Discovering the Best Boxing Gloves: Your Buying Guide with Trusted Reviews


Hey guys, my name is Alex, I guess you are here to know about best boxing gloves, right ? Ok before I help you to find the best quality gloves let’s spend some time about knowing boxing well. Boxing is frequently known as the art of self-defense. This sport is all about where two players try to punch each other with their top quality boxing gloves and trying to keep away from opponent’s blows. The boxing is separated into a particular number of rounds normally three minutes long round and there is one minute rest periods between three rounds.

Since the early eighteenth century professional boxing has gained huge popularity all over the world especially in the United States although non profession boxing was common among the people long time ago. In this time boxing sports are categorized to heavyweights and other weight classes. These classes gain too much popularity as world championship was held according to new weights classes.

Now there are eight different weight classes popular such as flyweight up to 50.8 kg, bantamweight 53.5 kg, featherweight 57.2 kg, lightweight 61.2 kg, welterweight 66.7 kg, middleweight 72.6 kg, light heavyweight 79.4 kg and heavyweight unlimited. In the recent past there are some other weight classes gain popularity such as junior lightweight and cruiser weight.

In the last decades of 19th century Marquess introduce a new set of rules in boxing which rules were named according to his name. There are quite a few important rules in his set of rules which are now being used in modern day boxing such as eliminated gouging and wrestling, time of round limited to three minutes and because of boxing violent nature use of gloves become mandatory.

Boxing players were cushioned gloves on their hands during boxing matches and training sessions. Present good boxing gloves were specifically made to defend the hands of the striker during a fight. Nowadays specialized boxing gloves are now available for fight, training session and other types of armature match. To safeguard the hand of boxing player in the ring use of quality boxing gloves are mandatory because quality boxing gloves can reduce the risk of hand injuries of boxer and increase the ability of strong punch without hurting the hands.

There are various types of eye catching and different weights boxing glove brands with cushion padded available in the market which protects hand against injuries. Bag gloves type are cushioned to defend the hand of boxer when striking punching bags and training gloves usually use velcro so that players can easily get their good boxing gloves on and off. These training gloves are mostly recommended by boxing coach for all type of boxing training session.

Professional fight gloves are also made to protect the hand of player but they are usually less padded. The bag gloves, amateur and professional fight gloves range from eight to ten ounces. Profession fight gloves are laced up and sealed with tape before the match to ensure that it is not tampered.

As a boxing player or interested person about boxing, we all know boxing is a game where use of equipment is very limited that’s why the equipments that are necessary in this game must have all the qualities. So as a boxer you need to choose the right boxing gloves for your training session and matches. Top quality boxing gloves use best materials to ensure longevity and quality. So you need to understand low priced boxing gloves look alike as expensive gloves but that will not ensure the long life and performance like a high quality gloves pair. The best boxing gloves little costly due to their extreme quality but extremely reliable and give you the comfort in the match or training session so it’s very much worth of money to buy quality boxing gloves because they are used by beginner as well as professional fighters.

Ok you know there are a variety of brands of boxing gloves present in the market. But the quality is not same so you need to find the top quality gloves for you without thinking too much about price. So as player you need to the quality pair for you to ensure highest performance and safety of your hand. There is various boxing glove brands in the market some brand are very popular because of their supreme quality and eye catching style and some are very cheap and worst quality brand.

However, finding the good quality boxing gloves can be tough, so I have put together this comparison chart and comprehensive guide to help you chose the quality boxing gloves for you. As you know there is no produce that have all the qualities, So these best boxing gloves reviews come together with positive and negative feedback from its users but if you check the average product ratings and rating scores of each gloves then you will find the positive points of these products certainly outrank the little negative point..

So, we present the comparison best boxing gloves including their price and. ratings for you to make the right buying decision.

Everlast boxing gloves review

It is only natural to think that there is not much of a difference between all boxing gloves, but when making an Everlast boxing gloves review you can’t help to notice how surprisingly effective this product is at what it promises to do. These gloves are a product specially intended for costumers that can recognize what a good boxing glove has to offer and demands a product that fulfills their expectations.

Nevertheless many people feel apprehensive when having to deal with this kind of product because of the amount of bad products out there, but you do not have to worry. The Everlast boxing glove will realize its full potential by providing a high durability rate product that is also surprisingly comfortable.

