Best Captain’s Beds in 2019


A captain’s bed is a platform bed. These beds have a lot of storage space. These types of beds are popular in houses where there is limited space. One can make his/her own captain’s bed by meeting some specific requirements.

Captain’s bed design is the same as the bed on the ships. It is raised on a platform and has drawers for storage under the bed, which makes it more useful. The design of the drawers and the shelving can vary from bed to bed. Some beds have different storage compartments that surround the entire platform, shelving, or bins whereas and some other beds stick to basic drawers. Some beds have an illuminated storage and some beds have a storage space in headboards and footboards.

Captain’s beds are solid and sturdy. This is advantageous for heavy people who don’t feel secure while lying on a bed. These beds are good to be used in earthquake-prone areas. The storage space feature of these beds can be used as a safe for keeping valuables or a shoe bin for storing shoes.

What to look for in a captain’s bed?

Before selecting a bed frame, several things are required to be taken into consideration. One should consider the space available in the room in which the bed and the frame are going to be placed. The décor of the room and mobility of the frame are also some of the important factors, which are required to be considered. The points mentioned below will discuss in detail about the various things to look for in a captain’s bed.

1) Space

It is advisable to buy the size that fits well in your room. You should work on your bedroom’s layout before you take a test sleep on your new captain’s bed.  Replacing your old bed by a new captain’s bed can give a new and improved look to your room.

2) Price

As a buyer, you should be aware of the right price range for your beds. There are beds that are suitable for every budget. One should work on his/her finances before going to a showroom. A captain’s bed usually comes at a high price since it is accompanied by drawers and a platform.

3) Health

Physiotherapists, naturopaths, and fitness buffs recommend buyers to choose the healthiest options. One should check the US space foundation materials that are certified to be used for beds before making a purchase.

4) Storage

It is one of the most important things that one should consider before buying a bed. If you are looking for a bed in which you can store your clothes, blankets, and other stuff, then you should check the number of drawers in a bed and the amount of space in the bed.

5)  Research and test

A little research can help you a lot when you go to the showroom to buy a bed. It helps you to narrow down the options by thinking about the budget and size. One should not test the bed when he/she is tired otherwise you will not be able to distinguish between the comfort levels of two different beds.

6) Use

Do you require a storage space underneath your bed?  Are you looking for a bed for your kids that will last till their teenage? Then, you should check their warranty. Different beds have different usage. and satisfy different requirements.

7) Bed frame

Some bed frames are very large in size and don’t disassemble into small pieces. It is necessary to do the measurement of the doorways and the hallways to ensure that the frame can be easily moved into the bedroom. If you live in a small house, then you should avoid bed frames that have large footboards and headboards.

8) Delivery

Once you have decided to buy a bed and made its payment, the next step is to bring the bed home. You should check that the bed could be easily taken into room. If you can’t take the bed to your room all by yourself, then you should take delivery benefits from the showroom selling you the bed.

Top 6 best captain’s beds in 2018

1) Prepac Captain’s Bed

This bed is designed to fit twin-sized mattresses. It is great for the bedrooms having premium space. The Prepac captain’s bed has six drawers that are 18 inches deep. These drawers can be installed on any of the sides of the bed. You can get more space for storing linens, clothing, and many more things. You don’t need any box spring, if you buy this bed. It provides you a space-saving solution and helps you to get rid of space stealers.

The Prepac captain’s bed has drawers with wooden sides that glide with the help of metal runners. It also has six wood slats, which ensure even distribution of the sleeper’s body weight. This bed has a deep black laminate finishing. Plus, it is constructed by using CARB-compliant, laminated composted woods.

This bed has a warranty period of 5 years against the product defects. If there is any manufacturing or material defect, then that part will be replaced by the company and that too without any charges. The warranty includes replacement in the event of any breakage during the first 5 years of its purchase.

One of the biggest concerns for the parents is the child rolling out of the bed. This captain’s bed is only 18” off the ground. So, even if the child rolls off, he/she will not get injured. The lower height enables the kid to access the bed. This bed is 5” longer as compared to a standard bed. Therefore, it is suitable for both adults and children.


  • Very cool minimalistic style
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Durable
  • Drawers open and close smoothly
  • Drawers can be moved to either side of the bed
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Edges are slightly sharp
  • Limited storage space

2)  Brohill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed

Broyhill Kids is considered as the leader in the furniture market. This product of Broyhill Kids is a perfect choice for parents with 2 children or twins. This furniture is a sheer beauty. This bed is available in 4 different styles. It is also available in many colors, such as espresso, white, black, and grey. This is a luxurious bed and ensures high durability.

