Best Cupcake Carriers


Top 5 Best Cupcake Carriers

Cupcake carrier is an essential tool that every baking aficionado should own. Of course, moms would also find this type of item crucial especially if they have children that particularly love cupcakes. Suffice it to say, a cupcake carrier is something designed to make the life of a baking enthusiast easier in handling their finished products.

The Best Cupcake Carriers

Cupcake carrier types differ depending on the needs of the user. However, following are some of the most sought after cupcake carrier models that are out today that most people would find satisfactory for their needs.

Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container, Soft Blue Sky

This particular model can house as much as 36 regular sizes cupcakes and comes in a variety of attractive colors. What’s great about this however is not the capacity but the fact that it leaves room for icing and decorations usually placed on top of the cupcake. Hence, those who are making cupcakes for kids would be glad to know that they can design to their heart’s content without damaging a single icing. The model comes with three layers and has a lock and handle for safe, secure and easy transportation. The cupcake carrier is very flexible and versatile, it can be brought to practically any occasion.

Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container, Petal Pink

Cupcake carrier in petal pink for those who want to immediately catch the eye of kids once they enter the party – this product can house 36 items as well. It has 3 stackable trays, each level providing 12 cups to keep the cupcake in place. The great thing about this model is that it has a clasp as well as a handle for easy carriage. Even better, the cupcake courier may double as a cake carrier since the trays are removable.

Oneida 24-Count Cupcake Carrying Case

Cupcake carrier with 24 slots and is transparent; this particular model is an excellent container to bring for a small picnic. The model also comes with a handle and a lock for additional safety and ease of carriage. This cupcake carrier is also dishwasher safe and may be popped inside an oven without any problem.

Progressive International Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

Cupcake carrier which doubles as a cake carrier, this particular model is perfect for anyone who loves to bake practically anything. The tray shows a unique circular shape and can hold as much as 24 cupcakes. As the name suggest, this particular product is collapsible which means huge space saving possibilities whenever it is not in use. The cupcake carrier is also transparent, showing exactly what is inside.

Snapware 6032 Large 2 Layer-Cupcake Keeper

A two-tier cupcake carrier that can hold up to 24 cupcakes. Made of quality materials with modular design, you can either use the top rack or bottom rack or either one of them. The tray is also reversible, you can use this carrier for holding cookies, cakes and other goodies. Definitely versatile and flexible for all your baking needs


Cupcake Carriers

Cupcake Carrier

The cup cake carriers are now available in colourful and exciting shapes, which can make your sneak and party time more joyful and fantastic. These carriers are designed especially for the children who love colourful presentations of the food items. These cupcake carriers are actually very handy, cheap in prices and light in weight.

This makes its use facilitated in numerous ways. In spite it is an attraction for the children as they are egg like containers with transparent plastic material, these cup cake containers are also used by the adults working the offices, going for a hang out with the friends, lunch times and for the birthday parties. It is actually a means through which the attraction of your frosted cakes is enhanced. They look more attractive to the eyes and people would wish to eat them without even thinking of its taste.

You can now buy cup cake carriers from the online sellers as well at the same cheap rates. Your orders will be delivered with in very few days but this depends upon the seller and his location in the world. You can get these carriers in different materials and shapes. The carriers made of various materials like paper and plastic etc are used according to the occasions.

The cup cakes look attractive in decorated paper carriers when it is to be served in door. However, when it is about taking the cup cakes out side your home, you should buy the plastic ones with lids. You can make the lunch of your child appear attractive for him buy giving his cup cakes every day in colourful cupcake containers. The containers are usually air tight and are made of plastic. Therefore, there is no need to fear for cup cakes, as air tight container will not let them spoil.


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