Best C-mount security camera?


What is a C-mount security camera?  

Each type of security camera comes with its own advantages. Some cameras are subtle, others provide easy movement – still others make it impossible to tell the direction of the camera, while still forcing intruders to acknowledge its presence. The C-Mount camera has its own benefits – these cameras can be altered to allow you to see extremely long distances.

The C-Mount Lens

The main advantage to the C-Mount camera is the removable lens. You can replace the lens with anywhere from 2 to 50 millimeters, and anything in between, with each additional mm corresponding to a greater distance.

One thing to note, however, is that the greater the distance the less the range. When people choose C-Mount cameras, they are usually looking to view a single, small location in a distance, or they are looking to see a larger range but with less detail.

For example, should you choose to use a high millimeter C-Mount, you may be able to see a distance of over 150 feet with great detail, but you will not be able to see very much around that area. You may want to use this for things like:

·        Watching a door or a fence at a great distance.

·        Keeping it focused on a single object and the area around it.

·        Paying attention to a particular weak point in your house or business that may be the subject of an attack.

However, you can also change the lens in order to get a wider, but not as focused view. A smaller millimeter lens will be able to see as much as 70 degrees or more of the area in front of it, but will not be able to make out as much detail. This would be useful for:

·        Guarding an entire fence, yard, or other large area.

·        Watching an entire street for suspicious activity.

·        Checking any large, open space for movement.

C-Mount cameras also allow you to choose smaller lenses to focus on smaller points, such as in hallways, etc. Some people use C-Mounts to guard desks at work and to catch those that may impede on their smalls pace.

There is also a lens called a “varifocal lens” lens that allows you to switch magnification at a moment’s notice. These can be more expensive, but very valuable for focusing in on something or someone in the distance.

The main advantage over this type of camera to other, more widely used cameras is simply its versatility. Bullet cameras and other security cameras often have the lens built in, designed to correspond to a specific area. With C-Mount cameras, you can easily change how far and how long the camera can see, and also get greater detail from the distances of your choice.

However, there is also the disadvantage of having the difficulty mounting the camera, the lack of mounting equipment, and the immobility of these cameras. Also, while replacing the lens is a benefit, it can also be a hassle and take careful 


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