Best Food Processor Reviews – 2019 Buying Guide


Kitchen appliances occupy a special place in our house. They make life easier for the house-wife and help her to prepare meals that is impossible without the aid of “intelligent” mechanisms. Food, cooked with the latest technologies and automatic kitchen appliances, is often tastier and much healthier than traditional dishes.

Historical references.

The founder of Robot Coupe Pierre Verdun is called Father of food multi – processor. In the sixties he developed a device to ease the work of chefs during outdoor events (catering). Later, after 1972 , a domestic food processors brand MagiMix appeared. American inventor Carl Sontheimer helped  a lot a couple of Verdun, especially entering the U.S. market (that`s why Cuisinart was founded). He refined the food processor greatly including security elements . A few years later (the events took place in the seventies of the last century) Cuisinart food processors were well sold in the U.S. However, Verdun and Sontheimer teamwork did not last for a long time. American inventor established the famous brand Cuisinart in Japan.

There is also another way of development of the food processor which also must be mentioned. In 1940 the Swedish company Electrolux introduced a food processor Assistant (250 w, six nozzles). This model caused a furor in Europe. In 1950 the food processor Kenwood Chef A7000 exploded the exhibition of household appliances in London. All of them were then sold out in just a few days. In 1952 Bosch produced  New Era, which also became a landmark in the history of “combines for the kitchen” … In general, the world know many “fathers” of the food processor. You can choose any of them.

Today there is a lot of special tools to simplify and speed up the execution of culinary operations. They are: juicer, meat grinder, mixer, slicer and all sorts of other devices intended for mixing, cutting, beating the individual components and products. In addition, there are complex devices which are able to do several different functions. A multifunctional food processor is the most popular among them.

These units are very different, they differ on a set of performed operations, the motor power, the amount of processed products. If you have decided that it is time to finish the “old fashioned” cooking, it is time to buy a food processor. Before choosing it, you must make up your mind which options and features you want to use. Your purchase will be really useful and necessary tool in the kitchen.

Strictly speaking , the food processor is a household appliance which has one motor unit (CPU ) with a control panel, one or two working bowls (containers) and set of a variety baits – knives, whisks , graters , blenders , etc.  This set defines the functions performed by the kitchen unit. Such as: crushing, grinding, mixing, polishing, slicing , whisking , meat processing (chopper), obtaining juice ( juicer) . Some models are equipped with a special LCD screen  which displays all sorts of useful tips. It may be recipes, advises on choosing a particular attachment or speed. Modern food processor is designed to ease the process of cooking, it reduces cooking time of various dishes.

What about power?

Motor power is one of the important parameters in any instrument (the food processor is not an exception). It determines how much and how fast kitchen appliance will be able to treat. The majority of household cooking appliances have few speed modes, depending on the greatest power. High speed is usually used for grinding or beating foods, and low-speed mode is used for mixing the ingredients. Several manufacturers offer food processors with added pulsed operation mode. The special button regulates the speed of knives or special nozzles.

You must remember one very important detail. You feel comfortable only when the processing power and the capacity of the bowl perfectly matches each other. If the motor is weak, it can not cope with too many products. If crockery is small you will have to interrupt cooking too often to empty it or to wipe dough from the walls.

Choosing motor power, make sure that it matches the working capacity of the cup, both of these limits must be correlated with the total number of products to be processed at one time. Experts recommend to buy kitchen appliances in such relations: 300 W motor is ideal for 1.5-liter bowl, 400 W is ideal for the 2 liter cup and 3 liter bowl is suitable for a more powerful engine – 700 W and above.

You need not the greatest power for all kitchen operations. Standard engine power is 350 W, it is enough to handle large amounts of fruits and vegetables, which in this case may be somewhat harder. Citrus juicer needs the same engine power. But the universal juicer (which can cope with hard raw vegetables and fruits – apples , carrot, quince) requires 500 watts. The processor and a good grinder applies to exactly the same requirements. If a food processor with meat grinder has an engine capacity 700 watts-it is fine. Make sure they have the ability to change speed.

