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Today’s market is full of variety of gas bbq grills to suit just about any particular grilling need. If you have been around the bbq and smoking community for some time, you must have heard of Weber gas grills. But then there are also dozens of other big names out there like Brinkman, Char-broil, Holland and many more.

For an average consumer, just trying to figure out which gas barbeque grills to buy amongst the sea of available manufacturers is already a challenging and time consuming task. Not mentioning the fact that some best gas grills also come in different varieties, each having unique characteristics for specific styles of cooking.

If you are new to this whole outdoor gas grill recreation, it’s simply natural to first get to know what kinds of gas grills are being sold and which would likely fit your needs the most. Only then you should start looking into specific gas grill makes and start comparing them head to head.

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So to give you a better understanding of available gas barbeque grills currently sold in the market, we break them into different types of gas grills based on their fuel types and uses.

Types of Fuels for Gas BBQ Grills

Propane Gas grill

Propane gas fuel is also known by the name LP (Liquid Propane) tanks. These types of barbeque gas grills are very popular amongst grilling enthusiasts. Its main advantage lies in portability and ease of use. If you happen to own one of the portable gas grill like Weber Q-100, all you have carry is a light disposable propane gas tank that will last for hours, ready to cook great pork chops, beef steaks or chicken fillets when you are out in the wild enjoying barbecue grills with your friends.

The downside is that if you don’t travel a lot, propane gas grills can be expensive when used frequently. That’s when the next solution comes into place.

Natural Gas Grills

Unlike propane gas, natural gas fuel is limited to most in-house use, where you need to have preinstalled natural gas pipe that’s ready to be plugged into the gas burner valve. But this type of fuel will prove to be much more economical and efficient for each BTU (British thermal unit) of burning power. In the long run, they’d only cost one-third of what you’d pay for portable propane grills.

Even though most quality natural gas grills come at the higher price level (between $500 -$1500), the barbeque cooked with natural gas always has special taste that can not be achieved using LP gas tanks.

Types of Gas BBQ Grills

Infrared Gas Grills

This type of grill actually uses the same propane or natural gas source, the only difference is that instead of heating food with hot air from burning the gas, they burn the metal grate or porcelain-enameled cooking surface to produce thermal radiation (the red-wavelength light that is invisible to our human eyes, but is very efficient at transferring heat). This method of cooking produces almost instant heat and even temperature distribution across the whole cooking surface, great for quick searing of steaks, burgers or thick slices of meat.

The infrared grills have found many uses by chefs in commercial set ups, such as in bars or restaurants

Outdoor Gas Grills

Many outdoor barbeque grills can run on both LP and natural gas fuels. These are often full size gas barbeque grills with many essential features that make the cooking process simply a breeze even for beginners. Most are preinstalled with push button or electric ignition system that takes away the tedious task of using lighter fluid or fire starter normally associated with charcoal smokers. They also come equipped with temperature gauge that lets you monitor the process and adjust accordingly to grill or roast the tastiest succulently cooked turkeys.

Indoor Gas Grills

Often come as portable propane grills at inexpensive price range of under $300. Compared to their outdoor counterparts, these compact-size units do lack the cooking power to properly sear good size bbqs, like beef steaks, full size chicken or salmon fillets and other seafood dishes.

While a good quality indoor gas grill also has all the convenient features like easy ignition and heat control, it might lack accuracy. Another common issue with cheap indoor grills is the uneven heat distribution, which has been complained about a lot buy many consumers.

In Summary

Above are popular types of gas barbeque models you will most likely encounter when shopping for gas bbq grills. Having decided which one is the best for you grilling needs, the next step is to have a look at different gas grill brands to narrow down the list of possible makes that you consider buying. Our Reviews by Brands to the left have the list of best rated and top popular choices by fellow barbecue lovers, just like you.

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