Best Concrete Chain Saw


Do you need a heavy duty concrete chain saw to cut through walls, floors, and columns in a single pass? Below are some of the things you should look at before purchasing a concrete chain saw.


You can find a concrete chain saw that is pneumatic, hydraulic, and gas. You can decide which one is best for you depending on your application. These saws are designed for demanding work conditions of sawing and drilling contractors. You can also find a  concrete chain saw that is made for fire departments. They are used for extraction and cutting into buildings to free someone that is trapped inside.

Normally you will find this saw capable of making 14″ plunging cuts into sturdy materials. They can easily cut through reinforced concrete, brick,
block, concrete pipe and natural stone. A concrete chain saw has a high torque output for tough jobs.

concrete chain saw

The hydraulic or pneumatic type of concrete chain saw is ideal for confined spaces that if using a gas powered heavy duty chain saw would cause a lot of harmful fumes.


Specialized hooks that attach to the bar can be purchased to give the concrete chain saw a straight hook. This is great for cutting through reinforced concrete, block, brick, and natural stone.

You will want a guide bar that is plenty long enough to do the job and also has an internal water feed to prolong the life of the chain. There are diamond chainsaw chains that are specific to your application. You can find them for cutting steel reinforced concrete, soft abrasive materials, and you can purchase a general purpose diamond chain.


A concrete chain saw is a heavy duty chain saw designed to stand up to the toughest conditions. However don’t think a diamond chain saw is indestructible. You should provide regular maintenance and care for your concrete chain saw to make sure it is ready when you need it and to make it last for many years.


An ICS concrete chain saw can be used to install small opening into walls in minutes. If you are needing to cut into a wall to install or get to conduit or pipes then this concrete chain saw will be ideal for your situation. You can have a job completed in just a few minutes wih an ICS concrete chain saw.


It is possible to find a concrete chain saw for rent but it is not a common tool used by do it yourself home owners. You will be more likely to find a tool of this type for rent in a larger city instead of a rural area. A concrete chain saw has applications that may not be needed for the average home owner and only used by specialized contractors for sawing and drilling into reinforced concrete.

These are a few applications that you can use a concrete chain saw for to help you decide if it would be beneficial to purchase one for your business.

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