Best Epilator For Women


We know how difficult it can be to choose the best epilator from the advanced listing of epilators available in market. If you have little fine hair on your body parts such as legs and underarms then epilators are brilliant and can lead to the hair disappearing completely after successive epilating. Epilators remove hair by using spinning tweezers to remove hair at the root. They are bundled with numerous attachments for different parts of the body. It includes a shaver head, trimmer cap, sensitive area cap, facial cap, and efficiency cap. One beneficial feature that should be a must in every epilator is an LED light. The light illuminates the skin so that you can run down the stragglers.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is an ideal system for women having delicate skin. It deflects irritation, harshening or cut on your skin. Before using HP satinelle Epilator, make sure that your skin is clean and completely dry. For easy operation, put the epilator at a right angle to the skin and move it slowly against the direction of hair growth. Its successive usage helps ceasing further hair growth and a long lasting soft and a smooth skin.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator features

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is full body hair removal tool which comes with an efficiency cap for delicate skin, a button for controlling the speed according to your skin type and an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling. The most desirable feature of Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is its two speed settings which makes it more useful for more sensitive body areas like underarms and bikini lines. It can remove multiple hair lengths with hairs as short as 0.5 mm. It has 21 hypoallergenic discs and a removable, washable epilation head which ensures optimal hygienic hair removal experience. Its rounded shape makes it fit perfectly for comfortable handling and easy hair removal.


Philips HP6401 Epilator is available in corded and rechargeable/cordless features. The epilator is able to reach a full charge in about an hour. Its dimensions are 2.2×6.8×8.5 inches and weight is 8 ounces. This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

Braun-SE7681-silk- epil-xpressive-Easy Recharge face and body epilator

Barun-SE7681 is Barun’s best efficient product which is designed for use on dry skin as well as in bath or shower for gentle removal of Hair and a smooth skin up to 4 weeks. The advantage of using it with warm water is that warm water improves your microcirculation, stimulates the production of pain-reducing substances, and makes your skin less sensitive.

Barun-SE7681-silk-epil-xpressive-Easy Recharge face and body Epilator features

In addition to the features available in Philips-6401 epilator, it comes with SoftLift tips which Effectively lift even flat-lying hairs and help guide them to the tweezers for removal, a smart light for ensuring that you don’t miss the stragglers, high frequency massage for effectively soothing the plucking sensation and a facial cap for more targeted facial hair. It has been engineered with 40 tweezers to grip hair even closer to the skin for better removal of even the shortest hairs (0.5 mm). Its Pre-epilation wipes prepare your skin for the most comfortable epilation. Its pivoting head pivots up to 15 degrees (forward and backward).


Barun-SE7681 is available for free shipping with following attachments: silk-epil 7681, shaver head, Trimmer cap, Sensitive-area cap, Facial cap, Efficiency cap, Pre-epilation wipes and a pouch. The product dimensions are: 7.1 x 2.6 x 7.8 inches and its weight is 1.4 pounds.

Emjoi-AP-18-Emagine-Opposed Epilator

Emagine is the first epilator in the world to offer Silver Ion technology to provide antimicrobial protection for a safe, healthy hair-removal experience and professional results. It has 72 tweezers which makes it work quickly, catching hair in the first move with more comfort and long lasting results up to six weeks. Its patented “Glide technology” lifts up the hair for thorough and quick removal.

Emjoi-AP-18-Emagine-Opposed Epilator features

Emagine-Opposed epilator comes with Dual opposed staggered heads which allow epilator to cover more surface area and thereby reducing the number of passes. It has an exclusive “middle lifting fingers” feature that ensures to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. It is user-friendly, ergonomically engineered, versatile and very gentle for removing delicate facial hair on the upper lip and chin area, underarms hair, bikini line hair, legs and hands.


Emjoi-AP-18-Emagine is available with dimensions: 5 X 1.5 X 5 inches and its weight is 1 pound only. It is available for free shipping and also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S. The Emagine also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This epilator comes with a power cord. Its superior performance makes it well worth the price.

Philips-HP6576-perfect Deluxe Epilator White/Champagne

Philips perfect deluxe epilator is designed to give you the safe hair removal experience for both face and body hair and will result in smooth skin up to four weeks. It is perfect for removing body hair in sensitive areas like under the arms and around the bikini line ; hard to reach areas like behind the knees and ankles; facial parts such as eyebrows and upper lip area.

Philips-HP6576-perfect Deluxe Epilator features

The most desirable feature of Philips-HP6576 is that it has an extra wide ergonomic head with built-in opti light which reveals even the finest hairs. More features include speed control button for switching between two speeds as per your skin requirement, washable head for providing more hygienic hair epilation, thirty two textured ceramic discs for removing more hairs in one pass and a pair of illuminating smart tweezers.


This Epilator system includes an active hair lifter, active massage system with pivoting cap, shaving head, trimming comb, illuminated smart tweezers, charger, cleaning brush, and storage pouch. A luxury tweezer set, ideal for eyebrow grooming, comes in an elegant case with integrated light and a mirror. It is a cordless epilator which provides epilation for 40 minutes after complete charging. Product dimensions are 3.8 x 1 x 5 inches and its weight is 1.1 pounds.

Emjoi-Optima-Corded Epilator

The Emjoi optima corded epilator is designed for complete comfort and control. It removes even the finest hairs from root to toe. Its successive utilization has proved less hair growth on body parts and are generally softer when growing out.

Emjoi-Optima-Corded Epiltaor Features

Emjoi optima corded epilator has Contoured design which helps in keeping the skin stretched tight in order to minimize the discomfort and irritation. Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator has a revolutionary tweezer- disc system , with dual opposed heads for underarm and sensitive areas.  Its double active surface helps hair removal twice as fast from other epilators. Its soft touch grip is provided to yield remarkably smooth and touchable skin.


Emjoi Optima epilator may be used on all body parts like underarms, bikini line , hands and legs. Emjoi optima corded epilator feels better, works better and gives you better long lasting results. Its weight is 2 pounds and its customer ratings are also far more higher than other similar epilators. Because of its worldwide popularity, it is now available in very limited quantity.

Philips-HP6576-Satin-Perfect Epilator

Philips-HP6576 Satin Epilator is a perfect epilator for comfortable and efficient epilation for long lasting and smooth skin up to four weeks. Two different speeds are provided for efficient hair removal. Its extra wide epilation head and textured ceramic discs remove maximum hairs in just one go.

Philips-HP6576-Satin-Perfect Epilator features

Philips-Hp6576 Satin Epilator is Hypo-allergenic , textured ceramic discs catch which helps in removing even the finest hairs. It has a washable epilation head which provides hygienic epilation without any side effects. It has a quick recharge time of one hour which lets you epilate for 40 minutes on one charge. It also has an in-built opti-light for better revealation of stragglers. It has an ergonomic design which fits completely in your hand while epilating and ensures removal of even finest hairs.


Philips-HP6576 Satin Epilator comes in a box containing Satin perfect Epilator, charger, cleaning brush and a travel pouch. It is available with a two year warranty. It is available in multiple color combinations with attractive designs. Its dimensions are : 3.8 x 1 x 5 inches and weight is 15 ounces. This product is also available for shipping to select countries outside U.S.



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