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Duromax Generator

Across the industry, the Duromax generator is known for its reliability, durability and very high quality. The company offers its clients great value by providing them with standard generator features without the extra costs that are associated with more expensive brands. In addition, Duromax generators for home use are known for being friendly to the environment, which is the reason why it satisfies even the strict emission restrictions of the state of California. The generators can be trusted for a wide variety of task, from powering essential appliances and tools to being an emergency household power backup. With Duromax generator parts easily available, this is a good brand for your money.

Tips In Selecting the Right Duromax Generator

The most important consideration when choosing a generator is your particular needs. This can determine the particular model of Duromax generator to purchase.

Here are some factors to consider when getting a generator:

  • Noise – Any generator can be noisy so you should consider if you and your family can live with the noise.
  • Power– How much power do you need? This should be figured out from the very beginning. In general, it is recommended that you only use a fraction of the wattage that is rated for the unit.
  • Fuel Consumption – You need fuel to operate the generator. Thus, you should consider your fuel requirements before purchasing a generator model.

The Duromax line of generators includes several options that are all capable of providing your power requirements. The most popular include:

  • XP1000e
  • XP4400
  • XP4400e
  • XP6500e
  • XP8500e
  • Elite Series MX1500
  • Elite Series MX4500e

You can be guided in your choice by reading on the various Duromax generator reviews that are available on a number of refutable online sites.

Tips On Duromax Generator Models

If you want to ensure that your basic home appliances would continue running without interruptions, the XP1000e would be a good choice. It is a powerhouse that can also perform as an emergency power backup as well. It has a rugged construction that makes it ideal even on the worksite to power electric saws and drills.

For higher power requirements, a good choice would be the XP8500e with its 16 horsepower air cooled engine. As with the XP1000, its motor mount is completely isolated, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. Its full power panel allows easy monitoring of oil and battery. It also comes with a handle and wheel kit that allows easy transportation.

For those who want a smaller Duromax generator, the XP6500e would be perfect. It has a seven gallon fuel tank and rated at 13 horsepower. It is equipped with a low oil automatic shut off to protect its engine, which can run for eight hours straight without refueling.

If you prefer to have a cheap Duromax generator, there is the XP4400, which is a basic but effective portable machine. Rated at seven horsepower, it is air cooled and has its own low oil automatic shut off feature. Its AC output is rated at 3500 watts while the AC output is at 4400 watts.

With the good selection of Duromax generators, you can be sure to find one that perfect fits your portable and backup power needs with ease.


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