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What is a generator?

The quest to find the right generator will take you to different websites and stores. Before you embark on this journey you must first understand the meaning and mechanism behind the working of a generator. An electric generator works on the concept of conversion of one form of energy into another. We make use of this converted energy in times when the direct source of energy is not available to us.

What is a generator?

The electric generator converts the mechanical energy stored in it into electric energy. This mechanical energy is stored in the generator using various techniques which is specific to different generators. The advent of the faraday’s law changed the scope and widened the horizons of electromagnetic research and gave the development of sophisticated electric generators a big boost.

If you are wondering about the utility of these electric generators, then you must remember that the electric generators are the source of electric energy and this electric energy is contained in the generator in the stored form. The electric generator is a source of electric energy in case of power failure. The electric generator will thus provide you with uninterrupted electricity which can come in handy in many cases. Imagine a situation where there is a power failure at your place during an important family function. One would at least want some of the basic electric machines in the house up and running.

The electric generator thus pitches in and will help you to get electricity at places where there is a shortage, power cut or there is no electricity. The appliances that you will be able to run using the generator you have will depend on the capacity of the generator. The amperage rating of the device will decide if that device can be run on a particular electric generator or not.


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