Best Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free in 2020


Ever wanted to quench your thirst for anime?Or Never watched anime before but you want to find the best site to go watch it from?

We got you covered. In this article, we ranked the best streaming sites in a list for FREE sites and PAID sites.We have detailed information about the site’s aesthetics and functionality so definitely stay tuned.


If you’re just starting out on watching anime online and you don’t really want to put in money for the best anime streaming experience, here are some free anime streaming websites for you.

Take note that most free anime streaming sites aren’t legal anime licensors but there are some legal ones on this list. You can do Ctrl + F and type “Legal” if you want to skip over to it.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

This website could probably be considered the most established anime
site. It features almost every title of anime you can ever stream. Series,
OVAs, Specials, Extras, and Movies, you name it. The
community in this site. It has one of the most active communities ever.

The only downside is that it has a lack of care for its design, but the
color scheme kind of works. The site has a section for Latest Update, New and Hot,
Recent Additions, and Most Popular. What I personally like about this site is
its ranking of anime titles.

Most of the time they’re very reliable, so whenever I’m looking for the
best anime titles for the season, I go here and look at their rankings for
New and Hot.

The video player is also very slick and quick. The ads can be hidden
very easily. Overall, the site is really established, it has minimal amount of
ads, and the UI is simple but not that beautiful. I do think its community and
its reliability is what made it earn its spot here.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

This website has been around for a pretty long time. The gold and gray
color scheme is clean and such an eye-candy. The use of those little anime
icons around the sites are great for the anime theme,
they’re also not very distracting at all. The site also looks like one of
WordPress’s layouts, however, it’s also very conscious of their design elements
and responsiveness.

The menu buttons are self-explanatory and the search bar is also really
responsive. As you search, the anime title’s pictures are also present which
really helps you navigate a lot faster.

It shows the latest episode of the current anime title. It has the
essential sections like Recent Release, Genres, Popular,
and Ongoing. The ads on the site aren’t very distracting at all. In fact, the
ads are very minimal in use and doesn’t destroy the current design elements. It
also has multiple video players in case one player doesn’t work for you.

It also seems to have a very active community with its Disqus section.
Overall, the site is really easy to navigate around.

Overall, It has a really clean and well thought out design structure, an
active community, and takes care of their viewer’s user experience. It’s the
type of site I want to go back to every time because of the active community
and the feeling-at-home kind of experience with the way the site was structured
to be.

GOGOAnime beats 9Anime because of its easy to navigate interface and clean
minimal use of ads.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The black and purple UI design was
definitely very appealing to the eyes. Good color schemes always make the
experience beautiful.

It’s pretty well established. It has the essential sections like Latest, Ongoing, and Popular. There’s also a Disqus section where you can discuss on the latest episodes. The video player is very clean and simple with also a star rating system for each episode. You can also surprisingly disable ads on the player. A part of the site can also be controlled using shortcuts. The only downside is that it has a ton of ads that can be really distracting.

The responsiveness of the website has a pretty good feel to it when you hover your mouse on some anime titles too. Even if you don’t click the anime titles, you can see how many episodes have been uploaded so far and how many till it’s finished.

Overall, the UI is really good, Color scheme is very nice, and easy to
navigate but a little bit too much buttons and can get distracting. We should
give a lot of credit on how the website really takes care of their viewer’s
experience. It’s number 3 on this list because some ads are unrelated and sometimes
distracting, only some parts of the site’s ads can be disabled optionally.

9Anime beats AnimeFrost because 9Anime is much more established with
wider options for titles and a much responsive website.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

This website is a pretty new player around the scene and has not been
disappointing at all. It provides one of the best user experience for a free anime
streaming site
. The UI is so clean and you can tell it took a whole lot of planning to
create and develop a website to look this good.

It has a section for Latest, Ongoing, Popular, Recently Added, and a new
one called Staff Picks which is self-explanatory. The font they chose for the
site’s design fits very well, easy to read, and clean.

It’s simplistic but it’s also very professional for a free anime
streaming site. It’s fairly new and not very known but it’ll definitely blow up
as one of the best anime streaming sites in the near future.

It has a  Disqus section, but not a very active community because
it’s not well known.

The video player is YouTube’s video player but the buttons around it are very professional and simplistic. The site is also very responsive and seems to have a dynamic UI design.

Some anime titles aren’t present in this website but since they’re
fairly new, it should only be fair.

Overall, It’s very easy to navigate, professional, and this could have
been the best free anime streaming site, my only issue is that it doesn’t have
an active community to keep like-minded otakus together but it’ll definitely
get them in the near future.

