Best Snore Plugs 2019: Get Rid of The Annoying Noise Permanently


Are you spending sleepless nights because of your snoring bed partner?

Do you want to tune out the surrounding noise so you can work undisturbed?

The smart way to block out any kind of ambient noise is buying a top quality earplug set that is economical too. In addition to blocking out the snoring and giving you peaceful sleep at night, the noise insulating plugs can be used for recreational purposes too.

And if you work in an environment that has high noise pollution, these earplugs are perfect to mute the damaging noise and are required by safety standards too.

Designed to fit securely and snugly in ears, these plugs are available in different designs, styles and budgets.

So, how do you choose from the plethora of brands present?

To make your task easier and ensure you get your money’s worth here is a guide on the vital factors to consider and our top 5 snore plugs to make your job of purchasing the right one a breeze.

Vital Considerations While Purchasing Earplugs

It is important to know what factors you should look for while purchasing. You don’t want to end up buying plugs will not even block out even the mildest noise, do you? Here are the vital considerations you should not miss when shopping for a snore plug.

Effectiveness Of Earplugs

The first factor to consider is the noise cancelling effect of the earplugs. The ideal rating to look for is 30 NRR. The highest rating is 34NRR.

Regarding the material usedin the snore plugs, two materials are commonly used namely wax and foam. These areconsidered as effective materials.

In case of foam, when you insert the earplugs the foam forms a tight seal by expanding. This helps in blocking out most or all of the noise around you.

Wax also works in the same way. It is soft and does not make you oily or warm.


You may need to use the earplugs all night long regularly to avoid sleepless nights spent beside a snoring partner, or to save eardrums from the damage caused by loud snoring. Whatever be the reason for using it, you should ensure wearing it for long time is comfortable for your ears.

If the earplugs are uncomfortable, you will feel more miserable with them than the annoying noise you want to avoid. If they do not fit properly, they can cause undue pressure and pain on the eardrum and even lead to a condition called as barotrauma.

So what do you look for to ensure comfort?

The earplugs should have a perfect fit in the ear canal. They should not go deep or protrude outside. And most importantly there should not be any space between the earplugs and your ear. An airtight seal is important to mute all the annoying noise around you.

So ensure you buy the right size of earplugs that are comfortable and provide a good airtight seal.


The earplugs should be affordable and worth the money you spend on them. Reusable snore plugs are the best choices that prevent you from having to buy them frequently and you get to save money too. Make sure the earplugs are easy to clean and maintain their shape even after multiple uses.

  1. 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs

Made by 3M Personal Protective Equipment, these E-A-R classic snore plugs are ideal for providing enhanced comfort. They are designed to give a snug and airtight fit. The earplugs feature low pressure and slow recovery ensuring they provide an excellent fit. The important feature highlights include

Noise Reduction

The E-A-R Classicearplugs have a NRR (Noise Reduction Rate) of 29 decibel, of CSA class AL and are resistant to flame.Hence these are ideal for use in arc flash conditions and are also safe to store.  This snore plug is best for use in noisy operations including drilling, chiseling, chipping, grinding, furnace operations, riveting, sanding, welding, sawing, power fastening, casting/pouring and machining operations.

Common industries these are used include construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, agriculture, oil and gas and manufacturing. The earplugs are moisture resistant. This helps them to maintain an expansion time that is consistent even in the presence of humidity.


With dimensions of 3.3x 6.5 x 5 inches,the 310-1060 product weighs just 0.3 ounces. It is available in uncorded form in Pillow packs with each pack containing a pair of earplugs. The E-A-R Classic ear plug package includes 30 pairs in a box. The bright yellow colored plugs help easy visual compliance checking for hearing protection by supervisors.

Safety and quality

Made by 3M based in Minnesota, the product complies with safety standards. The company is known for its superior quality, high value and consistent products including hearing protection, air monitoring and environmental safety products, respirators and comprehensive training courses. With its customerbase extending to more than 200 countries, the company is dedicated to improve customers’ lives via technological innovation. The E-A-R Classic from 3M is a good example of the quality products the company is known for.


