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The Fleshlight, and especially the Destroya Fleshlight, is a breakthrough in male masturbation technology. Finally, a portable, discreet vagina in a plastic tube that earnestly looks like a flashlight. You don’t have to awkwardly go into a sex shop, online is the place to buy a Fleshlight. Who would disagree that such an invention is worth hundreds of millions of dollars? The Fleshlight doesn’t nag you, tell you to take out the trash or get moody for no reason. Fleshlights serve one purpose, to simulate a vagina, and they do better than all other pocket pussies on the market today. There are many different kinds of Fleshlights so you can find the pocket pussy that fits your needs completely. Some pocket pussies have little bumps, some big bumps, others cross ribbed sections and others nothing but a tight gap. The best Fleshlight described above combines all of these features into one incredible feat of masturbation engineering.

Picking out your first Fleshlight can be confusing, especially if you’ve never had one before. Here at we have reviewed many pocket pussies so that you don’t spend your money on a Fleshlight model you don’t like. You can even get a free Fleshlight with their buy two get one free deal.

If you are interested in the history of the Fleshlight, be sure to check out our page on the Fleshlight story.

We have three sections to every Fleshlight review to help you answer the question: Should I get a Fleshlight? First, we describe the unique features of the Fleshlight in question. Next, we describe (as PG-13 as possible) what you expect your experience to be from the particular Fleshlight. Finally, we give you an overall score in our conclusion section. We have reviewed many Fleshlights so we know what we’re talking about. If you are new to Fleshlight products, we can teach you How to use a Fleshlight. Saving you time and money, we are your favorite male sex toy review source on the internet! Do you agree with our choice of best Fleshlight? Like our Facebook page to stay up to date on new Fleshlight reviews.

What makes one Fleshlight better than another and what makes the best Fleshlight? Each Fleshlight is unique because of its unique internal structure and lips (where your little buddy goes). Most Fleshlights are pink but there are a few other colors such as brown, blue (alien), and transparent. To us, it doesn’t matter what color our Fleshlight is, just how the internal structures vary from one Fleshlight to the next.

The things that we look for and rate highly while writing our Fleshlight reviews are variety, intensity and tightness. Some Fleshlights are better than others, for example, the Destroya Fleshlight is our favorite Fleshlight out of them all! Others are not so highly recommended, such as the Pink Lady Original Fleshlight or the Texas Tornado Fleshlight. This is so because, these two Fleshlights lack variety, intensity and tightness.


Please understand that it takes time to write every review and that not all Fleshlights have been reviewed yet. The best Fleshlight keeps us occupied. As we write new Fleshlight reviews, they will appear on this page, below, with short descriptions. If you are asking yourself where to buy a Fleshlight, buy one by clicking the image above.

Bookworm Fleshlight Review

The Bookworm Fleshlight Review explains zig-zagging canal which, in tandem with large circular bumps and wide cross ribbed sections, will keep you happy for a long time. All aspects of this Fleshlight come together to produce premium masturbation experience. Not the best Fleshlight, but a close second. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Bookworm Fleshlight review.

Booty Fleshlight Review

The Booty Fleshlight Review concludes that this model is good for stamina training, because it is not overstimulating. A good choice if this your first Fleshlight. If you like finding hidden treasure, then this might be the best Fleshlight for you. The tight gaps and orifice make this Fleshlight worth the money, but be warned that it lacks variety and intensity. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Booty Fleshlight review.

Bulletproof Fleshlight Review

The Bulletproof Fleshlight Review describes a very, very tight canal. If you were asking yourself “Should I get a Fleshlight?” just now, get Bulletproof. Paired with a butt orifice, you might have some trouble getting in at first, and lube is a must! If you like being bulletproof, this might be the best Fleshlight for you. This Fleshlight offers tightness and more variety than the other tighter Fleshlights offer (Super Tight Fleshlight for example). Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Bulletproof Fleshlight review.

