Best Food Mixer Reviews – 2019 Buying Guide


If you like home made pastry, if your children used to fresh pancakes every morning, if your husband asks for biscuits with cream… You know, I don`t envy you. It seemed so long to prepare all these goodies. Of course, if you have no food mixer.

Okay, we all know that there are a lot of food mixers one can find at the counter of every department store. They are of different sizes, colors, power and so on.

What you must know about food processor? There are some important things.

Food processors are stand and hand held. If you buy hand held one, it will save you the space in the kitchen, but your hands will be busy. And note, if the held is rubberized or not. And you must buy a bowl, made of durable plastic or stainless steel. It also must be deep enough not to allow splashes while working.

So, imagine the process: the hand held food mixer is in one hand and the bowl is in another…How can you add necessary ingredients? You must stop mixing process.

Another kind of food mixers is stand ones. They are accomplished with a bowl, which is able to work independently, a special stand holds mixer and bowl. Stand food mixers more powerful and they are a bit more expensive, but the beating principle is the same.

While choosing do not forget about such important parameter as the bowl capacity. Most mixers, represented in the stores, has volume cup 2,0-2,5 l, but the real volume without splashing will be somewhat smaller (0.2-0.5 l). There are models which have rotating nozzle and a bowl. This ruse manufacturers have come up for a better whipping and mixing products.

We have already mentioned power. The speed which rotates the nozzle of food mixer determines the possibility of using it for mixing heavy dough, as well as running without interruption.

Hand mixer (no bowls) are available with a of 150-350 watts capacity, but the power of some models can reach 400 watts.

Every modern mixer is equipped with a pair of nozzles for dough and whipping. Their forms, as well as their actions do not differ in principle, they differ only in workmanship and materials from which are made.

Some manufacturers supplement their hand-held mixers with special beater for mashed potatoes.

Sometimes mixer set also includes other types of baits, such as head – blender and a sieve, these devices are used for pureeing vegetables and fruit , as well as for the preparation of baby food. Still some manufacturers include universal shredder. It has a removable knife made ​​of stainless steel. Universal shredder is used for fast chopping of nuts, garlic, onion, and for mince.

Typically mixer can operate with three or five speeds. However, this is not the limit, some mixers can have even 12 speeds. Manufacturers place drawings near buttons on some models of food mixers showing, what for this mode is the best.

Some models are equipped with the turbo mode button. Pressing the button for a while, you can greatly increase the speed of rotation of the nozzles. Turbo mode can work only a few seconds, because there is the possibility of the potential overheating of the motor. Turbo Mode allows you to get rid of the dough lumps quickly.

Manufacturers offer such models, which are equipped with pulse mode: the more the user presses the power button, the greater is the speed of nozzles` rotation. Eject button is included in the list of mandatory elements of modern mixers.

Shutdown system protects the motor from failure. If the device has such a system, it is nice. Rubberized non-slip bowl grip makes the usage of the mixer  especially comfortable. Cord storage saves space. Concomitant sets for food mixer are the spatula for mixing, measuring cups, tools for cleaning, etc.

Well, now you are completely armed to choose the best one for you. May be the descriptions, given below, will save your time.

The new powerful 1500 Watt (max power output) Andrew James Food Mixer is the ideal appliance for any kitchen preparation requirements. An amateur or a professional you are, the Andrew James food mixer will save your time for mixing, whipping, stirring and kneading so simple and easy. It will become your new kitchen assistant. Cookies, meringues, scones, cupcakes, fresh homemade bread and whipped creams can be prepared easily. It also can be used for sauces, homemade dips, mashed potato, mayonnaise and batters. You will always turn for help to it. It comes with the following 4 mixer attachments: dough blade for making dough and heavy cake mixes; flexible beater blade for sticky mixtures that tend to stick to the side of the bowl; aluminum beater blade for cake mixes and batters; balloon whisk for whisking egg whites and creams. This food mixer has 6 power levels + pulse function and removable splash guard at the 5,2l capacity stainless steel bowl. Food Mixer Cookbook is packed with delicious recipes for breads and cakes. Have I mentioned 2 years guarantee?

The KitchenAid K45 mixer has a 4,0 l stainless steel bowl and a tilt back mixer head design that provides easy access to the bowl. Its direct drive 275w motor has 10 speeds. It is imperative to read the instructions before use to ensure the correct speeds are selected for each task. The wrong speed selected when mixing dough will damage the motor. It is also equipped with dough hook, whisk and flat beater. There is no splash guard on the bowl. If you want a really sturdy, well built practical and good looking machine that’s going to last forever (2 years guarantee:-) this is the one for you.

Kenwood Prospero in silver is wonderful. Contemporary design and powerful motor (900w) will satisfy anybody as well as variable speed, large (4.3L) stainless steel bowl with comfortable splash guard, and 3 tools for bowl . It is fully interlocked for additional safety. It also has 2 outlets that run at different speed for specific tasks. The attachments are various: non-stick K beater, dough hook, whisk + mincer drive shaft, a plastic blender, a plastic food processor with lots of blades and a juicer. 5 year guarantee finishes this splendid list of advantages.

Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer, Anthracite/Silver Finish will take care of your food like a real Mom. It has a multi motion drive with a multifunctional arm with special gearing and 3 drive positions for optimum power (550W). The mixer has rubber suction feet for extra stability with integrated cable storage. The accessory holder houses all the accessories which are a dough hook, beater, whisk, continuous shredder with 3 stainless steel discs, a reversible slicing disc for thick and thin, a reversible shredding disc for coarse medium or fine. The stainless steel bowl capacity is 3,9l. It also comes with a citrus press and liquidizer. As one can see, it is rather a food processor with 2 years guarantee.

This one will become a necessary assistant in your kitchen.

Are you still hesitating? Go ahead and buy a nice food mixer today!


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