Best Chop Saws Review


What are chop saws?

Today, a large number of brands have brought forward new chop saws which enable us to cut even very large diameter hard metal pipes. These are a great substitute for the older saws and give a faster and cleaner approach to cutting work. Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, DEWALT, and Milwaukee, are the top selling brands in the chop saws industry. They are the most reliable brands presenting high durability, great ease in use, and great accuracy in cutting. Hence, these are favorites of technicians and contractors worldwide.

Why go for modern chop saws?

These modern chop saws provide us with a flexible and expanded cutting capacity. Making deep cuts horizontally as well as vertically with great precision is now possible with these great machines. These chop saws work on powerful motors and work really fast. Moreover these are very easy to handle and use. The increased productivity possible through these machines makes them an asset to any workshop.

Things to keep in mind while going for chop saws:-

– First, only a good brand can offer the best chop saw for you. Cheap brands employ use of cheap chop saw blades which wear out early. Hence, go only for a good brand like Hitachi, Makita, Bosch, DEWALT, or Milwaukee. Only these brands deliver top performance.

– Second, go for the correct thickness of the blade as different works require different thickness of chop saw blades. So, always check the thickness that is written on the centre of the blade of the chop saws.

– Third, if you wish to minimize dust collection on your table, go for chop saws with a dust collector pre installed.

– Fourth, choose the handle type you have always been comfortable with. If you have been uncomfortable with your previous saw handle, check out a few demo models in the stores, and then decide to choose your new one.

– Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to check authentic company logos and hallmarks on the chop saw packing as well on the saw itself. Always prefer to order the saws from the official stores or websites of these brands

Top Selling Models

– The Bosch GCM12SD 120V miter saws with 12” chop saw blades have compact axial glide system for smooth and controlled cuts. This Bosch chop saw is compatible with a great number of chop saw blades and have a flexible setup with great capacity. This mini chop saw has bevel controls, marked detents, and roof pitch angles provide easy and faster adjustments during operation.

– The Makita LS1016L is a sturdy laser miter chop saw. This Makita chop saw comes with a 4-steel rail sliding system patented by Makita. Its powerful 15AMP motor with direct drive function, six linear ball bearings, and its dual sliding fence system are the things that make this tool extremely reliable and the best chop saw in the market.

– The Hitachi chop saw having 14 inch chop saw blades are the most appreciated chop saws worldwide because of the user friendly functions such as easy cutting mechanism, vibration-reducing elastomer grip, dust collector, easily accessible carbon brushes, and light weight.

– The Milwaukee 6180-20 15 Amp 14” metal cutting chop saw is another good option having the largest cutting capacity in the class. It comes with an easy to use D-shaped handle. This Milwaukee chop saw has a heavy cast-iron base, pivoting wheel guard, and easily accessible brushes all of which make it a top abrasive chop saw.

– The DEWALT D28715 14″ chop saw has a great motor that assures great productivity. Its soft start feature that enables a prolonged life, quick wheel change feature that enables to save valuable time, and the quick lock vise that enables faster clamping are all features that blended with great durability make DEWALT top the chop saw reviews.

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