fan blades attached around a central spindle. The combustion area has a ring of fuel injectors surrounding it, which leads into an inverted cone-shaped device called a candle holder. The candle holder is filled with perforations, like a colander. Meanwhile, the turbines are almost identical to the compressor, being another series of fan blades attached to the same spindle.

Maintenance of gas turbine generator is the treatment you should do to prevent some matters that you do not want like too fast damage in all factory equipments. The damage is usually because of timeworn and the timeworn is caused by timeless or wrong operation. In this case, the maintenance of this generator always depends on operational factors with different condition in every area. So, all factories that produce this generator have decided a safe operational rule. Generally, the maintenance of gas turbine generator is divided into some parts as the following:

1. Preventive Maintenance

This maintenance is usually planned regularly or periodically because this type of maintenance will reduce the down time of equipments. In this case, preventive maintenance is divided into two types. Firstly is running maintenance to fix the broken equipments of a unit, but the production unit still operates. Secondly is turning around maintenance as the treatment for the equipments that their operation is stopped intentionally.

2. Repair Maintenance

This maintenance is the treatment to uncritical equipments or equipments that do not disturb the operation of gas turbine generator.

3. Predictive Maintenance

In this maintenance, you should monitor, test, and measure the equipments of gas turbine generator that operate by deciding the change that happens in the main part.

4. Corrective Maintenance

In this maintenance, you should repair the small changes that happen in design of gas turbine generator and add its suitable components.

5. Break Down Maintenance

This maintenance is done after the damage happens in the equipments of gas turbine generator. The damage in this case means its equipments are not functional as usual.

6. Modification Maintenance

It deals with the design of an equipment or unit of gas turbine generator. This maintenance is to do to add the reliability of that equipment or add its production and quality level.

7. Shut Down Maintenance

It is usually done to the equipments that their operation is stopped intentionally.


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