AnimeFrost beats AnimeLab simply because AnimeFrost offers its service
to more geographical locations.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Here’s LEGAL Anime Streaming Website for you. Best of
all is that it’s free.

It has a purple color scheme and really beautiful and responsive UI.
It’s a well-established site and very dedicated to anime.

The only downside is that it is only exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. You can watch these shows in dubbed and subbed instantly. All the shows here are direct from Japan and fast-tracked to their viewers.

There’s also an app available for mobile devices, Xbox, and PlayStation.
AnimeLab also works great with Chromecast. If you live in Australia and New
Zealand, better go to AnimeLab now!

AnimeLab could have been placed higher on this list. Its geographical
restrictions just pulls it down from this list.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has one of the best and most Unique UIs I’ve ever seen.

It almost looks like an otaku magazine’s website. The design is very responsive and the color scheme is really committed to making the aesthetic appeal better.

Some of the site’s parts are very well animated with the responsiveness
of their development. The layout seems very user-friendly as well. A new-comer
wouldn’t need to be familiar with the layout first-hand in order to get used to
it because you can already get used to it.

Overall, the site is very appealing but it could have issues with connectivity for some people. They are also missing a layout that would help a lot of people that should look like a gallery of anime titles. The unique layout could also backfire for some people. It seems to be very meticulous about their time and dates so it does seem to be a very reliable source of anime entertainment.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site seems to be very well established featuring a good gallery of
anime episodes and titles.

It has an excellent detail to UI and also looks to have a responsive
website design. The responsiveness of the website when I hover on the clickable
elements are amazingly smooth.

It’s also impressive that the site features their Disqus community just on the front page which can help other new visitors convert to regular visitors.

The pages around the site’s menu are self-explanatory and easy to
navigate around. The font they sport is very pleasing and easy to the eyes.
Even though there’s a lot of stuff on the site, the layout doesn’t seem to be
very busy at all.

Overall, the site is amazing in multiple areas. It’s simple but also
complex at the same time. It doesn’t hurt the eyes at all and it definitely
took a lot of thinking on how the design should work very easily for the users.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

To start off, we have a LEGAL and FREE Anime
Streaming Website. The site is actually not dedicate for streaming anime but
for movies and other series as well. They have a variety of categories
available from Anime to Korean Drama to Documentaries.

They also have an app available for mobile. The reason why this is the last on the list is because it only offers about 24 Anime titles and most of those titles are already old. If you like the classic anime titles like School Days, this site has a good quality experience to provide you for anime time.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has also a layout that’s pretty similar to WordPress blogs.
It’s easier to navigate with the Menu Buttons being very understandable. The
design is very simplistic too. Ads can be unrelated but not as annoying as

It has a section for Ongoing and Latest Anime but not for Popular Anime during the season which makes it not very conscious to the mainstream anime.

There’s also a section for Disqus on uploads so you can discuss on the
latest episodes with other like-minded otakus. Overall, the design is simple,
easy to navigate, Not annoying ads, and quick.

It beats because the interface is cleaner and less annoying.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Has a clean, aesthetically appealing, and responsive website design. The font looks very nice. There’s also a rating system for each anime title.

The site offers English Sub and Dub Streaming.

It has a minimal use of ads.

Overall the color schemes and aesthetics are simple but beautiful.

The only thing is that it’s not very well established.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Kickass known for it’s torrents also offers anime streaming for multiple ongoing anime titles and old ones as well. The site is simple and clean, only that the ads can be too much.

The noticeable feature is the schedule for each ongoing anime title’s
next episode.

Overall, the site looks very fitting for tv shows, movies, and animes as it showcases a style of fully dedicating to the anime title’s posters, release schedules, and easy navigation.

The ads are just way too much in this site that’s why it’s placed on
this part of the list.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Another simple site that offers simple anime experience for you.

It doesn’t provide much aesthetics compared to the others but the video
player seems to work very fine. Its simplistic design but lack of aesthetic
appeal is what pulled it down in this list.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has beautiful layout almost similar to WordPress blogs which is
why it’s easy to navigate around this site.

There’s a section for Popular Anime during each season and Latest Uploads so you can stay with the top trending anime or discover some non-mainstream anime easily. It also has a section for ongoing anime with indicators on what the latest episode is.

It has a section for Disqus and a pretty active community as we observed so you can discuss episodes with other like-minded otakus.