The intended purpose

Now we know all about power and capacity of our processor. So we can make a correct choice. To save money we must define what we need it for. If the only operation you have to do in your kitchen is slicing or grinding, it is better to buy something special. A budget model with low power and different graters designed for coarse or fine slicing of products. These compact and affordable units are easy to use, they can be easily disassembled, they are easy to wash, and you can always find a place for them even in the tiny kitchen.

If you have to cook for a large family, especially for little children, or you are master-chef, then you most definitely need a completely different version. Multifunction device that can considerably cut the time and effort. Modern combine capable of a lot of different operations. Probably you need a device for making dough, multi mixer for mixing cocktails, egg whites and whipping cream.

Universal powerful juicer with a special press for  berries and special citrus (oranges, grapefruits, lemons) will strengthen your kitchen arsenal. The preparation process of soups and salads will be greatly facilitated by the vegetable cutter, you can prepare beautiful garnish with shaped knife for potatoes. And, of course, all who have ever cooked mince for meatballs, cabbage rolls or homemade sausages, will appreciate the electric grinder.

Assortment of nozzles

The number of possible functions depends on the number and variety of available accessories. Slicer, mixer and grinder is enough for the city apartment kitchen. Special nozzles can be useful for making pies or soup-puree, for grating potatoes. Whipping broom is useful for soufflé, cream or mousse. Knives are used for chopping or slicing vegetables curly. There are also tools for homemade ice cream or almond pastry dough.

Cheerful friendly parties amateurs will appreciate opportunities to mix cocktails, whip cream for pinacolada and to chop ice to desired consistency – from a fairly large pieces to crushed ice.

There are processors, which include also the coffee grinder and a mini-grinder for spices. It will help you to make the icing sugar, to make rusk crumbs, to crush almonds to the almond flour consistency, to grind any other ingredients required for the selected cooking recipe.

What is it made of?

It is also important what materials food processor consists of. Knives and floats must have a good sharpening and  are made of stainless steel. Special nozzles for making juice and puree from acidic fruits can be plastic. Doctors say that steel knives destroy vitamins in vegetables and fruits.

Pay attention to a bowl`s material. They can be made of glass, plastic or stainless steel.

Glass seems fragile, but plastic containers are not better. Sometimes it is difficult to clean out the dyes as carrot or apple juice and berries (such as blueberries) which leave the tracks on the bowls. Stainless steel bowl  is most convenient. It is easy to wash, it does not absorb odors, and does not oxidize. No wonder that professional model is equipped with stainless bowls.

Many housewives prefer to have  a bowl made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant glass. The mixing or grinding process is clearly visible through the walls, you can simply put it on the stove, in the microwave or in the oven, and continue cooking process, without shifting products in a special form or pan. If this option is right for you, just buy a few bowls of different sizes.

Let’s look at some of the proposed Food Processors.

Meet The Magimix family which is represented by three models: Magimix 3200 Food Processor in Satin; Magimix4200XL Food Processor, Satin & Magimix Limited Edition 18570 5200XL Premium Food Processor, Satin.

Their motor power increases from 650W (3200) to 950w (4200) and 1100w(5200). Two of them (3200 and 4200) have 12 year guarantee, while 5200XL has 20 years.

They do not differ in design very much. All of them have 3 polycarbonate bowls of different capacity and 3 buttons (on/off/pulse). 5200XL comes with new kits for smoothie, dough and purée.

Their application depends on their motor power and attachments and blades variety.

 Magimix Compact 3200 is equipped very well. The utility knives are included, grinder stainless steel discs for shredding and grating with different diameter holes, a drive – grater for parmesan (chocolate , nuts , etc.). There are nozzles for making dough , beater, paddle . Also there is a special storage box for accessories and a recipe book . It is really small (compact) and available in classic white or metallic colors (chrome).

Magimix 4200XL is more powerful and has more attachments. It is useful for large family or party amateurs.

Magimix Limited Edition 5200XL is more powerful and has more functions than mentioned above ones. It fits people who regularly  slice or grate large portions. It is available in a range of different colors, so you can choose the perfect one for your kitchen.

