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A Guide To Finding The Best Doorway Pull Up Bars

So, you are on a mission to make yourself look more beauty and hot. There are thousands of ways you can fulfill this mission of yours but not all of them are easy and cheap. I am here with a very cheap yet efficient means of enhancing your beauty by making your body fit and toned up. Do not worry, I will not ask you to start a boring diet plan or to perform exercise three hours a day as I know myself that it is difficult for most of the people to do so. I just need 20 minutes from your day. In these 20 minutes, you have to do nothing else but just pull ups. Here, the question arises how to do pull ups? You can do pull ups at any time anywhere even at your own home. So, what are you thinking about? Are you ready to change your look and to enhance your beauty? If yes, then keep reading.

Here is The Plan

Do you have $50 in your pocket? If yes then congratulations as no one can now stop you from getting smart, handsome and hot. I have a simple plan for you. What you need is buying the best pull up bar from market and start using it for at least 20 minutes every day. You will feel a clear difference in your body and overall outlook within just 15 days.

Do Not Worry; I am here for your Help

There are thousands of pull up bars available in the market. The strange thing is that every bar looks perfect in first look but we come to know its drawbacks afterwards when we start using it. Though, averages pull up bar costs just a few dollars but this does not mean that you do this investment blindly. There are a lot of things to see before buying a pull up bar. I am more than happy to find a best pull up bar for you and your family. I have come up with the reviews of some of the best pull up bars mentioning their features so that you can select the one you like.


Body Press Wall Mounted
Up to 220lbs4.3136 Positive Reviews$$Our Full ReviewAmazon Check out
Iron Gym Total Upper Body
Up to 300 Pounds4.11385 Positive Reviews$Read Full ReviewAmazon Check out
Body Press Joist MountedUp to 300 Pounds4.376 Positive Reviews$$Read Detail ReviewAmazon Check out
Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-MountedUp to 300 Pounds3.9108 Positive Reviews$$Read Best ReviewAmazon Check out
Perfect Multi-GymUp to 220lbs4.187 Positive Reviews$Read Our ReviewAmazon Check out
Big Mikes FitnessUp to 300lbs4.147 Positive Reviews$Read Our ReviewAmazon Check out

Following is the brief introduction of all these products.

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Physical fitness is very important for maintaining good health that is why people are taking more interest in it. Majority of the people prefer ding workouts at home but this requires them to buy their own exercise equipment. Your home gym will be incomplete without Iron gym total upper body workout bar.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Features

Following is a brief overview of Iron gym total upper body workout bar.

Easy to Install: The best thing about this bar is that it can easily be installed in most of the residential door frames and walls without damaging them.

Offer Three Grip Positions: Though, pull ups look easy yet there are a bit difficult to perform especially if you are bulky. A person new with pull ups cannot hold his body for a long time that is why there are three grip positions offered in this bar. The first position is narrow. It is designed for newcomers. It has least distance between both the grips. The other two grip positions are neutral and wide respectively. You may start with narrow position and switch towards the wide position after some time.

Highly Durable: This bar is highly durable and there is no doubt about it as its frame is made of tough steel.

Greater Capacity: It can bear the weight up to 300 pounds which means that even obese people can use it for achieving and then maintaining their physical fitness.

Good for Pushups: It can also fix well on the floor which means that you can use this bar for pushups and pull-ups both.


This bar is highly efficient for our upper body and the good thing about it is that it is very cheap. Its price is less then you can ever expect. You can buy it at just $49.

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Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

Do you want to achieve physical fitness within minimum time? Are you looking for efficient exercise equipment for your home gym that is both easy to use and cheap at the same time? If yes, then you must buy ultimate body press joist mounted door pull up bar.

Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar Specifications

Following are some of the best features ultimate body press pull up bar has.

Installation is Easy: This bar comes with an instruction guide as well as mounting hardware. You just need to read the instructions and fix the bolts accordingly. You can even fix it on your room door.

Grips are good: The grips of this bar have thicker foam which makes it easy to have a grip of hand. Your hands will never get slip while using this pull up bar. In case, you feel uncomfortable with the foam then you may remove it.

Steel Frame: The frame of this bar is made of nothing else but solid steel which makes it highly durable and efficient. Everyone can use this pull up bar irrespective of his body weight.

Multifunctional: You can use it for various other purposes in addition to doing pull up. Ultimate body press joist mounted bar can also be used as an anchor point for various other exercise products that need to be suspended, one being gymnastics rings.

