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Some people prefer gas, and others prefer charcoal. With a charcoal gas grill, you can have the best of both worlds. These grills are truly the best bbq cookers when variety is important to you.

There are so many new options available once you use a multifunctional grill of this kind. Whether you want to use lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes or propane gas – it’s just the matter of switching between the burners. This will definitely be the answer for those who are still indecisive of the choice between charcoal or gas grills.

Types of Burners

Charcoal has its own benefits. Some people enjoy using charcoal briquettes, because they prefer an even burn rate, even heat radiation, and the uniform heating that briquettes provide.

Lump charcoal, on the other hand, can create a more thick and rustic flavors in food. Lump coals provide a very high heat source for quick grilling, along with gentle smoky additional flavor.

Briquettes sometimes use chemicals, fillers or binders. These ingredients are used to maintain the uniformity expected of briquets. The toxic chemicals are another reason that many people prefer lump charcoal over briquettes.

Propane gas is pretty easy to come by and is a favorite for many chefs. It can cost a bit more money, but is usually pretty clean burning and many people find that propane grills are easier to use than their gas counterparts. Propane can be quicker and much easier to light as well. With the charcoal gas grill, you don’t have to choose.

brinkman all in one charcoal gas grill

Brinkman All in One

The more popular amongst home barbeque grilling is the Brinkman All in One charcoal gas grill sold at Amazon. You can use it as ordinary gas grill for frying, grilling, or as charcoal – smoking meat at low temperature and slow cooking.

What you cook and how you prepare it, is truly up to you. Regardless of what food you cook, a charcoal gas grill will give heat production, and flavor like no other grill can do for you. Better yet, it can be used to cook any type of barbecue food, be it smoked meat, turkey, hams, burgers, cucumbers, asparagus, carrots, minced beef, salmon, prone, crab, fish or any other types of seafood. It is so versatile and easy to use that you can even cook lunch and dinner all together.

When used with charcoal – will offer prepared food that has a natural and exquisite flavor. The food will remind you of meals from your favorite restaurant or steak house. But when used with gas – it allows you to fry food on one side and grill on another. It is truly a convenient and modern grill.

When you choose to buy one, you should have a good understanding of what you’re going to use mainly, as the drawback is that charcoal gas grills like Brinkman All in One can’t compete with quality of specialty gas grills or charcoal bbq smokers. Since most of them are large, you will probably want to make sure you have your own backyard or private space for cooking and storing your grill.
Overall, this type of bbq grills is great for anyone who want a bit of everything: grill, smoke, fry, roast and etc… but not too serious about any particular cooking style.

Barbecue Grill Safety

You want to easily be able to put out any fires that can pop up when cooking. When grilling, small flash-fires, are considered by many, to be unavoidable. When using charcoal, in order to put out fires, you must close the lid to keep air away from feeding the blaze. This will smother it. You might want to use the fire extinguisher. After the charcoal has cooled down, you can use long tongs to move the coals into a metal box full of cold water. This will completely stop the hot coals from burning.

If you’re using gas on your grill, you will have to use your fire extinguisher to put out the blaze.

Another good safety feature your charcoal gas grill should have, is a strong base. Flimsy legs can mean that your food may find it’s way to the ground, and ruin a great picnic. This is definitely not something that you want. This can also lead to fire and injury.

Extra Charcoal Gas Grill Precautions

Make sure you get a grill with a large enough cooking surface to meet your needs. Remember to never use gasoline when you’re lighting your grill, as this is not a very safe choice. Lighter fluid is a much better, even though it is still not completely pure source of fire.

Steaks are also the only thing that should be cooked over high heat.

Fish, chicken and veggies are best cooked over medium heat with slow charcoal smoking. Pork and chicken, can be cooked on medium heat sometimes. Just judge based on the thickness of the meat.

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