Overall, it has a very clean UI, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing
because of the pictures they provide for each anime title. The only downside is
that sometimes when you click on videos, there are some pop-ups or hidden ads
which gets kind of annoying overtime and this is why it’s pulled down in this


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

AnimeDao provides the one of the simplest anime experiences.

Navigation around the site seems to be pretty easy because of the
self-explanatory buttons and easy-to-understand layout.

It’s simple and can suffice to your anime needs but if you’re looking
for the best, this is probably not it.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site seems to be very well established. Although, the lack aesthetic
appeal and massive amount of ads are annoying.

It covers everything that’s basic and the layout is very reliable which
makes it very easy to navigate around.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Horrible Anime has a very good layout. They’re very up-to-date with
their anime titles and also offer anime movies as well. The site is very easy
to navigate around and offers a variety of anime titles to watch.

Just from the homepage you’d be encouraged to watch anime.

Downside is, on-click ads can get very annoying. I wouldn’t want to waste my time on the littlest of actions just to watch anime.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has been known to provide TV Show cartoons, Subbed Anime, and
Dubbed Anime.

The layout can be very confusing to get used to at first but as you keep
using the site, it becomes very comfortable.

It’s annoying how the site still uses a very old layout but the site has always been dedicated to providing anime titles and cartoons. This divided attention for content providing also means that they’re not covering every anime and cartoon.

The site is also very disorganized but if you’re used to the layout and
navigation, you can usually find the title you like.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid) provides a simple anime experience for you.

Too much words around the layout make the site look very dragging and
inconsistent. It’s still easy to navigate around though.

The site has some lacking anime titles too so it is definitely an issue
for veteran anime watchers. There’s also hardly no community to find around the
site which makes the site less engaging.

Overall, the site is just very simple and could make do for some people.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Just from the homepage of the site, you can already tell that it’s very
dedicated to its users for helping to navigate their favorite animes.

There’s almost no ads that can be seen around the site.

The layout of the site seems like a dynamic website UI and it feels very
responsive as well.

Overall this site is very good, but not very well established.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has a blue and black color scheme.

It’s a very simple site that fulfills your anime needs.

It has a lot of ads that can get very annoying.

It’s placed on this part of the list because it lacks aesthetic care and
annoying ads.

The site provides basic anime entertainment. As the homepage says, it provides subbed and dubbed anime for your enjoyment. They also add new Animes daily.

The site definitely lacks aesthetic appeal though. There are way too
many ads
 that it only destroys the aesthetic appeal more.

It’s still doable to watch anime on this site but I can’t guarantee that
you’re going to have a good experience with it though.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Aesthetically, the site is very good. The site also seemed to get a logo
fitting for their branding. The color scheme is good.

The homepage seems to be very busy, however. It doesn’t seem to look like it’s easy to navigate around the site.

Overall, the site looks very nice aesthetically but has is lacking in
community. It also has a very busy layout for the website’s structure.


The site sports a very Friendster style look. It’s nostalgic but not
very appealing. There are way too many ads on this site. The font doesn’t look to
be very attractive either.

Nevertheless, it offers the basic anime titles you
would love to watch. It also seems to be pretty up to date with their


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Sidereel offers more than just anime streaming, it also features drama,
cartoons, and multiple genres of shows. The best part about Sidereel is that is
already offers a handful amount of anime titles.

The only downside is that the site is not dedicated for providing the
latest anime content around but it’s doable if you’re trying to finish multiple
old series and binge-watch all day. Also, it’s very hard to navigate
around the site
 mainly because it has to be busy with providing other

Overall, this would be great if it were dedicated to providing anime streaming full time, but the handful of anime titles provided here can be sufficient enough to people who do not want to wait for ongoing anime.

Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has a super clean interface. It does have a lot going on but
it’s rather simple and easy to look at for the eyes.

It’s easy to navigate with the classic layout of the search button at
the top right.

Overall, the UI and design are all very good. The site only lacks in
engagement and power. The site should’ve had more elements to engage new
visitors to become members of their community.


Best 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Provides a basic anime experience. It doesn’t seem to be
very dedicated to its layout and aesthetic appeal but it sort of works for some

It’s not the best but it’s doable to watch your favorite anime titles on
this site.

It doesn’t feature any pictures on the homepage so it can be very
difficult to find the anime that you only know by picture.

Best Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2019

The site is no longer being updated but there are still a couple anime
classics you can watch on this site.

The popular anime titles are featured here so if you like Naruto, One
Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin, or any of those mainstream animes, this site is
still a doable place to watch anime on.


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