Adjust the Grips: You can adjust the grips of this bar as per your need. If you are new to this exercise then keep the grips narrow but if you want to get maximum benefit from your pull ups then you should keep a huge distance between both the grips as it will apply more pressure on your upper body especially on your arms.


Ultimate body press pull up bar is a great choice for everyone as it will help you to gain physical fitness by spending less then hundred dollars.

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Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar

Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up

When there are highly cheap exercise equipment available in the market that offer various health benefits then why is there any need to spend money paying the gym fee? Now, you can remain physical fit and healthy without going to the gym. What you need is maximum muscle training wall mounted doorway pull up bar.

Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar Specifications

Following are the highlighting features of this great pull up chin up bar.

Easy to Fix: You can mount this bar on dry wall, wood beams or on solid brick walls.

Adjustable Studs: You can adjust its grips as per your convenience. It offers two positions for studs. If you are going to do pull ups for the first time then adjust it at 16 inches and if you are an expert in them then you should adjust them to 24 inches.

Do Variety of Workouts: You can perform a variety of upper body workouts using this pull up bar as it allows you to have different positions such as wide grip, hammer grip etc.

Great for Upper Body: You can tone your back, chest, biceps, arms, shoulders etc. by performing pull ups for just 15 to 20 minutes on this bar every day.

Made For Everyone: This bar is not only made for normal people like you and me who perform simple exercises just to maintain body weight but also for professionals like athletes, sportsmen etc. as it allows you to maintain your upper body strength by using your own weight as a source of resistance.

Greater Capacity: Maximum muscle trainer wall mounted pull up chin up bar can bear weight up to 400 lbs.


Overall, it is a great bar that offers extraordinary features at cheap price. You will regret your decision of not buying it so do not think, just go and buy it.

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Perfect Multi-Gym

Perfect Multi-Gym Pull Up bar

Do you want to tone your body particularly your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and arms? If yes then you have two options with you. First being visiting a nearby gym for doing various workouts and second being buying perfect multi gym doorway pull up bar.

Perfect Multi-Gym Specifications

Perfect multi gym has following features that make it best pull up bar in the market.

Wide Grips: Unlike other pull up bars, the grips of this bar cannot be adjusted at different positions but it has a longer handle which allows you to keep huge distance between both your hands for getting more benefits from your workout.

Height And Width is Adjustable: The distinguishing feature of this bar is that you can adjust its height and width according to your own height. This means that this bar can be used by everyone irrespective of his height.

Has Doorframe Guards: This pull up bar has a doorframe guard which keeps your doorframe safe. So, there is no chance for your doorframe to get damaged due to this bar.

Good For Upper Body: You can try various body movements with this pull up bar.

Cheap: You can hardly get such a great bar with extraordinary features in just $29.

Solid Material: The frame of this bar is made of solid material which means that is durable.


There is no reason you refuse to buy it. If you are really conscious about your health and physical fitness and also that of your family then you must buy perfect multi gym doorway pull up bar.

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There was specific reason I suggested you to perform pull ups. They have magical properties. If you are able to perform pull ups regularly then it will transform your body completely. Pulls ups offer extraordinary health and physical fitness benefits. Following is a brief overview of them.

  • Tone up biceps and triceps
  • Good for back and shoulders
  • Add shape to the chest and arms
  • good for our heart
  • increases physical endurance
  • helps in fat loss
  • increases gripping ability of hands


I have tried to done my part and honestly as possible by providing genuine and unbiased reviews of different pull up bars which I personally think are best. Now, it is your turn. Finally, I am going to reveal the secret formula for buying the best pull up bar.

Frame: A good pull up bar is the one having solid frame. It is highly suggested buying a bar having solid frame made of steel preferably.

Grip Adjustment Option:Good doorway pull up bar always has grip adjustment option.You must buy a bar that offer different grip options from narrow to wide as a bar with wide grips offer more physical benefits.

Height and Width Adjustment: Another feature of a best pull up bar is that it offer adjustment for height and width so that people of all height range can use the bar.

Weight Capacity: Prefer buying a bar that has greater weight capacity so that all members of the family can use it irrespective of their weight.

Foam Pads: It becomes very difficult to use a pull up bar properly if it does not offer any grip. Those bars are considered better which have foam pads on them as they offer greater grip and the hands does not get slipped while doing pull ups.

Do not forget to check the following features before buying any pull up bar.


Take some timeout and buy a good pull up bar. Nothing is more important than your physical fitness so do not waste any more time.


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