Besides all that, you can’t forget to say that the gloves get better and better as the buyer becomes more used to using it. As writing an Everlast boxing gloves review you have to say that this product has an excellent material composition, and the things that definitely sets it apart from other sports products in the market is its professional synthetic leather material and its surprisingly amazing adequate fitting on your wrists, that keeps your hands dry and warm, even during quite strong practices. If that’s what you’re looking for in a pair of boxing gloves, go for it.

Frankly speaking Everlast boxing gloves are kind of an anomaly. There’s really nothing else like them on the market — the material, the durability, the really fast shipping service that you can get on almost any website, it all adds up to something that(if nothing else) is extremely difficult to find out there.

This pair of boxing gloves is quite curious – in some ways it is better than its competition (by far!) but in others it is remarkably lacking. Those gloves are quite good at keeping your hand warm and help you maintain a high quality grip – a necessity if you want to get on a high level practice. This is a really important thing to note, as boxers — and some other martial arts — really need to help make sure your control is as tight as possible. It is not as sleekly designed as some of its competitors, but it boasts a very utilitarian design in that last more than other gloves and becomes more and more comfortable as you get used to it!

One think you can’t forget to mention o this Everlast boxing gloves review is that they doesn’t quite fit with very large hands – though it must be noted they remain effective even if they feel uncomfortable. Just something you should keep in mind.

So make no mistakes, if what you are looking for is a great product that offers some amazing material — durable, effective and comfortable — within a reasonable price, you don’t have to look elsewhere, this is the product for you.

Rival boxing gloves review

Are you a competitive boxer who is looking for quality boxing gloves to train with? Or are you someone who is looking to train on the weekends and get some great exercise? Either way, if you’re after the best boxing gloves for sparring, look no further than Rival brand boxing gloves!

Rival is a Canadian company with a top notch reputation for producing excellent equipment for the fight game. They focus specifically on boxing gear, and through countless hours of design, research and development, have created some of the finest quality sparring gloves in the industry. Whether you want it for recreational use, or are a competitive boxer preparing for an upcoming fight, you’ll find that Rival gloves are truly one of the best! I hope you like this rival boxing gloves review.

One of the quality boxing gloves for sparring is the RS11 Evolution sparring glove. It’s innovative design provides excellent protection and wrist support for the user, and the venting system ensures excellent air flow so that your hands stay cool and comfortable while you are training. It’s top notch construction ensures that you can use it daily without worrying about it’s durability and reliability. It also boasts 50 mm thick padding, which is specially layered so that users can spar vigorously while ensuring that their hands are protected. It’s also a beautifully designed glove, with graphics printed on the back, and an embroidered wrist strap graphic. The glove comes in black and you have a choice when purchasing it to have either a blue, red or white trim. Are there cheaper gloves out there on the market? Yes. But do they provide the type of quality, craftsmanship and innovation as the RS11 Evolution from Rival? Absolutely not for value, this glove cannot be beaten.

If you want the top boxing gloves for sparring, you should definitely consider the RS11 Evolution glove from Rival.

Winning boxing gloves review

Enjoy sparring at the gym to let off steam after a long day at work? Or perhaps you just want to learn the art of boxing and need some equipment to get started? Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, the best gloves you can buy for getting through that next boxing match are, without a doubt, the Winning Boxing Gloves.

Winning Boxing Gloves are definitely high priced item but it ensures highest quality than any other gloves available in the market. These gloves are built to last several sparring/training sessions, with a snug fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. Customers praised the hook-and-loop fastener of these gloves, saying it made them much easier to slip on and secure. Others add that the fastener is so well crafted that you could even use it in thai boxing, not just punching a bag.

Customers also enjoyed the bright, attractive colors of the Winning boxing gloves — available in black, pink, blue and red – and observed that they did not de-color or scratch easily. These gloves are also equipped with sweat technology, meaning that no matter how much you sweat, the gloves will not smell. The gloves also offer fantastic protection for the user’s hands and fingers, and most customers note that they last for well over a year even with regular use. Users comment that, in addition, the gloves have excellent padding, particularly in the inner lining.
However, there are still some things to watch out for when purchasing Winning boxing gloves.

These gloves come in several weight sizes, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Winning boxing gloves.


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