Best Ceramic Water Dispensers


Are you looking for an affordable way to provide clean drinking water without the expense of a bottled water cooler, a ceramic water dispenser, or water crock as they are sometimes called, is your answer. And there are a number of different options available; everything from cheap ceramic water crocks that are simple and plain and just get the job done to more modern versions of stainless steel water dispensers that provide the same benefits with a more contemporary look. Below you will find our best ceramic water dispensers.

Ceramic Water Crocks

Ceramic Water Dispenser

Click Image for PricingThe ceramic water crock is the traditional model that is the old reliable and gets the job done. Having a simple ceramic or porcelain water dispenser gives a simple, almost country feel to the kitchen that is warm and inviting. And for those who really love the classic country look there are decorative ceramic water crocks showcasing a decorative ivy or sunflower look. There is not a whole lot of variation between these models other than the looks so there is not a whole lot of shopping around to do to get the best price.

Ceramic Water Dispenser with Stand

Ceramic water dispenser with wooden stand

Click Image for PricingCeramic water crock dispensers are terrific but they are quite heavy and take up a lot of room. For that reason, many people prefer to buy a ceramic water dispenser with stand together. Usually this is done by purchasing a kit, that way you know that you have a stand that will support the weight of a crock and full bottle of water. It also means that you get the price as the ceramic water dispenser and stand are offered at a discount.

Click Here to Buy Porcelain Water Dispenser with Wooden Stand

Now, most of these crocks don’t come with the water bottle so you may have to pick up a 5 gallon plastic water bottle, or you could opt for the smaller 3 gallon size.


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