Best Cheap Inverter Generator


What is The Best Cheap Inverter Generator?

The best cheap inverter generator should be one that is going to be capable of providing the amount of electrical power that you need, and be reliable.

In general most people who want to buy a cheap inverter generator tend to be disappointed with their purchase.

Although you may find that you initially save some money, in the long run you may find that reliability becomes an issue, or that the cheap portable inverter generator that you have purchased does not address your power requirements.

It is always going to make financial sense to pay that extra bit more to ensure that you get an inverter power generator that is of better quality.

Best Cheap Inverter Generator – Before You Buy

Before you go and buy the first inverter generator you see at a cheap price, there are some things that you should consider before you part with your money.

  • Is the electrical generator capable of supplying the amount of watts that you need?
  • Is it good on fuel economy?
  • Is it compact and light enough for you to transport easily? For example; camping trips
  • Is it Carb Compliant (if you live in California)?
  • Does it have other features such as electric start or an automatic low oil shutdown feaure?
  • Have previous buyers been happy with the purchase and left good feedback and reviews?

If the product meets this criteria, then you should buy the inverter generator you have been looking at.

Best Cheap Inverter Generator Price

A good quality inverter generator in general will cost you over $700. However you can find inverter generators for sale for under $400.

However virtually all the inverter generator reviews under $400 that we have looked at have had poor feedback and ratings from people who have purchased them.

The other thing is that they have a low power output, generally under 1000 watts. This is seriously going to limit you in regards to the amount of electrical appliances that you can run at any one time.

It is better to buy an inverter generator which is not too cheap and not too expensive. You can find some very good mid range quality generators.

Best Cheap Inverter Generator to Buy

We have looked at many inverter generators with a price of between $500 – $600, and narrowed this list down to 2 of the best inverter generators for the money.

Both of these models come with discounted prices and have had some very good reviews from people who have purchased them.

We have also found the best place to buy each of these inverter generators at the cheapest price.

  • Best Cheap Inverter Generator Option 1

Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Best Cheap Inverter Generator

This 2000 watt inverter generator from the Champion Power Equipment has a 4-stroke gas powered engine and is also carb compliant.

It runs very quietly and is rated at 53db. It is also very light compared to other comparable generators, weighing just 48 pounds, making it ideal for outdoor trips.

It also has an economy mode which automatically reduces power if you are running fewer appliances. This provides greater fuel efficiency and prevents engine wear.

The Reviews for the Champion Power Equipment have been very good from people who have bought it.

Visit Amazon for Buyer Reviews…

It was difficult to locate any kind of discounted price for this inverter generator, but currently you can get a small discount from Amazon.

Get Details on This Cheap Inverter Generator at Amazon…

  • Best Cheap Inverter Generator Option 2

Honeywell 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Best Place to Buy a Cheap Inverter Generator

The Honeywell 2000 Watt Inverter Generator has a 126cc OHV engine which is gas powered.

Unfortunately this portable and compact generator is not carb compliant, so California residents cannot buy it.

It has a weight of 59 pounds and produces very little noise when it is running.

The inverter tecnology allows the generator to run at varying speeds depending on the power output required. This can help reduce the amount of gas required to run it, and it has a 1 gallon tank.

Again, most of the people that buy this inverter generator leave good feedback and are pleased with the product.

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The Honeywell retails at just over $700, but at the present Amazon are offering a 20%discount and free shipping. This is the cheapest price that we have found for this portable inverter generator.

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What is The Best Cheap Inverter Generator to Pick?

Both of these are good quality inverter generators and are of a similar power output so there is not a great deal to choose between them.

But if we had to choose 1, it would have to be the Honeywell 2000 watt generator because it is a little cheaper, it looks better, and Amazon offer free delivery which is a substantial saving considering the weight if the product.

Our Choice for The Best Cheap Inverter Generator Will be the Honeywell 200 Watt Inverter Generator…


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