Need a bit of inspiration to create a more refined dishes or change family meals? Among the large number of functions performed by the Kenwood food processor you can choose just the one that will help you. In addition, it works really fast. Kenwood family is represented by three ones: FP731, FP920 and FP950.

They are also different in power and amount of functions but even the smallest one (FP731) has enough of them to make happy your wife, such as stainless steel chopping blade, stainless steel thick slice/ shred disc, stainless steel fine slice/ shred disc, stainless steel julienne disc, dough tool, metal twin geared whisk, multi-mill, maxi blend canopy, Kenstore storage carousel.

FP920 & FP 950 have brushed metal body. FP920 is armed with all above mentioned plus an extra one disc for julienne slices and a rasping disc for grating Parmesan. FP950 has a coarse slicing/shredding plate, fine slicing/shredding plate, julienne plate, dough tool, metal twin-geared whisk and glass mill, as well as a maxi blend canopy. It also has built-in weighing scales. The receipt book is added to FP731 and FP950.

If you haven`t made your choice yet, you can look at Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor. The body of the processor is white plastic and only one bowl is plastic too. It is powerful (1000w) and has 8 accessories and 3.4 Liter bowl. Eight accessories rather fit a professional chef. They are:  adjustable slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, balloon beater, kneading tool, chopping blade, serrated ice blade, citruspress and User Manual. Do you really need all of them? If yes, you can take part in a cooking TV Show. The Oliver receipt book is included.

Our next best seller is Braun Combimax K 700. You must have a spacious kitchen for this machine. Made of white plastic with 2 plastic bowls, it is not as powerful, as mentioned above Phillips, but 600w is enough for its operations. It is equipped with waging tool, Utility knife, Stainless steel inserts for grinding, coarse and fine shredding, cutting, French fries-cutting of stainless-steel. It seems enough for 4 persons family.

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Kitchen Wizz Pro is as expensive, that they offer free delivery anywhere. But you won`t complain when come closer and look attentively. This aggregate has nice and comfortable design, the body is made of silver plastic. Its power is 2000w(!). You can precisely follow recipes with LCD timer.

 And it has a lot of advantages, such as extra wide feed chute (14cm),  metal shaft attachments, small and large processing bowls, fully adjustable slicer, julienne blade, chipping blade, reversible shredding blade, whisk discs, dough blade, quad blade, mini blade. Included accessories are cleaning brush & spatula. All of those super sharp accessories can be in the one place in handy accessory storage box.  It is impressive, isn`t it? But you must see it clear, how often you will use all these accessories and if the answer is “very often”-just go ahead.

Look at Cuisinart FP16DCU Food Processor. Nothing special but very useful one. Its design is similar to Sage. It can offer all necessary functions to help you cooking with reversible grating disc, adjustable slicing disc, small and large chopping blades and dough blade and won`t require a lot of space. Slicing disc can do the same job as 6 separate blades and can be adjusted from 1mm-6mm. Pay attention to BladeLock system, which locks blade in place for effortless pouring.

Bosch MUM48R1GB comes in red and silver. It is “not very”: not very large, not very powerful (600w), not very modern design, not very many accessories are included. But it is also not very expensive. And it is not very knotty. And it is not very complex to wash stainless bowl and  dough hook, beater, whisk and continuous shredder as well as an ice cream maker tool to a fruit pulping tool. It is a perfect choice if you live alone or have small family.

KitchenAid 5KFPM771SOB Food Processor becomes a black star in every kitchen. Impressive modern in black with a lot of useful functions and accessories will help you in every cooking process. It has the die-cast metal construction, stainless steel blade, 4mm slicing disc, 4mm shredding disc, dough blade, egg whip, 2 piece food pusher, spatula and accessories box to contain all above mentioned. Dual feed tubes with extra-wide and narrow food pushers require minimum of your prep work. Just let yourself this kitchen luxury.

Food processor or separate devices?

There is a simple answer. The main share of the price of any device is the cost of the motor. You can pay for several motors of different kitchen devices or for one with different accessories. Besides, if your kitchen is not large enough, you can hardly find the place for all these devices. The manufacturers are offering new technological solutions, modifications and improvements. The choice is very wide, and it becomes even wider with each passing year. 


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