Fuck your favorite porn star! All Fleshlight orifices, besides the originals, are modeled according to real vaginas!

Cougar Fleshlight Review

The Cougar Fleshlight Review explains a hybrid of cross ribbed and large bumped Fleshlights. If you like older women, this might be the best Fleshlight for you, works great for your first Fleshlight. It’s monotonous nature will numb you into intense sensation. The mixture of a string of bumps with dangerously sensual cross ribbed sections will have you admiring the animal kingdom like never before. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Cougar Fleshlight review.

Primal Fleshlight Review

The Primal Fleshlight Review shows how wild this Fleshlight is. Trying to contain yourself, will lead to primal rage. This Fleshlight is close to the likes of Destroya by intensity, packing a punch after the dynamic shift from boring to intense in one tight gap. The Primal Fleshlight will have you screaming for mother Africa all day long. Be careful, because you are about to enter a jungle of pleasure. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Primal Fleshlight review.

Utopia Fleshlight Review

The Utopia Fleshlight is the first new Fleshlight of 2016 and it is futuristic in every way. With pyramids creating pressure points to tiny bump and cross rib combinations, this Fleshlight can not disappoint you. Not to mention the improved long stemmed bumps which literally redefine what euphoria means. This Fleshlight is a strong contender for best Fleshlight and I can not stop stabbing it with my dick no matter how hard I try. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Utopia Fleshlight review.

Euphoria Fleshlight Review

The Euphoria Fleshlight is unique because it has grid lines and small pyramids running the length of the canal. Pyramids can be found in the Utopia Fleshlight, but they are much larger than those in the this canal. The Euphoria Fleshlight comes with the butt orifice so be prepared for a squeeze to get yourself inside this please zone. This was one of the first new Fleshlights released of 2016 and you can not go wrong with it as it is one of the best Fleshlights I’ve ever used. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Euphoria Fleshlight review.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a portable, half sized, open ended Fleshlight. This Fleshlight will get you off just as well as a full sized Fleshlight but you don’t have to worry about clean up. Just rinse with water and dry for a little while and the Fleshlight Quickshot is good to store or pack. The Fleshlight Quickshot is great for traveling too, to help you save on packing space and baggage weight fees. The Fleshlight Quickshot can fit in a large pocket and can be taken almost anywhere, allowing for those riskier sessions. Click HERE, the image, or sidebar link to hear the full Fleshlight Quickshot review.

Quickshot fleshlight review
How to Use a Fleshlight

If a Fleshlight is your first sex toy, “How to use a Fleshlight?” is a question you might be asking yourself. In short, Fleshlights are very easy to use. Get hard, lube up and go to town. This three step process generally works for any kind of pocket pussy, but getting a Fleshlight will give you a few more options such as special Fleshlube, heaters and mounts. You probably want a more detailed breakdown of how to use a Fleshlight, and we will provide one right now. We could probably link a video of a person you don’t (or do?!?!?) know using a Fleshlight, but that would be gross! Your first Fleshlight experience should be with yourself, not an online video (although if that is what you are looking for, try Google). Instead, we will break it down through visual descriptions… you’re glad I didn’t insert a video, aren’t you?

Step One: Warm Up your Fleshlight

Fleshlight review sleeve warmer

No, this does not mean forcing yourself into your dry, non-lubed Fleshlight. You are going to prepare the Fleshlight to better simulate a real vagina by heating up the canal. If you were to fuck a cold Fleshlight, you would probably feel like a necrophiliac. No insult to necrophiliacs by the way, I am sure they have their reasons, however morally unsound. You know where to buy a Fleshlight, but do you know where to buy other Fleshlight accessories? If you guessed, you are correct! You can buy all Fleshlight accessories at the same place! Not to mention that you should buy them all directly from the manufacturer and not some shady Amazon seller. This is where you need (highly recommended, but not totally necessary) the Fleshlight sleeve warmer.

