Which Is The Best Cardio Machine?

The Best Cardio Machines

You walk into the gym, you have no idea which cardio machine you should be on to start with.. Treadmill? Bike? Uhhh.. Or the Elliptical? Or that? Hmm.. that is confusing for sure. That is why today I’m going to review all the popular cardio machines that you can find in almost any gym. Now, save the headaches, because I’m going choose the best cardio machine for you to get the best result that you desire with.

The 5 Kings of Cardio Machines

1. Rowing Machine

Rowing machine can burn over 370 – 380 calories every 30 minutes if you weight around 185 pounds, but not everyone know how to use this machine, it can be confusing for starters. Get someone to guide you on how to use this machine if you have no idea this thing works. This machine is really good for cardiovascular workout, upper and lower body muscular endurance. Great stuff to get into your target heart rate, because of the arm and leg involvement when exercising with the rowing machine.

2.  Treadmill

The most most popular cardio machine, the treadmill! Yes, I think these are the must-have for any gym. Running on treadmill can burn as much as 300 – 600 calories per 30 minutes, but walking burns only 75 – 200 calories per 30 minutes depending on your speed and incline.

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3. Elliptical

This is also a very popular cardio machine. But unlike the treadmill, exercise on elliptical will not burns as much calories as you do on the treadmill. 300 calories per 30 minutes if you don’t include arm movement, and 300 – 500 calories if you include arm movement.

4. Stationary Bike

I love doing my cardio on these! You can burn as much as 1000 calories per hour if you choose the right resistance that keep you breathing hard at 85 – 90RPM. They are great for beginner and it’s ideal for anyone who has hip or back injuries. You can’t go wrong with these.

5. Stepmills

These are not for the beginner, I would not recommend beginner to use the step mills, these are the escalators on crack. It can get your heart rate up real quick! You will look awkward to exercise on it if you have feet over size 11 – 12. This is one of the most challenging cardio machine out there. Beside just making your heart rate up quickly, it will make your quads stronger and sexier too! So if you think you are ready for it, then I’ll say give it a try. Never try never know!


So now, have you chosen which cardio machine you are going to hop on the next time you go to the gym? From my point of view, I think the stationary bike is the way to go! And Stepmills if you are looking for something more challenging, can’t go wrong with either one! And oh well, just because you have chosen the cardio machine you will be using the next time at the gym, that does not mean you will lose weight quick. Beside just doing cardio, you must need to have a healthy diet in order to get all the beneficial that you are looking for. You can use the best cardio machine out there, but if you don’t have a good diet and rest, then you probably can hardly see any results from your hard work and dedication. So please guys, adjust your diet, and thank me later.


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