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2011 Comparison of Best Eye Creams for Wrinkles Treatment

Here you can read impartial consumer reports on best eye cream reviews. Compare top rated brands for around or under eye wrinkles anti aging treatment.


We’re all looking for those miracles in a jar, otherwise known as the best anti wrinkle eye creams on the market.

The challenge is that when it comes to choosing an anti aging product, there’s a lot of hype: celebrity endorsements, big budget ads, slick packaging, etc. While most of us don’t always trust marketing hype, we do trust recommendations, especially if they come from people just like us.

Do miracles in a jar happen? In reality… probably not. But women just like us love how effectively these products smooth the skin, improve wrinkle appearance, and remove a few years from the face. So I searched tons of online reviews and here are consumers’ most notable reports:

Best Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream Reviews

Avon Anew

What the company says: This best eye cream for wrinkles does anti aging double duty. It contains two formulas in one package. The first is a brow bone and upper eye gel that provides an instant lift to sagging skin. Avon Anew also features an under eye cream to reduce the appearance of shadows and bags.

What the customers say: This best eye cream receives consistently good to excellent reviews on customer anti aging skin care sites. Many users say the product feels a bit greasy but that it soaks in quickly-often in the time it takes to brush teeth. Like most of the best eye wrinkle cream products, it does take a few weeks to start producing results.

Price: Under $30 for a .66 ounce jar (it includes .33 ounces of each formula).

Clinique All About Eyes

What the company says: One of the best under eye cream products, All About Eyes contains botanicals to soothe the skin and natural collagen boosters to rebuild it. This anti aging solution also protects the skin from further damage by strengthening the moisture barrier to prevent loss of hydration. It tightens skin and diffuses light with a combination of proteins, botanicals, and caffeine.

What the customers say: Allure readers chose this department store standby as one of the best eye creams in 2010 and probably will be so for 2011. Users raved about how quickly the cream penetrates the skin as well as its ability to reduce the puffiness that adds years to a face. The best eye cream reviews even say they don’t need to wear as much concealer under their eyes since adding this anti aging cream to their routine.

Price: A half ounce jar costs under $30.

Olay Pro X Eye Restoration Complex

What the company says: When it comes to choosing a top rated eye cream, Pro X Eye is a one-stop shop, formulated to combat all the trouble spots, from the bags underneath to the creases above the lid. The ingredients in Pro X Eye include caffeine to moisturize the skin and vitamin B3 to boost surface skin renewal. In one study, this best eye cream increased moisture retention by 33% and increased the rate of exfoliation.

What the customers say: Reviewers for this eye cream give high marks to this wrinkle and dark circle treatment. Users reported diminished puffiness and bagginess as well as fewer crow’s feet.

Price: $30 to $40 for a half ounce container. Look for frequent Olay coupons and rebates.

Olay Regenerist Eye Serum

What the company says: This anti wrinkle eye cream uses an exclusive amino-peptide formula that encourages the natural growth of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of youthful skin. The complex also visibly hydrates and lifts the skin within 24 days. As a bonus, the formula includes botanically-based ingredients, such as fruit extracts, green tea extract, and cucumber.

What the customers say: Reviews for this best eye cream rave that it takes years off the eye area by making it look less tired. Olay Regenerist also made the skin visibly tighter, according to eye cream review reports. Not only did users love the effects of these best eye wrinkle creams they love the way they smoothe and moisturize the skin. Consumers also wrote that even though it comes in a small package, a little product goes a long way.

Price: Around $20 for a half ounce pump bottle. Look for frequent Olay coupons and rebates.


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The Final Word about Best Eye Creams

After reading so many rave reviews, I’m confident these products are some of the top rated anti wrinkle eye creams on the market. In fact, it sounds like the best eye treatment for wrinkle problems is just one shopping trip away.


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