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Electric Woks are a great invention of the modern era, giving you all the benefits and flexibility of using a wok, but without the requirement for a large dedicted wok ring on your hob.
When I bought my first electric wok some ten or so years ago, there was a large range available on the market and most of the big name electrical brands made one.

When I came to replace my old electric wok recently I found it much more difficult to locate a range of products to choose from. Initially I could only find one electric wok, the Prestige “a la carte”, however after a great deal of searching I have managed to find 2 which I believe is all of the electric woks available in the UK.

Key Advantages of Electric Woks

  • Healthy way to cook
  • Heat up incredibly quickly
  • Just as effective as a traditional wok
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable – easy to take on holiday
  • Very efficient

Electric woks work by heating a very small amount of oil in the bottom of the pan to a very high temperature. The high temperatures allow food to be seared by the heat while using comparatively little energy.

You can read more about woks at wikipedia.

Electric Woks are Good for You!

As only a small amount of oil is used when stir frying, cooking Asian style food using a wok can help as part of a calorie controlled diet. Stir fry’s are also a great source of vegetables helping you get your “5 a day” as part of a healthy diet.

Woks aren’t just useful for stir frying, but can be used like a frying pan or in the same way as a large saucepan. I frequently use mine to cook chili con carne and make curries. On a couple of occasions I have even cooked eggy bread (french toast) in my wok!

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Prestige A La Carte Electric Non-stick Stirfry WokFrom: £45.00NuoFrom: £19.99

From the selection of above, I would recommend either the enerGi or the Palson. The prestige has some pretty poor reviews on the basis that it just doesn’t get hot enough.
The prestige may well be suitable as a form of portable saucepan, but when buying my last electric wok, I avoided it due to the poor reviews.

Both the Palson and the enerGi are 1500W, giving them that bit more power meaning that they heat up quicker and get seriously hot, like a wok should. In the end I went for the enerGi as the specifications appear the same and at the time it was the cheapest.

Same wok – different name?

Having looked more closely, it looks as though the Palson and the enerGi are the same product, but with different brand names. The specifications of the two is identical, although you do get a free Rosemary Conley Gi diet booklet with the enerGi. So if you want a free recipe book, you may as well go for the enerGi!


Welcome to, when it comes to investing in a electric wok, you’ve come to the right place. We feature the state of the art electric wok and provide an online directory of great discount electric wok deals and bring them right to you. Our goal is that you don’t have to do the searching because we do it for you.
You see leading brand manufacturers of the electric wok on the links to the left. As you check out the prices you’ll see some great models at amazing prices, electric woks cheap. But these are all quality electric woks that are on display. It is very wise to invest in an electric wok as it enables you to cook great, fresh meals quickly and easily. Put away the fast food and with your electric wok you’ll be cooking and eating healthier than ever.

As a chef you’ll find the electric wok invaluable. It will allow you to create authentic and exotic dishes as well as some old time favorites. As a tool in your kitchen it will add incredibly to your cooking repertoire. From exotic Asian and Indian dishes, your electric wok will help you explore your authentic instincts and produce some delicious fare.

When you think of cooking in your electric wok you think of fresh meats and fish, and fresh vegetables. The kind of food that is delicious and conducive to healthy living. Just by using your wok you can be creating healthier meals. When you eat healthy, you will become much healthier. There are many who have changed their diet completely to that which cooks on a walk.

You also save time by cooking on your electric wok. The wok is designed for ease and quickness of cooking, and therefore winds up saving you time as you produce your delicious meals much more rapidly. It’s a winning situation!
The electric wok comes in a great many different colors and styles to suit any kitchen’s needs. The wok is easy to clean and easy to store taking up no space. You’ll be amazed at the ease of cooking delicious dishes with the electric wok and the practically no upkeep that you will have to do. Cleaning is a cinch, literally taking minutes and sometimes seconds. You might just invest in the easiest cooking tool to clean.

You will find many electric woks to your left, all by reputable dealers and of great quality. You will find the Breville Electric Wok, Presto Electric Wok, Aroma Electric Wok, Tayama Electric Wok and a host of other brands offering quality and value. You’ll know you made a smart investment when you’re cooking with your electric wok


non-stick electric wok is very easily cleaned but has the drawback in that you will only be able to use plastic or wooden ladles to cook with to avoid scratching the surface. Another consideration is that the lifetime of a non-stick electric wok will depend on the grade of Teflon used in manufacturing the wok. It should be noted that if Teflon is heated to too high a temperature then fumes may be given off which can lead to illness called Teflon flu.

Most woks electric will come with either a metal or glass lid. This is to avoid the splattering of hot oil. I prefer a glass lid for my electric wok as it allows me to monitor the progress of the ingredients being cooked. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the glass lid has a steam valve to allow steam to escape during cooking. This will also ensure that the glass does not become dripping in condensation.

When it comes to choosing your electric wok I would advise that you select the biggest that you can afford. Cooking with a wok requires the fast heating of many ingredients and therefore the bigger the cooking surface the easier it is to cook food fast. High temperatures are an absolute must if you do not want you food to be undercooked or your vegetables to be floppy. I would recommend going for a 1500 watt electric wok.

I enjoy using my electric wok to show off to dinner party guests. It makes cooking at the table a breeze and allows you to entertain your guests rather than being stuck in the kitchen. Simply prepare the ingredients before hand and plug in your electric wok at the dinner table and you are ready to cook just like being in a Mongolian BBQ restaurant.


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