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Many prefer charcoal smokers simply because the smoked flavor meat can not be replicated with either gas or electric bbq grills.

However, common obstacles in preparation of charcoal fire that deals with lump or charcoal briquettes, and the fact that charcoal barbecues can not be cooked indoor is what stop many people from pursuing this authentic outdoor grilling style.

Charcoal bbq smokers may come as double charcoal grill smoker in one, or solely smoking units, which means you can not sear steaks at high temperatures.

If you are after multipurpose versatile charcoal smokers, then Brinkman Smoker Grills are the best budget products in the market. Some other grill-smoker big name manufacturers are Char-broil, Char-Griller and Weber. Each offer their unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Items Needed for Charcoal Smoking

Apart from buying the usual bbq tools and utensils make sure you have these bare minimums to start the charcoal smoking fun.

Charcoal Fuel: for convenience, you can obtain processed bags of charcoal briquettes. A better alternative is to cook using lump charcoal. This is pure wood that has been turned into charcoal in its natural shape and does not go through any processing or grounding stages. It burns much hotter and provides quicker response to airflow as well.

Charcoal Fire Starter: many people like using lighter fluid to start the fire (you can easily obtain these from local home and garden stores,) These solvents are simply fast and portable solutions for igniting most charcoal smokers, but they are hazardous chemicals. Being petroleum based they can impart undesirable toxic flavors to the meat.

A more traditional way of starting a fire might involve the use of charcoal chimney starter. This inexpensive device will quickly give you charcoal fire with a few pages of scrape newspapers. Many barbecue aficionados simply prefer this method for healthy and authentic taste that is the result of burning pure charcoals.

Flavored Wood Chips: wood chips such as mesquite, cherry, hickory or from other fruit trees can be bought from barbecue specialty stores. When soaked wet and put between the charcoal fire and barbecue meat it will add that special smoky flavor that no other types of grilling can achieve.

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Charcoal Smoker Grill Reviews

Weber Kettle Grill range includes the famous One-Touch Silver or Gold Options and the luxury – high end top pf line Weber Ranch Kettle Grill.

Weber Performer Grill gives you full features of outdoor barbeque smokers and grills in one quality unit. The innovative Touch-N-Go propane gas ignition system simply makes the charcoal fire preparation the story of the past.

Brinkmann Smoke N Grill comes in two varieties: charcoal and electric grill-smoker slow cookers. Both barbecue smokers are very affordable and give you the true taste of smoky flavored meat.

Top 3 Best Charcoal Grills selected based on: owners ratings, quality and features vs. price, and overall performance.

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