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Hayabusa MMA HeadGear

The Hayabusa Pro MMA Head Gear is one of the best headgear for MMA.

Secure Fit and Comfort

It has been designed from a cranial mold and it conforms to the shape of the skull. This ensures an ergonomic fit. Combined with the headgear’s suede like interior, the headgear does not move around when you get hit. This allows you to keep your momentum in training and fight simulation. There is a think Velcro strap at the back of the head for a very secure and snug fit. Openings at the top of the head and over the ears provide excellent ventilation to keep you cooler and more comfortable than other MMA headgear.


Of course, this advanced headgear also has the ultimate in protection. There is a unique complex of dense padding to absorb high-impact strikes. There is protection for the chin, jaw and temples. The face opening is designed to give you unobstructed visibility and the ability to maintain good peripheral vision. But still gives you comprehensive face protection.


The Hayabusa headgear is built to last. It has top-quality grade leather that is extremely resilient and has the strength to take the toughest of punishment. Stitching around the panels are reinforced and streamlined for the ultimate in durability.


This is one of the best MMA headgear available and is highly rated in the MMA community. The design allows you to use it effectively in MMA training — you can stand to strike with it and transition into a grappling position with the headgear staying on securely. It gives the best protection for the fast paced and different positions in MMA.

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Everlast Mesh Ventilated MMA Headgear

Everlast Mesh Ventilated MMA Headgear

Everlast’s Ventilated Mesh MMA Headgear is a lightweight and “cool” solution for MMA Training in hot and humid climates. It’s made of a very light weight foam padding that does not weigh you down. There is a mesh cover that also decreases weight but also adds more ventilation.

This headgear does a great job of offering enough protection for light-sparring and should NOT be used for full-contact. If you want more protection, check out the Everlast Leather Headgear or the Haybusa MMA Headgear.

The mesh also will wear down after time, it’s just not as durable as the leather. But if your main priority is comfort and being cooler then this is ideal.

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Warrior MMA Headgear

warrior mma headgear

Warrior International is known for making some of the best fight shorts in the game and now they have created MMA headgear with the same high-quality craftsmanship.

Secure Fit and Comfort

The Warrior headgear has elastic on the top of the head and an adjustable Velcro strap on the back for custom fit. People who have worn this headgear say it fits very well and that you can even “Take the headgear off with boxing gloves on” but still be secure enough to stay on tight when you get hit. The leather is very supple and comfortable, its essentially already broken-in for a nice soft feel.


First and foremost, this headgear is full coverage that includes protection to the chin area. This ensures protection from uppercuts, knees and head butts. Of course, the warrior headgear also has coverage in the main areas: the cheeks, forehead, ears and back of the head. There is also enough padding in the cheeks that it can protect your nose if you were hit with boxing gloves, for example. Although there a lot of padding in the cheeks, is still provides excellent vision for you to see what’s coming at you.


Warrior’s leather and stitching are also very high-quality that will be durable enough for everyday use. The stitching on the forehead and the cheeks are hidden so it won’t snag and unravel giving it added resilience from wear and tear.

Headgear Review

Warrior is best known for its fight shorts and now their line of MMA headgear is becoming one of the most popular pieces of MMA equipment. This is mainly due to its comprehensive protection, durability and unique style.

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Everlast Leather MMA Headgear

This Everlast Professional Headgear is made with the traditional headgear design from boxing and is a great all-around headgear. It’s perfect for full-contact sparring and has protection for the major areas: forehead, ears, and cheeks. There is no chin padding, however, it still has excellent protection.

The Headgear is constructed of 100% leather that is low-maintenance but is durable enough to last for a long long time. There a secure Velcro strap for ultimate stability when getting hit.

As stated earlier, this Headgear has excellent protection and will be perfect for sparring with boxing gloves. The Everlast Leather Leather Headgear is a good option for an all around MMA headgear.

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If you want a more complete headgear with chin padding check out the Hayabusa MMA Headgear.

RevGear MMA Headgear

revgear headgear

RevGear is one of the first producers of Mixed Martial Arts gear. They were founded in 1995 and have developed quality MMA gear since.