  • Cylindrical shape is ideal for providing proper insertion and fit
  • Slow recovery helps in providing sufficient time for proper insertion of earplug
  • It is comfortable and soft to use
  • The structural design helps in humidity and pressure protection when inside the ear


  • On compression, the end side forms a ball shape making insertion difficult
  • The plug tends to push out from the canal as it recovers so you need to hold it during recovery
  • Improper insertion makes it easy to lose the plugs at night while you are sleeping
  • The ear plugs are disposable and hence not ecofriendly. And there is no recycling code mentioned in the package print.

Not able to sleep because of your spouse’s snoring? Mack’s Foam plugs may be just the product you need. The ultra-soft plugs are comfortable not only to wear while sleeping but also are ideal for work, while traveling and during any loud events. The important features of this product include

Comfort and safety

Mack’s foam earplugs are ultra-comfortable to use due to Comfy Cush foam that has slow release and low pressure features. Further it has user preferred colors that are easy on the eyes.The earplugs are available in a plastic jar for safe sealing. You can easily use it for travel and work.

The easy flip opening feature helps in convenient dispensing.The product dimensions include 4.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and the package weight is 2.9 ounces. The snore plugs are shaped ergonomically. This helps in providing a safe, comfortable and easy to use hearing protection.

Noise reduction

The Ultra Soft Mack’s foam plugs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 32 decibels making them ideal for use in various activities such as studying, working, travel, sleeping, relaxation, loud events, motorcycling, etc.

With good noise reduction design, the plugs are ideal to block out annoying snoring and to enjoy music while your travel, unhindered by outside noise. In work environment especially where you are using power tools and in target shooting, the earplugs help in noise reduction. While traveling the foam plugs reduce all types of loud noise disturbances including travel partners, neighbors while on air, train or in autos.


  • Very comfortable and safe to use
  • The container size and number of pairs of the plugs are just right for use as they last for a long time
  • Price is cheap
  • Hearing protection is very good, if you adhere to instructions.
  • Noise isolation is very good. It blocks outside noise while letting you hear your alarm.
  • Helps in sleeping better and prevents insomnia
  • Fits well for ears of average size
  • Can be washed and used again many times


  • A bit stiffer to use
  • The plugs are too skinny so do not create a good seal
  • The rear side of the plug requires a bigger flange as it is difficult to remove the plug
  • Shorter in length, hence does not fit well

Flentsis renowned for its highly innovative products on personal care including sleep masks, ice bags, eye patches, cold/hot water bottles and finger splints. The products aim at providing simple solution for all your wellness and health needs right in the comfort of your home.

Keeping in line with its reputation for personal care excellence, Flentsear plugs provide superior noise reduction. They are ideal when you want to protect from noise created by loud environments such as heavy machinery, construction, music, hand tools and others. It is designed to create silence when you need to concentrate on your work or study.  Here is a closer look at the features of the Quiet Please Flents ear plugs.

Noise reduction

Quiet Please Flents ear plugs help in reduction of noise levels to a great extent. They provide a good fit in the ear ensuring you are protected from loud noise and experience a silent atmosphere for focusing on your work.

Comfort and convenience

 The ear plugs are constructed from foam material that is comfortable to use. It can be compressed easily enabling a convenient insertion. The product with dimensions of 1.2 x 3.5 x 4.8 inches weighs about 0.6 ounces. It is available as a pack of 50 ear plug pairs filled in a convenient container.


  • Price is inexpensive
  • After initial few users, the plugs are easy to unroll and roll.
  • Are good in blocking noise while sleeping or studying
  • The plugs are spongy and soft to wear and expand a bit when inserted into the ear.
  • Made of foam that is of memory foam material so provide good fit even when reused several times.
  • Attracts less attention than the colored plug types


  • While the noise reduction is good for recreational purpose they are not as effective in blocking sound when you sleep
  • The plugs are larger in size and very rough so it is necessary to wet the ear canal before inserting the plugs
  • The foam does not expand after inserting into the canal
  • The plugs are not comfortable to use due to the size not fitting properly

Hearos is a popular name in products that aim at ear safety. Founded over 25 years back, the brand is well-known for its line of safety hearing products that aim at keeping you noise free in any type of environment that exudes noise. Here are the important feature highlights of the earplug.