This bed has a lot of storage space. If your child gets plenty of space to store his/her belongings, then they will learn to keep their stuff in an organized manner. It encourages good habits. This bed has 3 drawers, which are very spacious and are located underneath the trundle bed.

The Broyhill Kids bed is designed in such a manner that it gives top priority to the safety of kids. This bed allows your child to have a sound sleep throughout the night. It can easily accommodate 200 pounds and its finishing is non-toxic.


  • Durable
  • Available in different colors
  • Safe
  • Finishing is non-toxic
  • Assembly process is not too hard


  • Knobs are flimsy
  • Colors are slightly different from pictures

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4) Prarie Collection Twin Bed with storage

This bed is considered as the perfect bed for a growing child. It has 3 under bed drawers. The bed is made of eco-friendly particle panels. The drawers of this bed are made up of durable wood fibers. This charming piece looks good on its own and can also be complemented by other pieces belonging to the same collection.

Every detail of this bed is crafted thoughtfully. A standard twin mattress can fit on this bed perfectly. Plus, this bed has rounded corners for safety. This twin storage bed has a warranty of 5 years. This bed can support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.


  • Perfect bed for growing child
  • Supports total weight of 250 lbs
  • Durable
  • Made in North America
  • Has rounded corners for safety


  • Has a limited warranty
  • Comes in only one color

5) South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Twin Beds

The South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Twin  Bed is a great addition to bedrooms having a combination of simplicity and practicality. This model is durable in nature and has a blueberry finish. This bed is made up of laminated engineered wood. It has great strength and durability. The bed is offered at very competitive prices.

The Summer Breeze Collection bed only fits in twin size mattress. It has 3 pullout drawers. This bed has a limited warranty of 5 years. It is reversible so the drawers can be moved to either side of the bed. The bed has simple details that look good even after using it for many years.

The bed by South Shore is a long lasting durable twin bed with storage. The drawers of this bed have improved bottoms. This bed is fabricated using certified environmental friendly laminated particle panels.


  • Spacious drawers
  • Environment friendly
  • Durable


  • Sharp corners
  • Heavy

6) DONCO Kids Low Sturdy Loft Bed

The DONCO Company deals in import and wholesale furniture business. This sturdy loft bed comes in only one color, that is, dark cappuccino. This bed has the finest quality. It is constructed of solid pine that can add value to your bedroom. This bed has different styles and comes at affordable prices. The Sturdy Loft bed is made up of non-toxic materials.

The weight of the DONCO Kids bed is 180lbs and its dimensions are 79”x43”x41. This product meets all the safety standards of ASTM and CPSC. The warranty period for this product is 90 days for defects. It also has a 30 days return policy.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Made up of non-toxic materials


  • Available in only one color
  • Assembly is required

The bottom line

So, now that you have read the review of the best captain’s beds in 2018, you would know which is the best captain’s bed for you. When buying a captain’s bed, you should look for certain points in it, such as storage, space, price, health, use, and many more things.

Every captain’s bed has its own specialty and its own pros and cons. Some beds are durable and some are very flimsy. Almost every kind of captain’s bed has a warranty of 5 years except for the one offered by DPONCO Kids.

Some beds are available in many colors but some are only available in one color, such as DONCO Kids Low Sturdy Loft Bed and Prarie Collection Twin Bed with Storage. Most of the beds have rounded corners for the safety of kids but some have sharp edges. Some beds can support the weight of 250 lbs but there are certain captain beds that cannot support heavy weight.

The main purpose of this guide is to help buyers in finding the right type of captain’s bed. Buyers can do efficient shopping if they are aware of what is available on the market. Before purchasing a bed, a person should first spend time in considering the room in which they are going to keep the bed.

There are many factors that can help you find a perfect bed according to your requirements, such as durability, manufacturing, safety measures, smoothness in opening and closing of drawers, the space inside the drawers, variety of colors, finishing, eco-friendliness, and warranty.

So, before buying any of the captain’s bed mentioned above, you should mull over these few considerations. All of the captain’s beds mentioned on this list are the best ones in 2018 and you can go for any one of these. Customers, who have already bought these beds, praise them a lot owing to the bed’s high quality and durability. Make sure that you also consider the cons of each of the captain’s bed so that you don’t regret anything after you’ve made your purchase.



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