This pocket pussy sleeve warmer is optimal because it will heat up the Fleshlight in less than 5 minutes. You may think that it is a little too hot at first, and that’s what we thought too. The simple solution is to just wait a minute or two for the Fleshlight to cool down and you will be good to go. You are not going to burn your dick if you dive right in after warming it up for 5 minutes, it is just not the optimal temperature to begin with in our opinion. What is the best Fleshlight, without the best heating method, straight from the manufacturer?

Step Two: Get an Erection

Get an erection is the first step. If you have difficulty getting an erection or maintaining an erection, we strongly recommend that you do 30 minutes to 1 hour of cardio daily (to start…) so that your body will be better at pumping blood throughout your arteries/veins. There are so many huge businesses founded on selling erections, Viagra is probably the most well known. However, they are all basically huge scams because all you need to get an erection is blood flowing to your dick. How do you get blood to flow to your dick? Have good circulation, and the easiest way to have good circulation is to do cardio. Why take chemicals and drugs to get a boner when you can do it naturally, all on your own? Drugs like Viagra cause health problems that are completely unnecessary.

In addition to cardio, you could take a natural supplement called Ginkgo Biloba which increases circulation, helping with erectile dysfunction and generally improving your health. I take it even though I don’t have any problems getting erections because of the multitude of health benefits of good circulation. It will be difficult to use a pocket pussy without maintaining an erection as you will not be able to penetrate the canal, especially if you get one of the more tight textures. Even the best Fleshlight can’t accommodate a limp noodle.

Step Three: Lube your Fleshlight

Fleshlight review lube

How to use a pocket pussy with lube? Lube is extremely important when using the Fleshlight. We recommend using Fleshlight’s own lube brand, (they made the Fleshlight, don’t you think they would also make the best lube for their product?) not only because it is compatible with the Fleshlight, (you can only use water-based lubricants with Fleshlights, NEVER oil or silicone-based lubricants) but because it simulates a silky, smooth texture that you simply can not find with other lubes. In a one on one case study personally done, we found that Fleshlube was simply the superior lube, especially when used in Fleshlights and other pocket pussies.

In addition, there are always deals on the Fleshlight site where the more you buy, the more you can get for free. Fleshlube is a great product and really blows most other Fleshlight oriented lube out of the water. What is the best Fleshlight, without the best lube?

Step Four: Pick a Mount

Fleshlight review mounts

How to use a Fleshlight with a mount? Your Fleshlight is heated, lubed up and you are hard as a rock. The beauty of the Fleshlight (unless you get an ultra intense Fleshlight like Utopia) is the practicality to use it for stamina training. Fleshlight actually has a Fleshlight designed for stamina training called the Stamina Training Unit (STU), but in our opinion, any Fleshlight, even the Destroya Fleshlight, can be used to train stamina. Beware of Fleshlight dangers such as falling off the mount and embarrassing yourself. This is one of the most common Fleshlight dangers.

You could hypothetically use the Fleshlight in your hand as you are sitting in a chair but honestly, how realistic is that? Using a mount with pocket pussies feel amazing and adds another degree of realism to the experience. You are simply upgrading your masturbation, which is what using pocket pussies are all about. Fleshlight is about upgrading your sexual experience, which is why we strongly recommend picking up a specially designed (by Fleshlight) Fleshlight mount.