Their 100% leather MMA headgear is definitely one of the best in quality, it features a brown suede liner that helps in keeping the headgear in place and it wont slide around. To further aid in security and comfort, the RevGear Headgear has two Velcro straps on the back. (instead of one strap as with most headgear). The two straps help you add more customization with the fit, you can loosen and tighten the different straps to achieve your preferred comfort level.

The design of the headgear also lends in excellent visibility while still having enough protection – it positions the forehead padding and high-cheekbone padding makes sure you are well protected from cuts and abrasions but does not obstruct your view.

It also looks cool, there is a red, black and white color scheme that is in tune with RevGear’s logo. Usually, headgear come in one color: black. This gives you some variety and stylish uniqueness.

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Everlast MMA Headgear with Face Cage Mask

The leather Everlast MMA Headgear with cage face mask is the ultimate in MMA face protection.

Obviously, the headgear has a metal cage to cover your face, its 100% protection. This is the most protection you can get in headgear.

Why do you need headgear with a face cage?

  • This is ideal for full contact, full power, full speed striking with boxing gloves. With the face cage, your sparring partner can go at full power striking and not hurt you. We don’t recommend this for grappling as the metal cage can hurt you and your partner while rolling.
  • Perfect for anyone currently recovering from a facial injury (stitches, broken nose etc) and is starting training again and to prevent from re-injury.
  • To prevent injury while training for an upcoming fight. The face cage will ensure that you don’t have to pull out of your next fight because of a training injury.

The best part about this headgear? Other than the protection factor is that the FACE MASK IS COMPLETELY REMOVABLE! This makes it one of the most versatile MMA headgear, remove it when its not needed and put it on when you need the most protection.

The only downside to this headgear is, of course, limited visibility. You won’t be able to see as clearly with a metal cage in front of your face. Your vision will be obstructed and slightly blurred.

Everlast makes a wide variety of MMA headgear from the full cage (above) to light-weight mesh MMA headgear and the traditional leather MMA headgear.

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Bad Boy MMA Headgear

Bad Boy is a pioneer of MMA they were one of the first companies to develop gear specifically for MMA. They know MMA equipment and have developed one of the best headgear

Fit and Comfort

One of the things people say when they use the Bad Boy Headgear is how comfortable it it is. This is due to the fact that it’s made of 100% leather and the inside liner is suede. The suede interior helps wick away sweat to keep the headgear in place and not slide around (unlike vinyl interiors). The Bad Boy headgear also has a very wide back strap that holds the equipment very securely. These also weigh in at a very light 1.25 lbs.

Protection and Visibility

The protection level of the Bad Boy headgear is excellent. It basically gives you full face protection by covering the forehead and the cheeks. However, they don’t cover the chin, like the Hayabusa MMA Headgear. This feature really depends on the level of intensity you are planning to use your headgear. For full contact sparring and fight simulation chin padding is good. But, if you plan to use the headgear for average sparring sessions then the chin padding is not necessary. The Bad Boy headgear has the right amount of protection for MMA training.

The visibility of this headgear is excellent. You have peripheral vision especially good vision for your feet since there is no chin padding to obstruct your view.

Construction and Durability

As stated earlier these are made of 100% leather and has the Bad Boy reputation of being one of the best MMA gear companies. The leather is stiched in the most optimal way to prevent unraveling and be better resilient to wear and tear of strikes.

Overall Review

This is one of your best all-round leather MMA Headgear. It provides full face protection, besides the chin. It has suede interior and thick Velcro strap to keep it in place for great fit. The leather material is superior for protection and durability.

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Venum MMA Headgear

The Venum MMA Leather Headgear is a high-quality piece of MMA equipment.

For starters, it’s made of 100% premium leather. This ensures long-lasting durability, and the ideal amount of resilience. The leather is put together with very strong stitiching but its made to be sleek so its not abrasive to your sparring partners.

You will be very comfortable in this headgear as there is a flexible two-way Velcro strap enclosure that gives you a customizable fit and just the right amount of security. Contoured foam helps mold against the shape of your skull. The visibility on this headgear is excellent; there is enough open space for your face and enough for some peripheral vision.

There is plenty of protection from this headgear. Not only with abundant foam padding, it also covers your cheeks, ears and chin. It’s perfect for full contact sparring and boxing.

Besides, the protective qualities, the Venum Headgear also looks great. Its very stylish with a contrasting combo of black and white leathers.

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