Comfort And Convenience

Hearos earplugs boast of soft polyurethane foam that makes it easy and comfortable to wear them. The foam is also safe to use. The earplugs are ideal for side sleepers.  The dimensions of the plugs including 1x1x1 inches and each plug weighs 0.5 ounces.

Using the ear plugs is easy. You need to just roll the plug with your index finger and thumb until you get a thin cylindrical shape. Now you can insert it into your ear gently and hold the plug with index finger until the plug expands to give the proper fit.

Noise Reduction

The Hearos ear plugs have a noise reduction rate of 32 NRR with the highest NRR for such plugs being 33. This ensures the plugs effectively block all the unwanted noises including snoring that prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. The polyurethane foam plug provides airtight seal ensuring you block out all the annoying noise. It is also not too very tight as to cause discomfort. 


  • The noise reduction with 32 NRR rating is very good
  • The plugs are easy to insert and to clean
  • Fit properly in the ear and you need not be afraid they will fall off
  • The plug has a snug fit and does not stick out in any sleeping position you are in.
  • Ideal for persons who have ear canals of smaller size


  • These are not recommended for people who have long ear canals
  • Noise of low frequency can be heard in spite of the ear plugs
  • Cannot be reused as the expansion is not good with the second or third time

Laser Light ear plugs is made by Howard Leight/Honeywell safety products, which is reputed for its huge collection of hearing protection products. The company focuses on developing innovative products that excel in technology, comfort, performance and design. The Laser Light snore plug is one of the products offered by Howard Leight solutions with high visibility and disposable foam material. Here is a look at the significant features of the product:

Comfort And Convenience

Laser Lite ear plugs are made of soft and light weight foam that expands appropriately to fit inside ear canal of any size. The foam is smooth and soil – resistant available in magenta or bright yellow color to ensure the ear protection is visible in work environment. The ear plug is ergonomically shaped in T form enabling easy insertion, wear and removal. A pack of the ear plugs contain 200 pairs.  Each pair is packed individually in polybag for sterile use. The dimensions of the product include 8x5x8 inches and it weighs 1.3 ounces.

Noise Reduction

High visibility Laser Lite ear plugs have a Noise Reduction Rating of 32 which makes them ideal for use in workplaces such as construction, chemical, farming, manufacturing, law enforcement, military, oil and gas, municipal, steel, metal, pharmaceutical and more. The closed cell soil resistant design of the foam plugs ensures airtight seal when inserted inside ear canal. The material design also ensured dirt buildup does not occur.


  • Contoured ear plugs helps in easy insertion and removal
  • Rating of 32 NRR helps in effective noise blocking
  • Smooth finish helps prevent buildup of dirt
  • The plugs shaped like a bell provide secure fit with no worries about them slipping too far into the ear


  • The earplug may block noise altogether preventing you from hearing your alarm clock or worse a fire alarm
  • Is difficult to reuse
  • Insertion is difficult when the plugs get wet

Bottom line

Noise is a persistent, annoying and inevitable presence in our lives. Whether it is our home, workplace or recreational environment we are faced with hazardous noise routinely. A  NIH (National Institute of Health) study reveals that 28 millions of Americans are affected by hearing loss and exposure to noise is the contributing factor in nearly one thirds of such cases.

So it is important to have the right protection to keep your ear from serious and irreparable damage. Our list of top snore plugs and our buying guide are sure to help you choose the right ear protection. With a good quality and effective snore plugs, you can have a good night’s sleep always, focus on your work and enjoy recreational activity without being annoyed by worrisome noise around you.


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