There are currently three Fleshlight mounts to pick from. A common question we get asked is if Fleshlight mounts are worth the money. Using a mount with the a decent Fleshlight feels amazing! In our opinion, yes, especially if you are chasing the best Fleshlight experience possible. If you really want to achieve the most realistic masturbation experience possible, getting a mount is required. With the pocket pussy mounts, you can take stamina training to whole next level. You will be thrusting into a warm, silky smooth, wet hole ass naked in the middle of your dining room (or bedroom…) instead of quietly stroking yourself in your computer chair. The difference of experience is so monumental, that we can simply not recommend one of these enough. If you are “inexperienced,” the Fleshlight mounts go a long way to give you more experience, because they provide a much more realistic experience than sitting and stroking. It is common for guys to get a pocket pussy because they have little sexual experience. Fleshlight mounts are sorta like cheating, in that you get to experience actual sex positions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Step Five: Have Fun

Now that “How to use a Fleshlight?” is answered, I will share helpful tips to improve your overall Fleshlight experience. If this is your first Fleshlight, and you live with other people (dorm/apartment/house/prison cell), then make sure your doors are locked, window blinds down, and maybe have some sort of passive drowning noise like a dehumidifier by your door. Getting a dehumidifier or air filter help significantly to reduce the level of anxiety as pocket pussies generally make loud smacking sounds as you lay into them.

The point of buying the a Fleshlight is to increase the value of your masturbation experiences to the point where your sessions become less of masturbation experiences and more of simulated sex experiences. You need to be comfortable, knowing that there is no way someone is going to catch you in the act. Going the distance to make sure you are in total privacy goes a long way towards relaxing your nerves and adding to the fun of owning a Fleshlight. If you have to, postpone your masturbation sessions until a time when everyone is sleeping or away. Just like real sex, using a Fleshlight creates loud smacking sounds (although you can minimize these by loosening the cap on the back of your Fleshlight, causing suction to decrease) and these become awkwardly apparent when your mom, siblings or roommate pass by your door. A simple dehumidifier will create enough noise to drown most of your love-making sounds.

(Optional) Step Six: Headphones and Porn

How to use a Fleshlight in the best possible manner? If you are going to masturbate, you may as well have something nice to look at. This is the moment when you turn off all your lights, tell your parents you are taking a nap, and open up your favorite porn site. For laptop users, position your laptop in front of your Fleshlight mount. Same technique can be used for mobile devices. If you have a desktop computer, make space in your room to set up a mount facing your desktop. It is also highly recommended to use headphones (obviously necessary if you don’t live alone) as they will greatly increase your immersion into the porn and contribute to the best Fleshlight experience possible. Check out Vice’s interview with the creator of Fleshlight to learn just how much fun he has with it.

Are Fleshlights Worth it?

Many people get hung up on whether or not Fleshlights actually work and if Fleshlights are good or not. Are Fleshlights Good? Yes. Do Fleshlights work? Yes. Are Fleshlights worth the money? Yes. The Fleshlight really is not all that expensive. For $80 ($35 for the new Fleshlight Quickshot) you are gaining access to unlimited pleasure and unlimited pussy. If that is not the greatest deal of our time, then what is?

People email us all the time, asking silly questions like “Is a pocket pussy worth it?” and all I have to do is simply point out that they are paying a small fee for unlimited sexual release. No more dealing with nagging women who won’t shut up when all you want to do is stick your dick in their pussy. No more going clubbing or bar hopping for hours on end just to go home empty handed (literally) and poorer at the end of the night. Instead of putting yourself through the trouble of spending hours on a real girl, you can lock yourself in your room, put on some headphones and simulate real sex for hours, hell, maybe even days on end. Of course, at some point, you should eat and sleep, but you get my point. Pocket pussies are a gift given to you directly from god, through the internet, and all you have to do is accept.

Should I Buy a Fleshlight? Should I get a Fleshlight? LMR?

As stated above, the Fleshlight is a breakthrough in male masturbation technology. If our ancestors were presented with such a gift of god as the pocket pussy, questions like “Should I buy a Fleshlight?” would not even occur to them. Imagine, on the plains of Wyoming, five hundred years ago, some Native American boy is frustrated because his Native American wife is giving him LMR (Last Minute Resistance) for no good reason. He went through the trouble of marrying this ungrateful princess and all he wants to is ejaculate in her ass.

