Best Cycling Gloves


These days, many people are very concerned about their health and fitness. “Cycling” is a great way to achieve and to maintain physical fitness. If you’re a cyclist, then the chances are that you know full well the importance of cycling gloves: they’re the ultimate protection for your hands and a very necessary piece of equipment.

Benefits of Cycling Gloves

Whether you’re a professional cyclist, a beginner…or something in between,
there are a number of reasons why cycling gloves are important.

Maximum Physical Protection:

When it comes to cycling, it’s just as important to protect the hands from potential injury as it is the head and legs. In fact, many cyclists are even more conscious about protecting their hands, not only because the hands are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, but also because if not properly protected, the hand injuries sustained are often very painful and require a long recovery period. A well-fitted, high-quality pair of cycling gloves offers the maximum physical protection from skin damage (severe blistering!) and inner infections. It is very uncommon for professional cyclists to not wear cycling gloves.

Warmth effects:

Another important advantage of cycling gloves is that they keep the hands warm. This is especially important in countries with very cold winters. Cold hands and muscles can severely impede performance and can even be very dangerous to a cyclist.

Comfort and Grip:

Cycling gloves also add to the comfort factor for the riders. They are specially designed to maximize comfort levels (padding, stitching, ergonomic design) and also to improve grip. Many riders can apply the brakes more efficiently as a result of using cycling gloves on their ride.

Types of Cycling Gloves

There are many types of gloves available on the market.

Important: be sure to buy a pair of cycling gloves that fits you properly: cycling gloves that are too small will cause pain whilst riding! Test the gloves in the shop beforehand, as the act of gripping the handlebars actually causes the fingers to slide further into the gloves.

Fingerless gloves:

Fingerless gloves are specially designed for riders who ride in warmer climates i.e. less cold and rain. These gloves provide the maximum grip and protection to the palms whilst still being as open as possible for the wind’s cooling effect.

Weather-Shield gloves:

Weather-shield gloves are the full finger gloves and provide the protection against the weather effects. These gloves are especially designed to protect the hands from cold, wet weather.

Mountain Style Gloves:

These gloves are specially designed for off road riding. The material is stronger and contains more padding in order to protect the riders from the increased physical toll of off road cycling.


Cycling gloves are an important part of the required protection gear for cyclists. There is a wide range of products to choose from and myriad different suppliers to choose from. Your choice therefore depends on a number of factors, including your budget, the type of cycling you will be doing and the environment (weather) in which you will be doing it.

Good luck and good riding!


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