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2010-2011 Best Espresso Machine & Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

Looking how to buy or advice on the best coffee makerespresso machine or coffee grinder for your home, work office, community, bars and restaurants?


Save time, money and make informed purchase decisions with our up-to-date, straight forward and unbiased coffee maker reviews.

Having run a cafe family-business ourselves, we understand how just subtle variations in brewing techniques and espresso coffee machines can create huge differences between an average instant drink and a truly outstanding flavorful sip of morning coffee break!

No longer do you have to search for hours and days just to find out What is the best coffee machine to buy?‘ or ‘How to brew the best coffee tea on espresso makers?’.

The boring and time consuming research homework is all done for you!

Coffee has been our family’s obsession since 1999, and we would like to share with you what we have learned and experienced along the way. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading this guide as much as we did creating them.

So please, take a seat.. grab a cup of refreshing coffee… and feel confident that you can simply buy with peace of mind!

To find what you are looking for, just pick your topic of interest to the right, scan through the list of major categories below, or simply use Google’s Custom Search box above and below each page.

Coffee Machine Types


Single Serve Coffee Makers
The Best Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Machines

This gourmet single serve coffee machine review will guide on how to choose the best single cup coffee maker from Keurig, Braun Tassimo, Senseo one cup coffee pots and more.


Space Saver Coffee Makers
Black & Decker, Mr. Coffee & Bodum French Press Comparison
You can buy the compact spacesaver coffee maker in 3 designs: mounted under the cabinet or cupboard, French Press, and drip space saving pots.


Under Cabinet Coffee Makers
Choosing The Best Cupboard Mounted Stainless Pots

Installing the stainless steel under the cabinet coffee maker mounted below cupboards has become a necessity for modern trend of designing compact kitchens in small homes and apartments.


Under Counter Coffee Maker
Reviews & How to Buy the Undercounter Coffee Pot

The greatest value of the undercounter coffee maker is to ‘save space’ on the countertop. Cleverly designed to fit under the kitchen’s cabinetry…


Spacemaker Coffee Maker Reviews
Black and Decker Spacesaver Machines

All Black and Decker spacemaker coffee makers come with 24 hours programmable timer and Auto Brew feature using convenient one-touch button that saves both time and lots of room…


Stovetop Espresso Maker
Best 6-Cup Reviews, How to Use & Crema Instructions

The stove top espresso maker has been called “poor man’s” espresso because you can enjoy a good shot without expensive machines. The best buy on the market are Bialetti Moka and Bialetti Mukka Express…


100 Cup Coffee Maker
The Commercial 100 Cups Coffee Urn Instructions

Looking to buy large 100 cup coffee makers? Maybe you already bought one and want to know how to make good coffee on it? The stainless steel 100 cup commercial coffee urn…

Best Coffee Machine Brands

Black and Decker Coffee Makers
The Programmable Spacemaker, Vacuum & Thermal Pots

With airtight carafe, Black and Decker coffee pot can keep the drink hot all day long. Programmable settings for time and date allow coffee aficionados get fresh brewing with no bitter after-taste or metallic flavors…

Bodum Coffee Maker
Santos Bodum French Press Vacuum Coffee Instructions

The eco -friendly Bodum French Press pot does not use electricity or paper filters for unadulterated rich taste. Vacuum Bodum coffee makers are famous for their Santos, Chambord, Antigua, Brazil and Kenya…

Braun Coffee Makers
For single serve coffee lovers, the Tassimo Braun coffee maker is the answer to great value for money home brewer. You can buy Braun coffee grinder, carafe replacement and water filters…

Breville Coffee Maker
Inheriting the High Quality of Commercial Espresso & Single-Serve Machines

The Breville coffee makers hit the USA market in 2003. Initially, Breville coffee machines were made for commercial brewing in business café, but later scaled down to cater for domestic use as well.

