Best Top Brands of Security Cameras


Best Brands of Security Cameras    

Unlike many other electronic devices, there are few brands that specialize in creating security cameras and CCTV systems. Instead, many of the companies that create high end cameras and electronics in general use their knowledge in order to better create surveillance camera devices that are able to take high quality images and work well with multiple types of equipment. Here are some of the major brands that you will find in the security/CCTV camera industry:

1.      Panasonic

Perhaps one of the most well known electronics brands in the world, Panasonic created much of the technology found in security cameras today, including the very first CCD cameras, and the first IP cameras. Panasonic security products are well known to be of high caliber, making them one of the best choices for your security needs.

2.      Swann

One of the few specialized security camera manufacturers, Swann has been a leader in security solutions for both Australia (where they originated) and abroad for many years, and has created many digital security cameras that work in a variety of different locations. Their main strength is the ease of use, as these cameras are known for being fairly straight forward in their setup.

3.      Samsung

Like Panasonic, Samsung is a leading technology company that decided to use its expertise to create high end security products. Samsung focuses on state of the art technology and innovation, making some of the leading day/night, infrared, and dome security cameras with extremely visible imaging capabilities and settings.

4.      Sony

Another brand that has created many security solutions for both the home and business, Sony also focuses on the CCTV equipment – beyond simply the cameras. They have also worked to help integrate their video monitoring hardware with network solutions for easy recording and monitoring. Their hardware (security cameras, DVRs, etc) is top notch and durable enough for long term use.

5.      SVAT

SVAT Electronics is a company whose primary focus is security solutions, particularly security systems and intercoms. They offer a huge range of products, from covert systems to wireless cameras, and everything in between.  They also have intercoms, monitors, and other useful CCTV equipment in order to ensure that you have completed the entire system.

Many Different Brands

There are very few specialty companies for security camera products that have made a name for themselves in this field, to the point of becoming industry leaders. Several brands such as Avaak, Q-See, Lavana, Kinamax, Honeywell, LogiTech and more have their own security cameras available, and many of them offer quality products that will suit your security needs. While the above list represents many of the leading brands in security related products, it is by no means comprehensive, as each individual camera tends to have its own capabilities regardless of brand.

Still, Panasonic, Sony, SVAT and more have established themselves as some of the main security and CCTV camera brands on the market today, and continue to produce some of the world’s leading home and business security products.


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