Best Epilator for Men


Epilators are the modern mechanical devices for removing unwanted body hairs together with the follicle. Because the hair and the follicle is removed the skin feels soft and without stubble. These devices are very suitable for travelling, because of their handy and small design and that is all we have to pack for hair removal. Not all epilators are made alike. Thus, despite the fact that your particular needs will vary from anyone else’s, there are certain basic characteristics you should probably look for in any epilator you are considering. Firstly, your epilator should have multiple operating speeds because for coarser or thicker hair, epilators performing at higher speeds will do a better job of hair removal. Secondly, it should have a versatile use. Nowadays, multipurpose epilators are more in demand instead of a single purpose epilator. Most epilators are made to be used anywhere on the body (arms, legs, face, what have you), although some may be design for a specific area. Thirdly, it should have a pivoting head so that it can better lend itself to hair removal by being malleable and able to fit the contours of your body, whether it be face, legs or extra-sensitive curves. Lastly, epilator should come with certain accessories, like a brush or other implements to make cleaning and maintenance easier.


Even men can do with getting smooth, hair-free skin in certain areas of their bodies. This is why a lot of males are in the market for a good epilator for men which can do the job of hair removal very well. Emjoi-AP-18MS-Emagine epilator is the first epilator for men in the market which consists of 72 tweezers for removing hairs quickly and efficiently in just few passes. The Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine epilator aims to provide the convenience of an at-home hair removing experience in a reliable and satisfactory way. It is easy to use at home product for unwanted hairy skin up to six weeks without visiting salons everytime you have hairs on your body. Its fast hair removing skills saves a lot of time and also avoids potential skin irritation by reducing the number of passes. It’s quick and easy to use, it pulls out hair quickly. With one stroke it removes about 90% of the hair. It is a bit top heavy, as the top is made mostly of metal. The base is plastic. It comes with an extra long cord. It’s also fairly easy to clean. The top removes and it come with a brush to help dust out the hair that accumulates.

Emjoi-AP-18MS-Emagine-Epilator-Black features

There are moments when hair growth is at its awkward, unruly phase and epilating may not be the best solution for it. Emjoi throws in both a shaver head and a trimmer for these instances. Emjoi-AP Emagine epilator comes with a patented glide technology which moves the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation. It is available with 72 tweezers for removing hairs quickly and efficiently in just few passes. Its silver Ion technology provides protection against disease causing bacterias. Its ergonomically designed body makes it easy to handle and helps in removing even the finest hairs as short as  0.4 millimeters from root. Its dual speed control makes it more comfortable while removing hairs from legs, chest, arms and back. Its cool touch metal head plucks even the thickest hairs almost painlessly. Its dual opposed epilation heads gently hold your skin properly with some tautness in order to make the epilation painless and smooth. Its middle lifting fingers helps in preparing the fine hairs to lift so that they can be epilated from root thus, removing the possibility of any ingrown hair. It also ensures a cleaner hair removing experience with little to no chances of breaking out in rashes.


With its innovative features, stubbly skin, ingrown hair, and other shaving consequences will become things of the past. Best of all, the potential embarrassment associated with going to a waxing salon can be eliminated. The package contains the following items: The Epilator, shaver/trimmer attachment, Comb attachment on the shaver head, Travel pouch, Cleaning brush, Instruction booklet, Adapter (electric cord is long enough). It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. It is not meant to be used on the face. It is corded only. It is also available for free shipping. The product dimensions are : 1.5 x 5 x 5 inches and its weight is 1.5 pounds. This epilator from Emjoi has a portable size which makes it to fit easily into the palm of the hand and into travel pouches. This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside U.S. As one of the first home hair removal systems targeting males, it is touted for its handy dimensions and for the longer hair-free periods it provides.



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