You could have been that blue balled Native American boy had Fate dealt you a different hand! Now that boy has spit in his hands to get down to it the old fashioned way. The point is that you are lucky as hell to live in an age when pussy literally comes in a flashlight form. If I get one more “Should I get a Fleshlight?” or “Where to buy a Fleshlight?” email, I will be explode with anger!

Not to mention it blows my mind that sex is literally available in flashlight form. We have officially reached the ultimate peak of human civilization. What else is there to do? Eternal life? Self aware AI? Nothing can honestly top sex in flashlight form, right? When Lycurgus, the great lawgiver of Sparta reformed Spartan civilization in the 9th century BCE, he forgot to set money aside for making pussies available in flashlight form, his greatest mistake! The Destroya Fleshlight rivals actual sex considering how long you can fuck it without having to put up with a woman’s bullshit.

Are Fleshlights worth it? Yes, please stop asking us this question. The time you took to write out that question in an email to us is time that you could have spent having the time of your life with a Destroya Fleshlight. Pocket pussies are great, no doubt about it. Owning a Fleshlight, maybe even the best Fleshlight will install an Abundance Mentality. Before, sex was scarce, and you would consider yourself “lucky” to get laid. But once you purchase a Fleshlight, you will find sex so plentiful that it will bore you. Are Fleshlights worth the money? If you’re asking whether $80 (or $35) is a high price to pay for truly unlimited pussy, then you should re-evaluate your life and your life decisions.

Ask any economist if you are getting your money’s worth from this transaction and the answer with be a resounding yes every time. Stop asking stupid questions like “Do Fleshlights work?” and “Should I buy a Fleshlight?” and just do it already.

Are Fleshlights Good?

Another question we often get asked is “Are Fleshlights good?” The only way to properly answer this question is to run through a list of all the reasons why Fleshlights are good. To start, Fleshlights don’t bitch at you when you don’t respond to their text messages in 24 hours. Pocket pussies are a one time payment, the same is not true of women who require you to take them on dates every week and pay for them. Also, Fleshlights are good for stamina training, you can take control of your sex life and last longer in bed by using a pocket pussy.

Owning a Fleshlight is beneficial to your mental health during those unsuccessful mating seasons. “Are Fleshlights good?” is a silly question when you consider masturbating with your hand or a cut out orange that you heated up in microwave for thirty seconds. Fleshlights are good for trying out kinky sex positions because you can place a Fleshlight anywhere. The same can’t be said for a 100 pound girl. We have been using Fleshlights longer than you’ve known what a Fleshlight is, and can guarantee that if Fleshlights weren’t the best thing since sliced bread, the website wouldn’t exist.

To prove that Fleshlights are good, I will tell you a Fleshlight story. When I got my second Fleshlight (read about it at Primal Fleshlight Review), I was very happy with Fleshlight’s products. I was so happy that I decided to create a website about how good Fleshlights are. Me and my staff have put hours into each page of, and we are proud of our work. We are rewarded by the knowledge that we helped someone find the Best Fleshlight for them. If you are still on the fence about buying a Fleshlight, read one of our reviews and pick one for yourself. Nearly all of the Fleshlights are great and we recommend purchasing the one that suits your tastes best. Are Fleshlights good enough to make you splurge every time? Yes. If you have read enough here, you can always check out the Fleshlight store for more information about Fleshlights.

Is Discreet Shipping Available?

Yes, discreet shipping is available with Fleshlight orders. The only return address on the box will be “ILF” which stands for Interactive Life Forms, company behind Fleshlight. There is nothing on the box that says Fleshlight, sex toy or anything that would give away the contents inside. There is no big logo on the boxes like you see on Amazon boxes. You will receive a big plain brown shipping box with a little postal sticker on it, that’s it. Fleshlight obviously knows that shipping their products in obviously marked packages would not be buyer friendly. Although personally I would have no problem if people knew I ordered a pocket pussy online, Fleshlights are awesome and they should be jealous! If you are still concerned about discreet shipping, you can email or call their support line directly.

