Best Buy On A Solar Power Generator


Going solar is one of the most desirable moves today because people want to reduce their carbon footprint, and it is through utilities like the MS-100 Series solar power generator that one can make a best buy on a solar power generator. It may require an initial high cash layout, but it makes financial sense in the long-run.

As compared to regular generators, the MS-100 Series solar power generator never needs a change in oil and will never have the same exhaust fumes that regular generators tend to create, making it one of the best buys for a solar power generator. Solar generators are clean and a great solution in going green if you really care about the environment.

This particular MS-100 series is used for people who only need electricity at the light to medium capacity, such as for running a remote household’s utilities and electronics. It is also ideal for job site work that requires a small amount of power to get a job done.

Not only is this kind of generator environmentally friendly, it is also a silent worker that creates the least noise pollution possible. This makes communications at job sites and at home completely possible and noise-free which increases safety standards significantly.

The load can run up to 3,500 watts and is trailer-based and compact, small enough to be towed by a four-cylinder vehicle. It has 9 kWh capacity battery storage, 9 amps at 120 volts, and four 370 amp-hour batteries at 6V each.

With a solar panel of 175 watts, it can run on 95 kWh daily using pure sine wave. The cost of the MS-100 series model may seem steeply priced in the beginning, but at this price and calculating for future benefits, it is definitely a very prudent buy on a solar power generator overall in terms of energy-saving and financial savings.

Whether you are providing your home with electricity or running a small business with this solar generator, you will only be able to experience the benefits that it has to offer. As one of the most durable, portable, safe, and clean machines on the market, the MS-100 Series solar power generator is a wise choice for any earth-friendly individual.

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