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This new BBQGrillingReviews’s update on the best gas grills for 2012 Summer season has been conducted based on expert opinion research, online consumer reports and feedback received from visitors to our website in 2011.

In many categories, such as portableoutdoor and full feature propane or natural gas grills, you can always find something cheap. Several outdoor BBQ products by Char-broil or Coleman for example, only cost under $200. Yet most experts and consumers recommend buying quality grills, because at the end of the day not only will you save a lot money on repair or getting spare parts, the time and hassle saved is really worth the little extra investment upfront.

Weber continues to dominate our editor’s top 3 picks this year. With such as a reputable company and its first class customer support, you’ll simply have the peace of mind when buying from Weber.

Best Portable Outdoor Gas Grill

Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Gas Grill

weber q 320 outdoor  gas grill

BBQGrillingReviews Ratings

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Weber Q-320

This is the best selling and best gas grill for under $500 with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by owner reviews at Amazon.

At the cost of about $350, it provides most grilling features you would ever need in basic outdoor barbeque grills.

This unit outperforms many of its counterparts, which are sold in the range of $500. The mobile rolling cart makes it very simple to transport around your house, deck or patio using the built-in wheels.

Its compact size also means you can chuck it in the back of your car and carry to the beaches, tailgating parties or simply cook at the backyard of your house.

Good balance in size (suitable for most family cooks – up to 6 people or host small drink parties) and powerful burner that can reach 500 degrees in just a few minutes is what makes this grill even more attractive.

Weber Q-320 does an excellent job of searing beef steaks, making burgers, roasting big size chicken, turkey, corns, or simply preparing green vegetables, fish, crab, prone and other seafood dishes. You will get to enjoy its simplicity and effectiveness as a versatile bbq griller, for a very affordable and excellent-value price.

Best Value for Money Outdoor Gas Grill

Weber 3751001 Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill


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Weber E-320 Propane Gas

The infamous Weber Genesis series seems to score very well under reviews and ratings of many categories, such as:

  • best gas grill for under $1000 (also best for under $1500)
  • high quality, solid “Tank” construction and durable parts
  • easy to cook (flavorizer bars and side burners all work very well)

Some reviews even say its a “must-have for summer entertaining”. Most home owners praise the Weber Genesis E-320 for its super fast heating -the grilling temperature can get to 550 degrees hot in just 15 minutes. 

Designed for budget conscious market, at around $800 this model is plainly simple and basic quality unit that strips out all the fancy frills and whistles to give you the best money value for the price.

It cooks well and can sear or fry just about anything – from small to big size steaks, pork chops, bratwurst; of  from thin slices of bacon meat, onion springs, to large size food, like whole grilled chicken or turkey.

The only notable complaint we have heard is people reported having problems with the grill cover, which has two large square meshed vents at the top and does let water leak through under the rain. So this grill will not be compatible for patio set ups without roof cover. You can also buy the natural gas version (US only)Click here for full review of Weber Genesis E-320.

Best High-End Quality Gas Grill

Weber 7370001 Summit S-670 Grill, Propane, Stainless Steel

weber summit s-670 propane gas grill

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Weber Summit S-670

This is a luxury choice for those with a budget of around $2000, or simply like to pay for a top notch high quality product. It comes in solid shiny stainless steel finish and is equipped with the fanciest bells and whistles you could ever imagine of using for making outdoor barbecues.

Weber Summit will make the perfect purchase for business owners, restaurants, BBQ grill bars and big families, especially if you plan on using it as a commercial grade unit. This beast will survive even the most heavy abuse and work load.

Being amongst top of the line best gas grills, it runs on six powerful 60,000 BTUs burners, flush mounted side burner, sear burner, smoker burner with stainless-steel smoker box and the extra rotisserie, enough room ready to feed even the biggest and most hungry army of barbeque lovers you’ve ever had!

Built to last, you probably won’t need to to buy any full size grill in the next decade or so, investing in one of this high end – latest S-670 models from the Weber stainless steel series. 

On top of that, the huge range of adjustments it offers means you can get complete and precise control over your cooking experience, particularly if you are a professional chef.

The only downside is that you’ll have to be careful and buy the grill cover accessory, because this model has been reported to have water leaking into the grease trap if not covered and protected under the rain.

For those with excess to natural gas pipe line, there is Weber Summit S-670 Natural Gas Grill (US only), which is about $200 cheaper than S-670, but still has very similar features.

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How Grills Were Rated

So how did BBQGrillingReviews come up with the list of top rated best gas grills above? To help you better understand the reasoning behind and special things you should consider when choosing gas bbq grills, here are some of the criteria we used to select and compare between brand names and makes:

  1. Price vs. real life performance and number of unique features (grilling time, push button ignition system, temperature control, extra warming rack, side burner, utensils holders, porcelain enamel cast grates and etc.)
  2. Effectiveness of power rating and evenness of heating across the cooking area.
  3. Ease of use, cleaning and maintenance
  4. Versatility (can it use both propane tanks and natural gas? can it roast, griddle and fry? etc.)
  5. Portability (is it mobile and easy to transport around your store, restaurant or home backyard?)
  6. Construction- durability and availability of replacement parts and accessories
  7. Customer support satisfaction (based on customer reviews and feedback)

Above 7 criteria were the basis of ranking the 3 top rated best gas grills for 2012.

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