Fleshlight Story


The reason why Fleshlight is called Fleshlight is because of the play on the word flashlight. The Fleshlight is meant to look like a flashlight, because no one would suspect a flashlight to be a sex toy and you wouldn’t have to go through as much effort to hide the damn thing. You wouldn’t have to live in eternal fear that your mom or girlfriend would find the Best Fleshlight in your sock drawer. They might see it and pass it by because it is simply a flashlight, not a Fleshlight that you cum into. This is the beauty of the Fleshlight, and why it has become the most popular male sex toy today, it looks like a regular flashlight. When we talk to people about Fleshlight products, they know what we am talking about. Everyone knows what a Fleshlight is and why they are awesome. However, not everyone knows what they look like.

Fleshlight History

steve shubin

The Fleshlight was was designed by Steve Shubin, pictured above. Who would think a man of his age would bring the world such a wonderful creation? I don’t mean that in a demeaning way, I only mean to say that I, personally would have expected a horny high school kid to come up with the Fleshlight. Regardless, Steve Shubin is our man, and everyday I honor him for his great creation. We actually keep a little picture of him under our pillow. Okay, we don’t actually have a little picture of Steve Shubin under our pillow, but we are working on getting one! Speaking of bad jokes, Steve Shubin was granted a patent in 1998 for the Fleshlight under the title of “device for discreet sperm collection”. Check out the link in case you don’t believe me. We would strongly recommend not using the Fleshlight as a sperm collection device because that would get very nasty very quickly. Seriously, do not use the Fleshlight as intended by the patent. You will end up having to buy a new one very quickly. We are working on a guide of how to clean your Fleshlight, read that once we release it.

Fleshlight Creation

The story goes that Steve Shubin’s wife, Cathy became pregnant. Steve Shubin being the horny young man he used to be, still needed to get off once in a while as we all do. To fix this problem he had in his situation, he did what any other horny man would do given enough time and energy, he built a sex toy for himself. Steve Shubin hired engineers to built a prototype Fleshlight for him. He had a conversation with a friend who asked to test his Fleshlight, but the friend couldn’t just accept a sex toy because he had a wife and kids (if you have a wife, why do you need a Fleshlight in the first place?). Steve Shubin then came up with the brilliant idea to design the Fleshlight like a flashlight so that nobody would be able to tell what the damn thing was just by looking at. Mercy on the ones who started fiddling with it to find out, touching another man’s Fleshlight is never a good idea. Steve Shubin says that he found great value in designing the Fleshlight to look like a ordinary household item because he if he couldn’t sell it to his friend as is, he couldn’t sell it to anyone and his investment was shot. There is no doubt that the Fleshlight would simply not be as popular as it is today without Steve Shubin’s innovative spirit. Without this spirit, the world would never see the likes of our Fleshlight Quickshot Review.


Cathy, Steve Shubin ‘s wife has herself said that Steve Shubin has an “intense sex drive.” Okay, Cathy, honestly a little too much information. However, Steve Shubin asserts that a Fleshlight is not a replacement for a supportive spouse. Steve Shubin has been with his wife for over three decades! Wow, imagine being chained to only one woman for that long! No offense to those married, but marriage is just not my cup of tea. Cathy has been Steve Shubin’s inspiration (in a way) for creating the Fleshlight. Without her pregnancy, Steve Shubin would never have thought to create a Fleshlight because of Cathy’s self-admittedly raging sex drive (still a little too much information, Cathy). If we were to launch a multi-million dollar product, long term relationships would be the absolutely last thing on our mind. For Steve Shubin, Cathy has been continually inspiring to him. Cathy herself says that one of her favorite things to do with her husband (brace yourself) is to sit in a big chair, drink tequila and talk about business ideas (okay, it wasn’t that bad, phew).

For more information on the history of the Fleshlight, visit

Where can I buy a Fleshlight


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