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Browsing Through The Best Electric Muscle Stimulators On Today’s Market

Muscle stimulators have gone a long way over the past decade. These days, people use terms like muscle stimulators, pain management systems or massager interchangeably. Sure, they might work against most types of muscular discomfort, but then, muscle stimulators are mostly indicated to muscular soreness or fever. Muscular pains occur after a long training session at a gym or a long day at work – whether you work in an office or on a construction field. Just like you have probably guessed already, a muscle stimulator is just as handy against chronic and acute pains, arthritis discomfort and other similar situations.


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With literally hundreds of products in commerce, selecting the perfect muscle stimulator is certainly a challenge. Most people have no clue what to expect from these things. A little research is mandatory. You have to determine your actual needs, then ensure that the product can match them. It is obviously impossible to research each product out there, so focus on the front runners instead. Then, what are the best rated electric muscle stimulators on the market? What are the features that make them so special?

1. Compex Performance Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Performance Muscle Stimulator Kit

The muscle stimulator kit from Compex is specifically developed for sports people. Whether you love fitness, football or athleticism, this unit is ideal for enthusiasts, regardless of their experience level. Muscle fever and soreness will inevitably kick in every once in a while, hence the necessity to alleviate it. The machine has not less than five different programs – resistance, active recovery, warm up, endurance and strength. Forget about cardiovascular fatigue and focus on your muscles instead. This option is not just safer, but also more efficient. The programs are self explanatory and will improve your power, speed and endurance, but they will also rush the recovery periods.

The Compex kit includes everything you need for immediate use. You got four gelled electrode pads, as well as lead wires. It allows a deep customization, yet it is recommended to focus on the presets until you determine what actually benefits you.

2. Tone-A-Matic EMS/TENS TAMTEC SPORT 2 Complete Muscle Trainer

FDA Cleared EMS/TENS TAMTEC SPORT 2 Complete Muscle Trainer: 6 Programs, 2 Channels/Controls

Tone-A-Matic’s muscle trainer has everything the modern fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast might require. Since it has two channels, you have the opportunity to tone four different muscle groups in one session. Given its lightweight profile and compact construction, it is easy to carry around the home, but also at the gym. The body stimulator is user friendly and highly intuitive. It is recommended to newbies and intermediate enthusiasts. It comes with a few preset workouts, so you are free to use it as soon as it arrives. In fact, these presets are highly indicated for a while, only until you determine the right settings for you.

You have 10 intensity levels, as well as TENS, Russian Stim and Stim features. The programs include strength or firming, toning, endurance, TENS and resistance. It is FDA cleared and can be properly customized. The package includes four carbon flex electrodes, four packs of differently sized self adhesive pads, Velcro straps, lead wires, a sponge and a case. The owner’s manual is worth some attention too.

3. Tone-A-Matic EMS/TENS TAMTEC SPORT Complete Electronic Muscle Trainer

FDA Cleared EMS/TENS TAMTEC SPORT Complete Electronic Muscle Trainer

Just like mos other muscle trainers and TENS units from Tone-A-Matic, this one is also FDA cleared and does not require a medical prescription. It is used by sports enthusiasts, whether they are engaged into fitness, bodybuilding, running or other sports. It is recommended to both newbies and more experienced people. Why? Simple. It has not less than eight independent channels. When most units barely have two channels, this one makes the difference. You can practically work on 16 muscle groups simultaneously. As if all these were not enough, the TENS and EMS features kick in to provide professional massages and tone muscles.

The contraction and relaxation times are deeply adjustable. Contraction times go between 1 and 120 seconds, while the relaxation time may go up to 135 seconds. The package has everything for an immediate use – 24 small sticky pads, 32 large sticky pads, eight lead wires, an owner’s manual and the adapter.

4. Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex does not like to disappoint its users, especially when it comes to muscle stimulator kits. This unit is certainly built to deliver, so it leaves no room for misinterpretations. It is not really recommended for a newbie who barely works out once or twice a week. Instead, it is mostly designed for competitive and high performance athletes who actually respect a program and train more times a week. It has nine specific programs. Choose the right one according to your goals and you will achieve your top performance with no cardiovascular fatigue. You got strength, explosive strength, active recovery, endurance and others.

The package has four gelled electrode pads, as well as the required lead wires for connectivity. Getting used to its controls is a matter of minutes only. Everything is quite intuitive.

5. truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe TENS Unit For Pain Relief

truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe Tens Unit for Pain Relief

truMedic’s TM-1000PRO model is used with multiple purposes. It is not a specialized TENS unit for one action or another. Instead, it can be used for arthritis, chronic pains, muscular soreness and fatigue. It is just as handy for muscular stimulation. Given its low weight – 4.5 ounces, you can use it at your gym or even in your office, without anyone to spot it. It has digital controls and allows you to set each channel accordingly. There are 20 intensity programs available, while each session can be set to up to 120 minutes.

The owner’s manual is self explanatory, yet you will not need it too much. After all, buttons are labeled accordingly – back, shoulders and others.


In the end, the best electric muscle stimulators can vary widely according in terms of features and capabilities. Choose the right one with your personal necessities and goals in mind. Take your time and read a few reviews before making a final decision or you might regret it later.


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