Bunn Coffee Makers
Home & Commercial Thermal Bunn Coffee Machines

Want quick aromatic brew in less than 3 minutes? The thermal automatic Bunn coffee pots from commercial Trifecta, as well as, home GRX and VTX series by Bunn-o-Matic Corporation…

Aeropress Coffee Maker
See how Aerobie Aeropress coffee and espresso maker works. Why it’s praised by many experts and Vogue’s food editors? Also find best lowest price, great deals and discounts for bonus micro Aeropress filters 350 pack.

Starbucks Coffee Makers
Saves Money & Time, but Expensive

Buying a Starbucks coffee maker for use at home can save you over $1000 per year and time waiting at the shop, if you buy them every workday morning. For small business owners, Starbucks Barista espresso machine offers…

Sunbeam Coffee Makers
Variety of Choice for Everyone

Whether you’re a casual drinker or a coffee connoisseur, Sunbeam has something for your taste, from their filterless Sunbeam vacuum coffee maker to the popular and versatile Mr. Coffee lines.

Zojirushi Coffee Maker
The Zojirushi Zutto 5-cup drip coffeemaker and Zojirushi Fresh Brew EC-BD15 Thermal carafe both consistently earn high marks from consumers and product testers of Wall Street Journal…

Toddy Coffee Maker
Toddy cold brew system delivers fresh-tasting beverage without bitterness or stomach upset for sensitive cafe drinkers.  The Washington Post named…

Best Espresso Machines

Astoria Espresso Machine
The commercial Astoria espresso machines are very pricey, but customers believe they’re worth every penny. So what is special about this E Café Canada’s Astoria line? And why many business owners choose to buy Astoria espresso cappuccino machines?

Breville Espresso Machine
Cafe Roma, Modena & Venezia in Stylish Stainless Steel Designs

The compact and modern looking Breville espresso maker offers programmable shots with special Thermoblock heating system. Most popular is the Breville Cafe Roma…

Other Hot Beverage Machines Review

Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine
Will this versatile, portable and cheap Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine be a good replacement for Sunbeam Tea Drop Tea Maker? And perhaps, can you even use it to brew coffee?

Best Coffee Grinder Reviews – Rating of Different Burr Coffee Mills Types
Impartial coffee grinder reviews. Compare ratings of best coffee grinders from Arcade, Bodum, Braun, Bunn, Capresso, Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, Krups…

Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes

Discover interesting facts, culture history information and ideas on easy espresso drink recipes from different countries and parts of the world. Learn how to make iced coffee, latte, liqueur, martini and many other specialty drinks in Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Irish styles.


Gourmet Italian Roast Coffee Beans
Truly Authentic Espresso Blend

The gourmet Italian coffee beans can help you get a good sleep at night. The authentic Italian espresso blend Arabica when mixed with Robusta creates strong taste, while the infamous Amaretto using mixture of Disaronno Liqueur…


Irish Coffee Recipes
How to Make Irish Cream Coffee Cocktails

Many restaurants and hotels make the tasty Irish cream flavored coffee drink as an after-dinner dessert during cold winter days. Here are some of the best recipes on how to make the Classic, Buena Vista, Bailey’s & Godiva Irish cocktails…


Spanish Coffee Recipe
How to Make The Huber’s Famous Flaming Drink

The preparation of the Huber’s Famous Spanish coffee drink takes a bit of skill and carefulness. You have to start with dipping the brim of the glass first in lime juice and then in sugar. Now, add the liquors and skillfully light it up with a long matchstick.


How to Make Turkish Coffee
Brewing Traditional Turkish Coffee Recipe

Learn how you too can make Turkish coffee at home for a classy unconventional favor. In traditional methods, brewing Turkish coffee beans requires charcoal to properly heat the pots, but the ones served with very little froth in the eateries….


Vietnamese Coffee Recipes
How to Make Vietnam Coffee Hot Dripped & with Iced Cubes

Whether you want a hot cup of sweet, rich, exotic and strong Vietnam gourmet coffee or the ‘ca phe nau da’ Vietnamese iced coffee, use proper Vietnamese coffee filters and press pots. Within two brewing chambers, place a cup with condensed milk under the press; pour hot water on the upper disc…


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