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A cheese slicer is a must wherever and whenever cheese lovers are present. There is nothing more rewarding than eating a fresh slice of your favorite cheese perfectly cut right off the block. Get the perfect slice each time with a good slicer in your kitchen, for your own personal use and for when you have guests over. A cheese slicer would also make a perfect gift for any occasion.

The cheese slicer has been created in various styles and designs over the years since it was invented by a Norwegian carpenter in 1925. Today’s models are available wherever cutleries and kitchenware is sold. Whether you intend to use a slicer for personal home cooking or for cocktail parties you plan to host, these special slicers allow you to get the perfect slice of cheese each time.

The cheese slicer gained popularity in Europe where people eat bread and cheese all the time. But the love for those creamy, dairy creations have gotten practically universal that it is no surprise that the demand for slicers specifically designed for cutting cheese is growing as well.

Why a cheese slicer?

Your regular knife can do the job of cutting your cheese but a cheese slicer is made to cut perfectly through semi-firm cheeses.  You are given cheese slices of uniform thickness by using a special slicer. Your cheese platters and gourmet cheese dishes will look more appealing and attractive. A cheese cutter also eliminates the amount of direct contact with the cheese because of its special design. This is not to say, however, that cheese cutters are less dangerous than knives. You must also be careful in handling them because they can also cut through your skin.


– Thor Bjorklund, the carpenter to whom the invention of the cheese cutter was credited, made a device very much similar to a carpenter’s plane.  Shortly after the design was patented in 1927, mass production ensued in Europe.

– Many hand-held cheese slicer designs are primarily for functional purposes. These models, though affordable, are of good quality and can be used at home whenever you please.

– If you or someone you know likes holding cocktail parties, you can find cheese cutters on the more high-end price range. Usually, you can find slicers with wooden or marble designs to serve aesthetic purposes.

– For softer cheeses like mozzarella, another model of cheese slicer from North America might be more useful.  This model makes use of a thin wire stretching between the prongs of a metal slicing device. A cylindrical roller rests against one edge of the cheese block while the wires slice through.  This type comes in different sizes.

– The board-style cheese slicer was developed by Prodyne Gourmet Cheese Slicer in 1971. The board can be made of marble, plastic, and stainless steel. Handle and wire holder designs may also vary.


Cheese Slicer

Do You Need a Cheese Slicer for your Kitchen?

Prepackaged sliced cheese might not be that great an option for all people. Some people prefer the freshness of a slice taken off the cheese block. Although people can use knives to slice cheese if there is no proper tool or slicer in your kitchen but we all know how awful those sliced look! They are difficult to slice through and if you wish to make a good presentation they certainly won’t come out looking as good. It is also difficult to get really nice and thin slices with a knife. This is why you always need to keep a cheese slicer at hand!

Cheese slicers give a professional proportional look to the slices of cheese. They are also easy to use since slicing with a knife is very uncomfortable and messy. Slicers can give you perfect looking and balanced cheese slices fresh off the block at any given time! They are also great for use in parties or dinners when you need to slice a lot of cheese. You can find cheese slicers at all major stores and you can even buy one online. If you are into cooking and love serving fresh things than a cheese slicer is a must have for your kitchen!

This technique might sound new but the truth is that the concept of cheese slicers actually came around as far back as 1925! It was carved by a Norwegian carpenter who built his invention because he was having trouble carving cheese for lunch. The carpenter’s name was Thor Bjorklund and since then he sold his patent design and many cheese slicers were brought into the market. The new cheese slicers are based on the same concept but now are available with more design features and they can be found anywhere in the world.

Since there is a lot of choice available in the market you can find a cheese slicer that is suitable to your needs or budget. You can get something more commercial and high quality if you are going to be slicing a lot of cheese. But if you simply want to use it once in a while then it is better going for a less costly version that will still do the work for you.


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